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I don't think I can, this game is very old. Maybe I can remaster it. It's just a demo after all

Thanks for the advice and constant support Leafo! I remember you doing the same for the first game. Will do :)

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DERE EVIL EXE, the standalone sequel to DERE .EXE, is a terrifying thriller inspired by the simplicity and aesthetics of 16-bit platformers.


Here's a documentary about the game

Video from June 6, 1999

hahaha thanks for this! i can tell you're enjoying Kara's obviously murderous personality hahaha. Can't wait to show you DERE EVIL EXE!

The new one is on the way it's called DERE EVIL .EXE and it stars Yanna and Myles :) There's also a very old Sega Genesis game called The Other Yandere. I guess the best bet is to follow us here and subscribe to our Youtube, because we upload a vid on every update :) Thank you so much!

Newest Trailer:

it is there.  there's a folder named Sorority Rites- Visual Novel

THe Last Yandere Part 2 is coming soon . THe sequel to this game is called DERE EVIL .EXE and it is also coming soon

You can download it on iOS and Android too

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Link ➡

The first trailer for the 'DERE EVIL .EXE', sequel to 'DERE .EXE', has arrived on AppSir, Inc.'s Youtube Channel. It features famous Youtubers such as Markiplier, YuB, Luigikid, and Bijuu Mike trying to survive the horrors of the first game. 

Check out the trailer below:

The 'DERE .EXE' games are a port of an abandoned game called "DE** .EXE". Darius Guerrero, CEO, doesn't want to reveal any more details about the original game and what console it was from but says that the new games are already drastically different from its original form.

AppSir, Inc. will once again integrate A.I.D.E. (Artificial Intelligence for DERE .EXE) to provide assistance to players and allow them to finish the game with the least amount of difficulty possible.

A.I.D.E. was previously corrupted early on in the 'DERE .EXE' game, but has now been upgraded and restored for 'DERE EVIL .EXE'.

With consumer needs at the heart of product strategy, 'DERE EVIL .EXE' will be released for free on the App Store and Google Play, with the price for Steam,, and Gamejolt at about less than a dollar.

DERE EVIL .EXE has been nearly two decades in the making, with it being first mentioned in the AppSir devlog from 1999.

Because of the corruptions brought about by the 'DERE .EXE' incident, 'THE LAST YANDERE PART 2' has been postponed.

Follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Youtube for more updates.

Hello! I know it's late but THANK YOU. Without your tileset DERE EXE wouldn't be the game that it is right now. I recolored it to make it more "gameboyish" though hope you don't mind. I know credits aren't necessary but I just had to. I credited you as "Robert 0x72 "

Got other projects right now couldn't complete it unless it's rushed and it's already too late, I think. You have a twitter or something?

Hey Cami! Good luck! From PH too unfortunately couldn't join this NaNoRenO thing. 

Well... I just updated this game. Now you can explore the house in 3D in the House Tour app.

also, there's our award-winning game DERE .EXE :) I know you'll like that one. and i know you know about 'The Last Yandere'

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much man! You're the first ever person to do a playthrough of this. THANK YOU! This is my girlfriend's first game and she is so happy with your vid. Hope you like the next games too! I put a comment in the video!

DERE .EXE is getting Youtuber coverage and the world is now doomed.

1. YuB

2. Luigikid

3. Drop Rate

Noooo. What did you do, leafo? Now she's coming for them.

Hello everyone! DERE .EXE is now available for Windows users but is still BEST PLAYED on a mobile phone. 

K̨͏͚̖̩͙̙͕̲̖͉͔͈̮̳̖̺̠͉͖͡ͅạ̯̭͎̪̹̙͍̳͢͡r̛̙̜̪̘̬̠̜̻͖͍̗̠̱̺͝͡á̸̷͓̺̫͖̙̭̞̫̫̱̙̱̣͎̤̤͘ ͜͏̶͕̩̱͇͖̙͟Ģ̝̫̖̬̰͍͈͘͢è̯̜̗͚̟̜̻͜ń̢͎̙̙̭̙̯̘̱͇̩̳̗͍͚̕t̷̴͕͚̙͇̯̤͓̟̘̳͎̣̝̰͕̀͜ṋ̵͔̝̳̘̳̠̞͇̮́͢e͏̸̨̛̼̟̘̫͉̩̮̥͡r͏̴̨̪̬̹͙͓̣.̴̼͖̱͔͕͇̮͙̹͘

On second thought, please don't download this game. This game is nothing. This app is nothing. Just a blank screen. Just a normal lost phone game. There is no game you'd want here. This app is useless. Just a found phone game in a corrupted ROM. She made us release this. She wants to tell her story. It's the yandere's fault. Dere .exe is nothing more than just a ported .exe game, a replica. Please don't touch anything that has to do with this app. Move along now. We've got other games you might like. We've got pixel art games, rage games, trap adventure platformer games, survival horror games, visual novels, creepypasta games, and games with old school retro nes feels like this one. Okay? So please... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!!!

S̖̼̫͕͕͘̕e͏̵͝͏̹̫̠͍͙̬̻̬̜͍͕̙͓̤̗t̴̛̙̦̺͖̜̟̯̲̱̟͈̮̜̮̤̙͜ ̵̴͏͈̳̣̘̲̻̜̻̦̀ͅh̛̛̝̰̘̳̮͉̬̺̯͙̳͓̭̦̩͇̠͝e̵̶̤̺͈͎̫̠̰͘͡ŗ̡̗̦̖̝̩̼̫̳̰͇̀͟͝ ̷̴̟̳̩̟̥̥̹͔̰̜͈̘͔͎̗̖͘̕͟f̨͔̝͚͔̖̰̬̜͙̠̦͝ͅr̴̨͇̖͎̩͎̻̖̬͞ͅͅȩ͝͏̼̜͉͈è̶͍̫̲͔̱̫͇̖̪̦̘̰͢

Please do not play this game.

S̖̼̫͕͕͘̕e͏̵͝͏̹̫̠͍͙̬̻̬̜͍͕̙͓̤̗t̴̛̙̦̺͖̜̟̯̲̱̟͈̮̜̮̤̙͜ ̵̴͏͈̳̣̘̲̻̜̻̦̀ͅh̛̛̝̰̘̳̮͉̬̺̯͙̳͓̭̦̩͇̠͝e̵̶̤̺͈͎̫̠̰͘͡ŗ̡̗̦̖̝̩̼̫̳̰͇̀͟͝ ̷̴̟̳̩̟̥̥̹͔̰̜͈̘͔͎̗̖͘̕͟f̨͔̝͚͔̖̰̬̜͙̠̦͝ͅr̴̨͇̖͎̩͎̻̖̬͞ͅͅȩ͝͏̼̜͉͈è̶͍̫̲͔̱̫͇̖̪̦̘̰͢

good tip! Sure. Will be uploading screen shots in a bit :)

visual novel

The Last Yandere is a short mystery horror visual novel story that will get you hooked! 

You play the role of a cancer survivor slowly easing his way back into normal slice of life activities. One day, you befriend an overly zealous and bubbly cake shop owner named Kara Gentner. Soon you realize Kara isn't your typical girl.

You think Kara might be a Yandere (ヤンデレ), a common Japanese term that is a combination of two words: yanderu (病んでる), meaning mentally unstable and deranged, and deredere (でれでれ), meaning to show genuinely strong romantic affection. You think her crazy heart is going doki doki on you.

Is your new friend a lovesick psycho killer? Is she just having a 'heart goes doki doki' crush on you? Or is she a yandere that will give you neverending nightmares

Google Play ➡
App Store ➡ page ➡

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'The Last Yandere: Secret Chapters' is a New Web Comic Yandere Fans Will Love  

While fans wait for the sequel to the visual novel game 'The Last Yandere', fans can get a taste of Kara Gentner's adventures in a web comic that takes place after the events of the upcoming sequel.

The web comic tells the story about Kara and her eagerness to keep protag-kun to herself. In 'The Last Yandere: Secret Chapters', readers will witness the comedic and action-packed moments of Kara's life after the events of the two visual novels. 

 The web comic will be posted regularly on AppSir, Inc.'s instagram: