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Just finished playing-- and it was so much fun! Wah! Love seeing these two get the job done and then have a smooch! *V*c A sequel would be very awesome and really fitting~

Replied to mangolia in Tomai comments

First of all-- thank you so much! We are both so happy and so pleased to hear you liked the game and checked out multiple endings too-- that's always really important to enjoying what this game has to offer I think! <3

*v*9 Arcade Party really has a knack for writing endings that are heart wrenching in the most realistic ways-- so I'm glad you got to experience one before experiencing more of the 'true' ending!

We definitely have more in store for The Lady but I don't want to say TOO much. (Tho we will definitely be able to see more of her thanks to some stretch goals; and that both Arcade Party and myself love the Lady and want more of her too!) Hehe!

I wish I had more to say in response but honestly I'm just very happy to hear you liked the game and everything you said was a ton of fun to read. I can't WAIT to release some stretch goal content and hear what you have to say! <3


Replied to Lunney in Tomai comments

Aw! Thank you so much! We are both very pleased to hear you like the game and all of the characters too!

Funny enough; the poly end is one that takes people a little longer to find so I'm happy to hear you found it pretty quick-- since it's considered the 'true end'! (Since you probably saw how going after just ONE boy went, oopsie!)

If you like the writing for this game; it's written by Arcade Party who I (the artist) am also drawing another game for called AWOO that you should totally check out the demo for. :)

I think if you liked this game-- you will REALLY love AWOO.

Thanks again for your awesome comment! Very excited to release some DLC for Tomai and to hear what you think about it~ <3

So honored to have Sofdelux mentioned! Thanks a ton! <3

Very excited to check out this game-- the art looks amazing and I love stuff that's festive like this! I'll leave a bigger comment once I get to play. :)

Seems super interesting! Gonna check out the demo~ <3

Thanks! We're both glad to hear you liked it!

Replied to ialessan in Tomai comments

Aw gosh, thank you so so much! We both appreciate hearing that and I'm always VERY excited to hear from people who played~ <3 (Also, Malik is pretty dang great.)

We are actually working on stretch goals right now to get some extra content added to the game (for free, of course) so check those out if you're interested, hehe! <3

Looking forward to the full version of episode 1!

CAN'T WAIT!!! <3

This is such a great little game! All of the designs are so much fun -- I loved the outfits and I also loved the sound design in this game! All of the little bloops and bleeps were always so fun! Your art is fantastic and if you ever end up making another game I'm really looking forward to it!

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I'm a huge fan of this comic as well! Again, the outfits are amazing and gosh, you have such amazing linework. It's so interesting to look at and paints such a unique picture for this world. (I'm seeing now that it's sort of an extended universe? Which is REALLY HYPE!)

These two were a ton of fun too, and I'm very into size difference stuff so this was an absolute joy to read~

Again, so much fun character stuff, so much fun background and environment stuff and AGH just such interesting designs and colors for everything.

Thank you for sharing!

Hey! I just finished reading-- and I loved it! I would definitely buy and read another comic with these two, they were fantastic!

I really, REALLY, enjoyed both of their outfits and what it said about where they were from-- I especially loved the phrase "By the Stone"! There was a lot to wonder about where these two are from and how they met, and I love that!

I also thought the 18+ scene was really fantastic// It was the perfect length and felt satisfying after a COOL FIGHT WITH MONSTERS, AWYEAH!

Overall, I loved this! Thank you for sharing it, I'm gonna check out your other comic now!

OH YES!! That's great!! I honestly think a lot of stuff made for yourself when doing game dev ends up working great for players. It's a win/win!

Of course!!!

I just finished reading and AH! What a sweet story with such nice insight about anxiety and everything!

I really enjoyed the format too. It can be difficult for me to read Twine stories if they jump back and forth from too many places but I really enjoyed how this game scrolled out and was easy to follow.

;___; I'm glad they got to have such a happy ending...!!!

Just finished my playthru and it was very cute and fun! Can't wait to see what you make next!

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Can't wait to check this out once I get paid!

Replied to Okairu in Tomai comments
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(I'm at the con replying to this message, hehe!)

I'm so glad to hear you liked the game! I'm so sorry to hear the sad end broke your heart, WAH!

If you try spending an equal amount of time with both Burdoc and Malik, I think you'll like the ending a lil better hehe.


Excited to try this game out!

Love hearing ya'll are open to getting new games  shown to you!

Me and Nami as Sofdelux Studio just released a new game, Disaster Log C, that we would love if you checked out!

As for advice; I would say to always leave yourself open for donations. (Assuming everything you've offered is yours!) You never know the kind of generosity and kindness fans have until you see it first hand! An optional PDF or Ending Guide for you game set at $1 or $3 can really build up after a while and help to make future games!

Oh gosh! THANK YOU! I'm very pleased with this game myself andArcade Party has done SUCH an amazing job with the script!

Very happy to hear you enjoyed the poly aspect (I don't consider it a spoiler myself) as it's such a core part of the game~

And I AGREE! Burdoc is THE BEST!!! <3

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

Oh! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those routes~

I'm so glad to hear you liked Malik as well-- both the boys are so different and have their own problems and way of solving issues and stuff, it was a lot of fun to see Ivan really like-- go ham with them! (Especially because Burdoc ended up a lot different from my original idea of him-- which I enjoy because he then just became my type. BIG 'N SWEET!)

Replied to JJCalem in Tomai comments

You are so so welcome! We were MORE than happy to make it and release it to everyone, hehe~

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

Hey hey hey! So glad to hear you played and enjoyed and so glad to hear you'll be doing the other endings as well! (You're on the nose that the other endings include The Lady and your Dad!)

The repeating endings remark is actually something we've gotten comments about from our testers but it's kind of a complicated issue-- a lot of it has to do with how Ren'py's  randomization code and routing stuff works. BUT! We have discussed putting in more of these events just to try and sway the chances in a later patch. (Because there WILL be a later patch and it WILL include a lot more content!)

-------RESPONSES TO SPOILERS!!!--------

Oh! Thanks so much! I didn't actually write the game this time though, it was Arcade Party who really brought all of these cuties to life! (The original story concept and character ideas were mine tho-- it was a collab!)

We are both so glad to hear you liked the poly ending and that it felt right and natural! That's important to the both of us. <3

Oh! You should def try the solo-route with Malik as well if you're interested because it also has a lot going on. (and a really great amends part as well!) I think Arcade Party's strength always lies in making the player interested in something that is sort of punishing-- so I'm glad he was able to put it to good use in this game as well, hehe. It's nice but also TOUGH to watch Tomai fuck up, isn't it?!

AND AH! Thank you! For some reason I just LOVE using dream stuff in stories so I'm glad they can continue to be interesting! (I think maybe it's cuz I have such vivid frequent dreams myself?!)

Thank you again for your kind words and long comment, and I'm SO GLAD to hear you had fun!! Can't wait to see how the other endings treat you! <3333

Replied to Pythi08 in Tomai comments

<3 Glad I could help! <3

Replied to Pythi08 in Tomai comments

Aw, you are so welcome! We're glad you're enjoying it!

If the ending you're referring to is what I think it is-- trying spending all of your time with Malik or Burdoc (choose only one) until the very last available day, where you should then talk to their counterpart. 'v'/ The game gives you a little hint when it's time to make up with your buddy, but keep an eye on your calendar and you should do fine!

Hope that helps! Can't give too much away! <3

;___; Thank you so much!

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

The full game is finally out! YAY!

Replied to JJCalem in Tomai comments

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

The full game is out now! <3

Replied to aok14 in Tomai comments
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Oh, hehe! We just had to put it into draft mode because we were making so many changes-- sorry for the spook!

We hope you love the full version!!! <3 *V*

Oh! All of the art in this is lovely, and I loved the music!

Oh wow! This looks great! I'm gonna wait until the full version to play it-- I'm excited!

Hi! I would love to play this game but I don't own a PS4 controller, are there any plans to release a version where I don't have to remap the entirety of the controls myself? Thanks!

Replied to Nami in Tomai comments
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Thank you again Nami for everything! You are my hero, AS ALWAYS!!! <3

Haha! I totally understand! And you are SO WELCOME!!! <3

I'll def be doing another playthru soon enough, so I'll let you know then hehe <3

Hey hey! Just finished playing this with BOTH endings with my friend group and we all loved it-- SO MUCH!

It was so exciting to be with this game every step of the way and I'm still so proud of being able to beta-test for it. (Thank you again.)

Honestly? This is my favorite visual novel of 2017. I'll be making fanart and recommending this game highly to everyone I know! 'v'_b

(Spoilers ahead!)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Playing the normal ending and THEN playing the necromancer ending right after was extremely satisfying. Very nice touch to have it recommended by the extras! We appreciated it!

The mechanics were fun, the music was fun, the art is fun, everything about this game is fun! All the jokes make me laugh and the genuine moments between Dr.Frank and Sylios were such a pleasant surprise. So happy to see the hand holding CG and really hoping you make that comic you mentioned!

And again, like the first time; the papa jokes all made me laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. The reveal gets me, it's fucking great, I LOVE IT! And I'm so glad Monster got to end up in a huge undead family with everyone, hehe.

'v'/ I noticed some spelling errors here and there but didn't take them down this time-- but I'll make a list if I do a second play-thru and send it to you!

Again, thank you so much for your hard work on this game and sharing it with all of us. SO looking forward to your next game and GOOD JOB!!! <33