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Aw, I'm so glad to hear that!

The e-mail has been sent with the downloads! <3

Let me know your e-mail and I can send you the files directly! 'v'/

Sorry it's a bit roundabout!

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

Oh! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those routes~

I'm so glad to hear you liked Malik as well-- both the boys are so different and have their own problems and way of solving issues and stuff, it was a lot of fun to see Ivan really like-- go ham with them! (Especially because Burdoc ended up a lot different from my original idea of him-- which I enjoy because he then just became my type. BIG 'N SWEET!)

Replied to JJCalem in Tomai comments

You are so so welcome! We were MORE than happy to make it and release it to everyone, hehe~

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

Hey hey hey! So glad to hear you played and enjoyed and so glad to hear you'll be doing the other endings as well! (You're on the nose that the other endings include The Lady and your Dad!)

The repeating endings remark is actually something we've gotten comments about from our testers but it's kind of a complicated issue-- a lot of it has to do with how Ren'py's  randomization code and routing stuff works. BUT! We have discussed putting in more of these events just to try and sway the chances in a later patch. (Because there WILL be a later patch and it WILL include a lot more content!)

-------RESPONSES TO SPOILERS!!!--------

Oh! Thanks so much! I didn't actually write the game this time though, it was Arcade Party who really brought all of these cuties to life! (The original story concept and character ideas were mine tho-- it was a collab!)

We are both so glad to hear you liked the poly ending and that it felt right and natural! That's important to the both of us. <3

Oh! You should def try the solo-route with Malik as well if you're interested because it also has a lot going on. (and a really great amends part as well!) I think Arcade Party's strength always lies in making the player interested in something that is sort of punishing-- so I'm glad he was able to put it to good use in this game as well, hehe. It's nice but also TOUGH to watch Tomai fuck up, isn't it?!

AND AH! Thank you! For some reason I just LOVE using dream stuff in stories so I'm glad they can continue to be interesting! (I think maybe it's cuz I have such vivid frequent dreams myself?!)

Thank you again for your kind words and long comment, and I'm SO GLAD to hear you had fun!! Can't wait to see how the other endings treat you! <3333

Replied to Pythi08 in Tomai comments

<3 Glad I could help! <3

Replied to Pythi08 in Tomai comments

Aw, you are so welcome! We're glad you're enjoying it!

If the ending you're referring to is what I think it is-- trying spending all of your time with Malik or Burdoc (choose only one) until the very last available day, where you should then talk to their counterpart. 'v'/ The game gives you a little hint when it's time to make up with your buddy, but keep an eye on your calendar and you should do fine!

Hope that helps! Can't give too much away! <3

;___; Thank you so much!

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

The full game is finally out! YAY!

Replied to JJCalem in Tomai comments

The full game is out now~ Enjoy!

The full game is out now! <3

Replied to aok14 in Tomai comments
(Edited 1 time)

Oh, hehe! We just had to put it into draft mode because we were making so many changes-- sorry for the spook!

We hope you love the full version!!! <3 *V*

Oh! All of the art in this is lovely, and I loved the music!

Oh wow! This looks great! I'm gonna wait until the full version to play it-- I'm excited!

Hi! I would love to play this game but I don't own a PS4 controller, are there any plans to release a version where I don't have to remap the entirety of the controls myself? Thanks!

Replied to Nami in Tomai comments
(Edited 1 time)

Thank you again Nami for everything! You are my hero, AS ALWAYS!!! <3

Haha! I totally understand! And you are SO WELCOME!!! <3

I'll def be doing another playthru soon enough, so I'll let you know then hehe <3

Hey hey! Just finished playing this with BOTH endings with my friend group and we all loved it-- SO MUCH!

It was so exciting to be with this game every step of the way and I'm still so proud of being able to beta-test for it. (Thank you again.)

Honestly? This is my favorite visual novel of 2017. I'll be making fanart and recommending this game highly to everyone I know! 'v'_b

(Spoilers ahead!)-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Playing the normal ending and THEN playing the necromancer ending right after was extremely satisfying. Very nice touch to have it recommended by the extras! We appreciated it!

The mechanics were fun, the music was fun, the art is fun, everything about this game is fun! All the jokes make me laugh and the genuine moments between Dr.Frank and Sylios were such a pleasant surprise. So happy to see the hand holding CG and really hoping you make that comic you mentioned!

And again, like the first time; the papa jokes all made me laugh uncontrollably. Every. Single. Time. The reveal gets me, it's fucking great, I LOVE IT! And I'm so glad Monster got to end up in a huge undead family with everyone, hehe.

'v'/ I noticed some spelling errors here and there but didn't take them down this time-- but I'll make a list if I do a second play-thru and send it to you!

Again, thank you so much for your hard work on this game and sharing it with all of us. SO looking forward to your next game and GOOD JOB!!! <33

So excited and can't wait to play this! Commenting before downloading cuz I'm PUMPED UP! I'll leave another comment once I finish my playthru! <3

Replied to aok14 in Tomai comments

AW! We are both so flattered to hear that!!! The final version will be 10 times better than the demo for sure~ ;3

Thank you and we totally agree! Especially since it's a free game, better to take some time than put out something we're not happy with. :P

We both appreciate it so so much! Things are steady over here but still need a LITTLE bit of time.

I, for one, am really sure the wait will be WELL worth it. ;3

We will have an announcement soon! Ivan and myself both had individual emergencies happen because September insists on being cursed? Our new deadline is before October 15th. Sorry!

Honestly so amazing and so inspiring.

Replied to JJCalem in Tomai comments

We're excited too! This month has been hell for the both of us (yesterday one of my cats had to get taken to the emergency vet, and Ivan has had some of his own issues) but we're still trucking along!

Thankfully both of us have great track records releasing things-- so even if it takes a little time, WE WILL RELEASE! <3

Wonderful zine full of thoughtful comics! Thanks so much for sharing!

<3 I believe in you!

And yeah, I've tended to notice what you said as well. I think it can be difficult for some of my readers as well because some ARE the ages of all three of them and therefore some haven't gotten past their own Zeggy stage in a way, haha.

I think more often than not creators appreciate any sort of comment because it can be difficult to get them (especially someone like me who does mostly adult works) but it's good you seem to know your boundaries as well! Personally, I give your comments a 10/10, haha.

Posted in FLUX comments

Feels good to read a comic that acknowledges that it can feel scary to have a gender that feels like it's ever changing-- that's something that resonates with me a lot.

Thanks a ton for sharing!

Wah! I'm so glad to read this-- honestly so much of your comments were so spot on with so much of my intent-- it's just so!!! IT'S AWESOME, it motivates me so much!

If you did end up deciding to read Chapter 8 I'm excited to have you in the comment section, hehe! Especially because Chapter 8 will be so important for Alkaline specifically-- I won't go into details other than that~

What you said about Zeggy's fragility is so spot on, agh! That's a perfect way to describe it. The same goes for Alkaline and Joe, who struggle to want to help Zeggy but at the same time are annoyed.

I'm very pleased to hear you picked up on there being no wrong OR right side of what's going on in the comic-- as that's LARGELY the point and most of the time people either side with Joe, Zeggy, or Alkaline in the way they approach the situation, funny enough. People either think Joe is being too harsh, Zeggy did nothing wrong, or simply say nothing like Alkaline would. But in truth-- like you said, all of them are just kids trying to learn what the HECK is going on and how to treat each other better. (And then other more plot related stuff too, hehe!)

I'm excited to show all of these little parts and to introduce new elements to how it all works out! Your words thru all of these comments have meant so much to me as I often don't get such thoughtful and thought provoking comments. It really helps keep me grounded.

<3 Thanks again and leave a comment to chat with me anytime!!! <3 <3 I'm rooting for you btw!!! <3<3<3

;O; Oh my gosh, thank you so so much! This comment has totally made my day// I'm so honored and so glad to hear this!!!

To hear it made you cry, or even just that you read it twice is so wonderful to hear and has really helped brighten up an otherwise tough week I just had...thank you so much! Your comments have been so long and thoughtful and I love reading them and I just hope that you can continue to keep up with Space School and enjoy it?!

And I hope my other comics will be fun too if you decide to check them out! Chapter 8 of Space School is going to be another REALLY important one so I hope you're looking forward to it!!!! <33333

Aw gosh, well thank you AGAIN for this lovely comment as well! I'm glad to hear you like MMiaN, it somehow tends to be my favorite work with people-- though honestly I've all but run out of ideas for it! ;o;

As of right now, I don't have many solid plans for anything future MMiaN. I recently finished a 5-page exclusive comic I'll be releasing here eventually (for $5, sorry!) since it was a Patron-exclusive thing originally-- but other than that, my focus has really been on Solanaceae-- which has it's main comic and then VN's! (The VN doesn't require any knowledge of the comic to check out, by the by!)

Sorry if it's disappointing that I don't have anymore plans for MMiaN-- but I hope you'll find something you like in my other works like Solanaceae, Space School, etc etc~ I've also got a ton of stories I'll be working on in the future as well-- so I hope you'll look forward to it! <3

Thanks again for your comment and I hope you have a lovely day!

Replied to Konoi in Tomai comments

Hey hey! We are both so pleased to hear you are excited for the full released, hehe! (So are we!)

The full game will ABSOLUTELY we free to play, as most everything I have to offer here on Itch.io (and elsewhere is!). There's only a select few things that are for sale that I have; and usually none are over $5 to download, OR are otherwise optional to view. (For example, the game is free, but you can donate to see the art PDF, soundtrack, etc but you don't miss out on anything story-wise not seeing them.)

Oh! I will say that AWOO (since I saw you mention it in another comment) will be $5 on release or something like that? I can't remember, since Ivan is the one deciding something like that-- but I know it'll be some small amount just so he can get back some on his investment~

Anyways, I'm rambling now! Tomai, the full version, will be free and fun and FULL OF LOVE and we are excited to bring it to you~

Thanks so much for your comment! You are way too kind~ <3

Hey hey! We actually just posted an update about this--  but to go into more detail, the MASSIVE threesome scene ended up needing a bunch of CG's, and since I (DCS, the artist) was out of town for a week-- we needed some time to finish that up in a way I was satisfied with. (And I'm VERY satisfied with it now.)

Also! Ivan (the writer) recently had some big plumbing issues to take care of, and Nami (the musician) needs a little more time to finish up some songs as well. Just a bunch of small stuff that needs to get done, but it all takes time regardless!

We actually just sat down and talked thru what we need to finish the game just today and things are chugging along nicely. Most of all, we just don't want to rush things because we are all SUPER pleased by how the game is coming out so far. I know it's always annoying to wait, but we really do appreciate your patience.

To put your mind at ease, here's some of the art I recently finished for the game:

Looking forward to giving you the full game before September ends!

Looking forward to it!

<3 hehe glad to hear it

Late August/Early September! <3

Ah! I'm so glad to hear that-- thank you SO SO MUCH and I'm so glad you both enjoyed!!! <3

Thank you and we're excited to hear that! <3 (I also love Burdoc so so much!)

Yep! We're expecting to have the full release sometime before the end of August! Look forward to it!