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thank you so much, joe! that's an incidental free pass for me because it wasn't meant to be annoying! haha. but the nature of the games gets me off the hook sometimes haha. thanks again for buying this!! more to come

thank you for playing my games and for the kind words!

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Yes, it is keyboard only. In fact, glitches happen like no movement animation or sudden stopping when there is a controller plugged in. It's best to unplug the controller and play with keyboard. But I have seen someone find a way to use a controller for this and for HopBound.

Here is an excerpt from one of the steam reviews:

"The game doesn't have controller support, and even the developer wrote that into the store page. But I use a DS4 controller mapped partly to the keyboard, partly to the XB1 controller, and partly to the mouse using DS4Windows, and I am playing the whole game front to back using a controller only"

No... you're great!!! Thank you so much for playing!


thank you so much! i hope you enjoy HopBound too. it's a bit different but if you liked DERE EVIL EXE i bet you'll enjoy that too :)

thank you so much for the kind words! We just got back to making games again after two long years

thank you for the interest! i'd say the sequels DERE EVIL EXE and HopBound blow this out of the water but story-wise it is a good start off point for the platformers

nope.. it's actually a result of searching for synonyms to "jump". the words that came out were leap, spring, hop, and bound. it was either gonna be leapspring or hopbound. hahaha! but trust me, this game will not go the way you think! all positive reviews on steam so far :)

thank you again for the kind words! there's a new one too :)

where'd the video go?

thanks again sega fan! btw there;s a new one and it's called HopBound :)

thank you so much again! I'm interested in seeing you try the new one too :)

if you're into just the platformers: Proto DERE, DERE EXE, DERE EVIL EXE, then HopBound

if the whole series, just put in Sorority Rites and The Last Yandere after Proto DERE :)

noted. thank you for the feedback!

the series continues!

thank you! there's a new game too :)

Buildbox :)

thank you so much! you may be interested in a game we just released that's sorta like a standalone sequel to this one. HopBound

thank you!

i don't have a playstation vita to know :(

Akuma Kira is one of the greatest gamedev/musicians ever!

scratch that. version 1.8. i'm tired.

i saw the whole vid! thank you for checking out HopBound! also, i've just pushed out update 1.2 right now. it fixes a framerate drop in the boss fights in the last level. you might want to download it. it won't reset your progress :) thank you so much!!

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A visual representation of HopBound arriving to

Get it now while HopBound is 40% off!!!

Buy! Buy! Buy!


HopBound is a story-driven psychological horror game that revolves around the surreal mind of Mayumi, a recluse who must journey through an unsettling retro game to come to terms with the ghosts of her past. Through 16-bit horror platformer stages and endless runner levels with gorgeous pixel art, she discovers that her sanity will be tested by something lurking behind the screen.

Most of the game's stunning visuals use a palette of only four colors to evoke the charm of 90s handheld games.

Listen to unique ambient music that provide a sense of dream-like dread as you explore the game's sinister levels.

Taking place two years after the events of the critically acclaimed DERE EVIL EXE, HopBound serves as a continuation of that story. However, users do not need to play DERE EVIL EXE to immerse themselves in HopBound's narrative experience.

Enemies from previous entries are brought back to life and have evolved into new incomprehensible forms.

Engage in frenzied platforming in story-rich levels and test your skills in infinite runner levels tailored for people who like competing for high scores on the Game Center leaderboard.

Going against sequel conventions, HopBound doesn't go bigger and badder for the scale of its story. Instead, the game focuses inward, resulting in a haunting yet meaningful tale.



I would like to add DERE EVIL EXE to the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

thank you! this is part of a shared universe for all our games :)

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Just subscribed! I'd like to think the whole intertwined story of the AppSir Universe is based on technology and horror. Can't wait to show you more!

yes for voices and other special sfx :)

thank you! welcome to the AppSir Universe! dont forget to install OpenAL sound engine though since the past games need that for most of the SFX as only music will play if not. thank you so much! looking forward to more videos! subscribed. loved the description haha :D

by the way you didnt download OPENAL Sound Engine, did you?

thank you for playing and making a vid on it. welcome to the AppSir Universe! we hope you like the other games too :D

can't wait! thank you for playing AND making a video too! excited to watch it!

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Set in the same universe as DERE EVIL .EXE and Sorority Rites


"She's perfect."

Clint married the girl of his dreams and moved to a new city with her. He was ready to navigate the highs and lows of their relationship, but nobody expected things to go out of control.

Artificial Iridescence is a kinetic visual novel that tells the story of long-time sweethearts, Clint and Ava. In between lifestyle adjustments and a secret project, they learn to compromise. But when the gravity of how far reality is from how they imagined it to be, they realize that there's more to marriage than playing house. Forced to face the consequences of their choices, can they survive as husband and wife?


We make games with intertwined stories, all taking place in the same universe: ours. If you'd like to see more please consider making a donation. Check out more of our works at our website Thank you!


Created by K.S. Sim and Darius Guerrero

Thanks for playing another one of our games! Love the humor in your commentary haha. This game takes place months before the game you played last year: DERE EVIL EXE :)

Thanks for the advice and constant support Leafo! I remember you doing the same for the first game. Will do :)

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DERE EVIL EXE, the standalone sequel to DERE .EXE, is a terrifying thriller inspired by the simplicity and aesthetics of 16-bit platformers.


Here's a documentary about the game