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Commenting to say this looks great and I hope you get lots of sales!

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THANK YOU!!! I'll have lots of updates to the new game in 2020!

Aw, thank you so much!

Yes, this game is quite old but I still think it's a super fun part of the series over all because you just get to see how long lasting the love between these two is and it's SO?!?! Oh I still love it and I'm so honored you'd play it and check out the other parts of the series too! THANK YOU!

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Hey there! Thanks for replaying Tomai~

I've spoken briefly about a Tomai 2, but that is far, far down the line! I work full time on comics so that takes up most of my time-- but currently in game dev I'm devoting a lot of time to an upcoming point-and-click adventure/horror game (which should hopefully be out within the next few months) and updates for another, way bigger game of mine that is closer to the Tomai format.

That all said-- I've been considering making another comic for Tomai in the near future because there's still so many fans and people wanting to see the characters which like hey! I can't blame them, I like this cast too that's why I wanna make another short comic.

So for now, most likely a comic is on the horizon and the (hopeful) eventual sequel is possibly years away-- game dev just takes a while when you've got so much on your plate like I do! <3 I'm also a solo team now, because Arcade Party (the original writer for this game) quit game dev and I haven't heard from them in over a year!

I appreciate the patience and support in the meantime and I hope you'll check out some of my other games/comics/series in general because I have quite the archive!

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It wasn't mean, don't worry! I was just trying to explain how it could sound rough to someone who gets comments like that a lot.

I definitely wasn't trying to lecture you but just to inform you of my feelings and experiences, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my reply and comment back. <3

Hi there! Thanks for your comic and thanks for reading!

It's perfectly fine to read a story that's gay or lesbian or any kind of queer and not identify as that yourself. It's okay to just enjoy stuff and you don't need to prove anything about yourself to do so. :)

Next time you don't need to mention that you don't like the type of romance specifically-- you should just talk about why you like the comic, etc etc. Comments like "I'm not gay, BUT I still like this." or "I'm a man, BUT I still like this." can come off as dismissive or rude and it can be tiring for creators.

Also, if you'd like to read more of the story; it updates every week on Smackjeeves and Tapas. (And when a chapter is complete I upload it here.)

Have an awesome day!

I'm so glad to hear this!

What a cute concept! I took the long quiz, they gave me Scorpio but I am a Cancer. :)

Both water signs at least!

Oh, awesome! Glad to hear you're familiar with python! Sorry for my assuming; usually I end up running into people who have no idea about any type of programming and so they take that as an excuse to never make their game-- so I'm always trying to encourage people to at least check out the program before giving up X) 

Good luck with your visual novel! You can do it!


Hi there! First of all, thanks for playing Tomai! I'm glad you like it!

Secondly, this game, and lots of other similair games-- are made with a program called Ren'py. It's a free to use program that's always updating and very easy to pick up, imo. It does require "coding" -- but please do not be intimidated by this.

Ren'py gives you a base framework to work with, and all you need to do is write up the script, where images show up-- and if you wanna get REALLY complex about it; you can do routing, etc, etc. So in this way, it's one of the least coding intensive programs to make games out there right now. But most starter games don't need that, and I highly suggest you make a very simple game for your first. (This was mine!)

People think a game needing coding is somehow a BE ALL END ALL to their game making career-- but the truth of the matter is; any program that promises "A coding free experience!" when helping make your game is usually just getting you to SECRETLY code behind some pretty looking buttons. (Also, those programs are usually ones you have to pay for; which is not always a great thing for beginning game devs!)

So, my thinking is-- if you're going to be tricked into coding by another program-- you might as well just learn the basics in Ren'py. It's very simple once you just learn what each piece and part is and means. Plus, the community is great and super informative and Ren'py itself comes with an easy to understand tutorial.

Any game will require a kind of coding or programing or behind-the-scenes puzzle solving to get to that finished product. If you're not ready for that kind of thing-- all I can really ask is; are games for you? If the process of putting together the game scares you so much that having to code even one line ruins your desire to make games-- you might want to consider another position. Maybe a collab with a programmer? Maybe helping fund someone else to make your idea? Or maybe not a game at all-- what about a comic, a novel, a twine? You've got options!

Whatever you chose though, go into it with confidence and an open mind. Go into it knowing it's not going to be easy at first-- but with time you will begin to understand the process; it's just about not giving up! You got this!

Oh! And next time you're curious what a game was made in, you can click the "more information" link on the profile of any page and most people have their tools listed out. Here's Tomai's as an example:

(The button is usually right above the download button!)
Hope this all helps! Have a good day!

Hi there! There's no way to delete it but the "sound" option so I would suggest just lowering that for now.

I could have sworn we coded it to have it be connected to the "voice" option slider, but I may be getting confused with other games of mine.

Still, you're not missing out on any other "important" sounds-- the only other sounds in the game are the sound effects at the beginning of the game and nothing else. After a certain point, all you have is music!

Also, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner-- I don't get notifications for this game right now.

Awesome, and heart breaking-- all in one! We're in the thick of it now and it's super duper exciting to see where everything is going and to imagine what the climax might be like! WONDERFUL WORK, AS ALWAYS!

So glad to hear you liked the game-- and yay! Just in time for pride, heck yes. Thanks a ton for playing. ❤️❤️❤️

The game never specifically says it's mono or that you can date either Burdoc OR Malik exclusively anywhere-- in fact; it doesn't state it's a dating sim anywhere on this page, actually!

I don't feel like the game being polyam is something it needs to have plastered over every part of the game page to make it appealing; and I don't want it to be such a wild concept that suddenly "it's the hook" or that it needs warning of -- if that makes sense? I even debated for a long time including polyamorous in the tags, because I didn't want people assuming that was all the game had to offer. (Ultimately I decided it was better to include than not to. People who do relate to and need this content in their lives need an easier way to find it, and thus I included it in the tags.)

Again, I appreciate your feedback so much and I do try to do my best to let people know the content of my games/comics here on Itchio very directly -- which is super evident if you've seen any of other games/comics. But again, I don't feel like Tomai is a game that needs to or wants to shout out loud how much of a polyam game it is.

Apologies if you felt you wasted your time on Tomai, that does suck to hear since I know how difficult it can be to find content like this online right now-- but hey, at least it was free? 🤷

If somehow you did buy any of the extra content or donated to the game, I'd be more than happy to refund you! Thanks for your time!

Not sure what to say except for-- yep! That's how this game is!
We wanted to make a polyam game, so we made a polyam game. It's not for everyone, and that's fine!

There's plenty of games where you can be mono and you're FORCED to be mono so I'd recommend checking those out! (In fact, quite a few of my other games are like that; so check those out!)

Thanks for playing regardless!

This was lovely and heart warming to read!

Thanks so much and we're so happy to hear you liked it! <3

Loved the backgrounds, atmosphere and magical elements of this story! Such a nice addition to the world of Pike's Reach! Can't wait for the next one bud.

<3 <3 <3 Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the other comics/games!

It's still very sweet to hear!

And yes, the VN will come out in smaller updates until it's one large VN, so it's ongoing kind of like a webcomic is. Right now just the first update is out publicly (and the second is up forPatreon supporters, for $1) and I'm hoping to have up to update 3, 4? Done within this year I hope! (First I gotta finish another big game of mine.)

It's very exciting for me to be working on SO MUCH SOLA and it's so nice when other people are excited too!!

I hope you have a good night and don't worry-- BATTAM WILL BE AROUND FOR A LONG WHILE. He's my good, slightly evil looking boy and he will have many many grand adventures for you to enjoy <3

Oh gosh, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LOVELY COMMENT! This is such a nice thing to wake up to, thank you!
I'm so glad you liked the game-- even though this game is slightly older now it still has a very big place in my heart and I'm SO EXCITED to hear you'll be checking out the rest of the story.

Speaking of, when it comes to the comic(s) I would say there's not any wrong way to enjoy-- as you'll get the ideas of what's going on reading in whatever order you please.

Here's my recommended order regardless: The 18+ 3 chapter comic, then check out either the VN or the ongoing coming. The 18+ comic is FINISHED which is why I recommend checking it out before the ongoing stuff. The ongoing comic is the prologue (meaning it comes before the 18+ comic) and the VN is the epilogue (meaning it comes after it.) I hope that makes sense!

And here's the chronological order of all of that stuff, in case you were curious: Solanaceae: Prologue comic (it'll be a few chapters long), Solanaceae, an R18 comic (it's 3 chapters long), Solanaceae: The Visual Novel (it will be VERY LONG) and then Solanaceae: Another Time happens years and years later. (which you already played, yay!)

I wish I had MORE stuff finished for the series but for now you at least get to watch as the story unfolds in both directions, timeline wise! WHICH I THINK IS PRETTY EXCITING!

Also, super glad to hear you liked Battam <3 He's a fav of mine! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!

Good luck! I hate having to come up with code myself (and in general coding is not my strong point when it comes to game dev) SO GOOD LUCK!!! Thankfully Ren'py has a very strong community and a ton of resources!

But please do remember I'm just a comment away if you ever want it!

Hi hi! Glad you like the game-- and I will def be making more like it in the future, don't worry about that! ;D

As for the voices-- okay! So, there's a system in Ren'py that allows you to put in characters "voices" (I call them chat sounds or text sounds) that's standard with Ren'py, doesn't take too much code-- I won't put it here since it's kind of annoying to have a bunch of code in the comment but if you want me to e-mail it to you or something I totally can.

Anyways, I use that code with a very simple method-- I find a "beep" or "blip" or whatever that I like, usually from a little beep machine (this one is fun: ) or from -- I take it into Audacity and I make sure it's the length I want (usually you want something that's about a second or less? depending on how "fast" you want the characters to talk) and adjust the volume and little bit and viola! 

Using the code I have it's just as simple as making a little beep .ogg or .mp3 and Ren'py does the rest for me. I've been doing it basically the same way since I started making VN's and it's always so fun to hear a new character make new beeps for the first time <3 <3 <3

I hope that helps! Don't be shy in asking me any questions and like I said-- I can e-mail you the code I use if you like!

Loved the format of this comic and loved the bubbles-- they were super easy to read and just flowed very nicely. Despite everything, GOOD LUCK Y!!!!

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So glad to see this all finished!!! GOOD JOB NAMI!!! <3

good luck! i hope this comic does well <3

Oh! This was great, this was really great.

This comic reads super well as a PDF and I adored the pacing-- it was so easy to follow scene from scene and I loved seeing our mains here interact and get to know each other. The ending is shocking and heart breaking and really leaves your mind to fill in a ton of blanks (which I love in a story) and GOSH HEY I just loved this comic; thanks a ton for sharing it!

And as a last note; it would be great if you could leave a small content warning  on this page? Nothing was particularly wild in this comic; but I believe some readers are sensitive to nudity/sex/violence so a sentence describing some of that stuff might be great in your description above-- if that's not too much trouble!

Really looking forward to anything else you might release here on Itchio~ Have an awesome day!

Hi hi! Thanks for your comment!
I'm glad you indent to leave a tip when the DLC comes out-- that always helps a lot!

As for the rating of the DLC-- I always *ALWAYS* include PG-13 options for R-18 scenes and this DLC is no different. You are never obligated to play the porn parts of any of my games (except for Yarrow Valley where we didn't have time to write a PG-13 route, oops) but regardless of that; most of the DLC is PG-13 and is more to do with the boy's lives and feature as short epilogues to the events of the game rather than sexy stuff.

The most you'll see in the PG-13 routes are some kissing and you're also gonna see Burdoc's bare chest-- but uh, that's not really anything new, is it?

I hope this helps explain it! The DLC is very, very close to being done and will hopefully be out next month. (And late THIS month for Patrons!)

Nice! That'll be fun!

Oh yeah, I love talking to people too-- and actually comments and e-mails work better for me than DM cuz I'm way too busy for DMs! To each their own, y'know?

Oh no worries! I like the comments (they are fun to read) and they actually help out my game statistics a lot too!


I'll be here when you're ready and I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff! <3

thank you for a wonderful game!

Oh gosh, hey thanks! I'm glad you liked my stuff and checked out so much of it!!! :D

My Master is a Naga is done and finished, and will have no more made (sorry-- there is a book though!) but Space School updates once every week, every week:

And the Solanaceae: Prologue comic is updating too!

I've also got a TON of exclusive comics and early game stuff up on my Patreon if you don't mind paying a little dosh to help support me (just $5 goes a long way)

oh hey i didn't know alex was doing the music for this too-- NICE!


Thanks! There's already a ton of content to enjoy with these characters, so check those out while you wait for this first build to go public (or you can pledge to my Patreon and get all updates early):

Solanaceae (R-18 Comics)

Solanaceae: The Visual Novel

Solanaceae: Another Time

C U T E !

Oh! Well thank you so much, I hadn't even noticed, oops!

How they met is def something people have been asking for a while and I'm glad I can finally give everyone an answer! The prologue has been really fun to work on so far <3