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Thanks for your feedback!
I agree enemies are fairly similiar in first 3 zones, but there is more variation in enemies in later levels.
Im not sure about tutorial level, but i could perhaps add some hints when playing for first time.
I think you got somewhat unlucky with fruit drops :D Your lives are restored when you get to shop level. (Unless you are playing on hard mode)
Changing crosshair color is pretty cool idea. I will consider it :)

Looks like someone else claimed it.  Here is another one:

Hey Backslap Studios,

Could you try this out:

It's side-scrolling shooter with roguelite elements. I would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Here is free download key:

I did get all the letters of MEOW. I thought it unlocked just rest room. Maybe i missed cat somehow.

Took few hours maybe...I cant really say how long it took, since i skipped most of dialog on my second playthrough and took some breaks while playing. Car race itself was fun as it was very different from rest of the game. Took me maybe 7~8 tries, but felt it bit unfair for first couple tries since i couldnt see anything xD

I was usually able to weasel my way out of these bugs somehow, so they werent that big of a deal. Luckily i didnt get any crashes.

I loved characters and dialogs. I also liked sound effects alot. Although maybe crashing sound was bit too loud.
Every fight having completely different minigame kepts each enemy encounter fresh.

Worst aspects... well atleast not having save file :D

Not getting that sunglass cat started to bothered me, so i tried doing quick speedrun. I managed to figure out how to get that :D But i still couldnt figure out how to open that gate. How many cats is there by the way?

Sure, im looking forward to finished version :)

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Ok, here is my feedback from my second attempt. :)

I couldnt quite finish the game, but i think i got most of the cats. I couldnt figure out how to get that one cat with sunglasses behind red rocks. Bomb seemed to explode before i could get there.

Also i couldnt figure out how to get through this gate. I tried to put vase on that button but nothing seemed to happen.

I walked throught those rocks on left corner and got stuck as i was walking behind those buildings.

I was still able to go through ufo wall  by walking to left while standing in this corner.

Car race seemed really hard,  since you cant really see where you are going. Maybe you could zoom out little bit or add some hints where to turn next.

Just tried your game. Battles seemed really random, but it was lot of fun :D
Here are some issues i found so far:

Game started completely black and for some reason i didnt think of pressing space.
Maybe there could be some text telling to press space.

I was able to bypass barricades by moving around this lake.

I rolled in ufo and got stuck inside walls.

Having all interactions happen from same button could create some problems. For example when i had to carry egg. I could accidentally just throw egg instead of talking to npc.

Just defeated bird man. I will continue game and give more feedback once i finish it. :)

Hey MasterPug,  could you review this!

Here is download key:

Thanks again! Yes, some of the op items no longer appear in early shops. Looking forward your videos :D

Any chance of getting new video? :D
Just added new update yesterday. You could still try elite mod or other characters.

I suppose i could try it out :)

Pretty cool game. Ended up completing all levels :)

I think it would have been nice to see range of turrets when placing them.
Also It would be good to see information about turrets somewhere, like how much damage they deal.

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Hey AgentXMan,

Could you make video about this:
It's side-scrolling shooter with roguelite elements. Just put out new update while ago. Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Here is download key:

The Struggle of Combat

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Hey Fellowplayer,

Could you make video about this:

Here is download key: (More keys in Play my Game thread in case this is taken)

Thanks for buying the game!
I will go to watch your video now. Epic thumbnail by the way :D

Thanks! :)

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Ah, i havent used facebook in ages :D

Ended up creating facebook page for game thought:

Could you message me there, it looks like i cant send message with that page unless someone messages me first.

Hey supersven, could you make review about this!

Here is download key:
(There is more keys on Play my Game thread in case this is taken)

Ok, i try to get these done in few days. I'll message you on youtube once i have them ready :)

Sounds cool :D What is size of that banner?

Im not exacty professional artis, but im glad you like my style :) I suppose i could try.  What kind of icon/banner do you need? 

Thanks! :)

Looking forward it!

Thanks! Glad to see you didnt die yet aside from arena :D

Hey Grimbag,  could you make video about this!

Here is download key:
(There is more keys on Play My Game section in case this is taken)

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Hey PatrickR2020, could you try this out :)  When will you be streaming?

Here is download key:
(There is more keys on Play my Game section in case this is taken)

Hey, i tried your game.

Art was good! Game was funny and disturbing at same time :D
Hitboxes seemed to be bit off thought. Character was  going partly inside walls. It was also hard to dodge some of projectiles when characters hitbox was so massive.

Hey TheSneaK, could you try this out.  :)

Here is download key:

(There is more keys on next page in case this is taken)

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The Struggle of Combat is randomly generated shooter with roguelite elements. It is my first game that i have published. I would absolutely love if someone made video about it :)

Here is some free download keys:

Feel free to grab key even if you arent planning on making video.

Full version of The Struggle of Combat is finally released!

The Struggle of Combat is randomly generated side-scrolling shooter with roguelite elements.  

There will be:
- 7 zones with different enemies and bosses.
- 8 playable characters
- 23 different weapons with tons of variations.
- 38 possible upgrades
- Difficulty modifiers
- Looping with increased difficulty and crazier weapons

New trailer:

The Struggle of Combat is rogue-lite shooter. Currently there is demo available that includes first 3 zones.

Im going to release full version soon. Trying to fix remaining bugs and improve menus first.
If anyone wants to try it, im looking for answers for following questions:

  • How was difficulty?
  • Did you encounter any bugs?
  • Performance issues?
  • Any other suggestions?

The Struggle of Combat is randomly generated side-scrolling shooter.

There is still some work to be done before full release,  but demo is now available!  Demo includes first 3 zones. Full version will be coming soon.

Feedback will be appreciated :)