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Good luck! I hate having to come up with code myself (and in general coding is not my strong point when it comes to game dev) SO GOOD LUCK!!! Thankfully Ren'py has a very strong community and a ton of resources!

But please do remember I'm just a comment away if you ever want it!

Hi hi! Glad you like the game-- and I will def be making more like it in the future, don't worry about that! ;D

As for the voices-- okay! So, there's a system in Ren'py that allows you to put in characters "voices" (I call them chat sounds or text sounds) that's standard with Ren'py, doesn't take too much code-- I won't put it here since it's kind of annoying to have a bunch of code in the comment but if you want me to e-mail it to you or something I totally can.

Anyways, I use that code with a very simple method-- I find a "beep" or "blip" or whatever that I like, usually from a little beep machine (this one is fun: ) or from -- I take it into Audacity and I make sure it's the length I want (usually you want something that's about a second or less? depending on how "fast" you want the characters to talk) and adjust the volume and little bit and viola! 

Using the code I have it's just as simple as making a little beep .ogg or .mp3 and Ren'py does the rest for me. I've been doing it basically the same way since I started making VN's and it's always so fun to hear a new character make new beeps for the first time <3 <3 <3

I hope that helps! Don't be shy in asking me any questions and like I said-- I can e-mail you the code I use if you like!

Loved the format of this comic and loved the bubbles-- they were super easy to read and just flowed very nicely. Despite everything, GOOD LUCK Y!!!!

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So glad to see this all finished!!! GOOD JOB NAMI!!! <3

good luck! i hope this comic does well <3

Oh! This was great, this was really great.

This comic reads super well as a PDF and I adored the pacing-- it was so easy to follow scene from scene and I loved seeing our mains here interact and get to know each other. The ending is shocking and heart breaking and really leaves your mind to fill in a ton of blanks (which I love in a story) and GOSH HEY I just loved this comic; thanks a ton for sharing it!

And as a last note; it would be great if you could leave a small content warning  on this page? Nothing was particularly wild in this comic; but I believe some readers are sensitive to nudity/sex/violence so a sentence describing some of that stuff might be great in your description above-- if that's not too much trouble!

Really looking forward to anything else you might release here on Itchio~ Have an awesome day!

Hi hi! Thanks for your comment!
I'm glad you indent to leave a tip when the DLC comes out-- that always helps a lot!

As for the rating of the DLC-- I always *ALWAYS* include PG-13 options for R-18 scenes and this DLC is no different. You are never obligated to play the porn parts of any of my games (except for Yarrow Valley where we didn't have time to write a PG-13 route, oops) but regardless of that; most of the DLC is PG-13 and is more to do with the boy's lives and feature as short epilogues to the events of the game rather than sexy stuff.

The most you'll see in the PG-13 routes are some kissing and you're also gonna see Burdoc's bare chest-- but uh, that's not really anything new, is it?

I hope this helps explain it! The DLC is very, very close to being done and will hopefully be out next month. (And late THIS month for Patrons!)

Nice! That'll be fun!

Oh yeah, I love talking to people too-- and actually comments and e-mails work better for me than DM cuz I'm way too busy for DMs! To each their own, y'know?

Oh no worries! I like the comments (they are fun to read) and they actually help out my game statistics a lot too!


I'll be here when you're ready and I'm glad you're enjoying my stuff! <3

thank you for a wonderful game!

Oh gosh, hey thanks! I'm glad you liked my stuff and checked out so much of it!!! :D

My Master is a Naga is done and finished, and will have no more made (sorry-- there is a book though!) but Space School updates once every week, every week:

And the Solanaceae: Prologue comic is updating too!

I've also got a TON of exclusive comics and early game stuff up on my Patreon if you don't mind paying a little dosh to help support me (just $5 goes a long way)

oh hey i didn't know alex was doing the music for this too-- NICE!


Thanks! There's already a ton of content to enjoy with these characters, so check those out while you wait for this first build to go public (or you can pledge to my Patreon and get all updates early):

Solanaceae (R-18 Comics)

Solanaceae: The Visual Novel

Solanaceae: Another Time

C U T E !

Oh! Well thank you so much, I hadn't even noticed, oops!

How they met is def something people have been asking for a while and I'm glad I can finally give everyone an answer! The prologue has been really fun to work on so far <3

Yes, you'll be able to play the finished result for free! Patrons are just getting stuff early.

Aw! I'm glad to hear you found my comics and like 'em-- and that you downloaded Another Time! Always glad to see people enjoying that since it's slightly older now/// hehe

Sal seems to be a fan favorite and I can't blame anyone cuz he's super fun, imo! X) BTW, there's a Solanaceae Prologue comic running right now! It won't be up on Itchio until the first chapter finishes, but you can read it online for free at a few places! (On smackjeeves, tapas, or webtoons!) <333 sorry for the shill I just like to make sure people know all the projects I got going on hehe

Not to worry-- the game will most definitely be out for free as more updates are made. (Er, until the very end, when it's all finished up it will be only available by being bought-- but that won't be for a WHILE, I promise) The way it works right now is that Patrons get updates EARLY. So basically; there's the free version of the game which will be hosted here and then the "Patreon version" which is just an update or two ahead of the public release.

This is a pretty common way that games (especially porn games) are released right now because it allows for lots of people to play it but also helps keep me getting paid to make it-- so all you need to do is be a little bit patient and the first update will be out within the next few months!

Right now I'm busy working on the Tomai DLC, which is long overdue, and then I'll be working on releasing the 2nd update of this for Patrons, which will push the first update out here for everyone, for free! The second update already has a ton of the dialogue written so I can't imagine it'll take me too long once I'm working on it more full-time.

I do my best to make sure the majority of my work is available for everyone; but at the end of the day it is my job so there's just some stuff I have to do to get by. I appreciate you understanding and how kindly you brought up your question-- it's not something everyone does so I just really appreciate it! 

I'm really glad to hear you like my stuff  and I hope I can continue to entertain <3

I totally feel you about the route thing, haha. For me, it comes from a necessity to get funding as the game is being created. I have a Patreon that's doing fine but not fine enough to get me thru a massive game like AWOO. Also, I just like having more frequent, but smaller, updates. (Since I'm used to releasing webcomics!)

Hey hey!

It's so nice to hear from you-- and thanks for  your encouraging words! Comics and games are my full-time job so there's def no way I'd give up on Tomai or AWOO-- but Tomai is my focus right now since it's the story that was initially my characters to start and also, it's simply farther along in development.

In terms of AWOO; right now all I can say is that my plan is to try and get Davis' route out in 2019. I don't think there's any way I can release the game in full, all at once-- because I need money to live and eat and such and time for my other peojects-- and because the game needs TONS of art assets AND ALSO I don't actually know the script yet; it'll just take me a lot longer to dive into.

I actually have a helpful little image of the games I'll be working on in 2019:

Since a lot of this stuff was dropped into my lap without any kind of script (which was not what I had planned aah) some stuff is just going to take a lot longer than I thought it would so I'm prioritizing stuff that already has a lot of stuff written.

So, for example, Tomai, the second update for the Solanaceae VN and a point-and-click game I haven't spoken about a bunch publicly but a BUNCH of the script is done for that one.

I might also indulge in a quick horny side project for myself and then lastly I'll be sinking my teeth into Davis' route to get AWOO started.

AWOO is a pretty hefty project so I will just need...time. The only thing I can think I can get done in 2019 is Davis' route and that's it! The routes will just have to come out as I'm able to finish them, ya dig?

Anyways; I hope that helps clear stuff up for you and thanks again for sticking around! You're one of my favorite people to hear from. <3

Love to see a comic with such a cute and fun take on the Greek gods! Thanks a ton for sharing!

Oh this comic was GOOD, and now I gotta go thru your whole dang catalog.

Thank you for sharing this comic and these thoughts. It means a lot to me.

Love the cute, simple execution and vibe this game gives off!

XD There's two of us working on it, but thank you!

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The route guide is available by donating just $1 to the game! The game is free but making art full-time (which is my job) is not, so any and all donations go to just help keep the team making games like t his! :D 

And thanks again! I appreciate your comment and I hope you check out my other stuff! I couldn't had made this game without arcade party who wrote the game and is just so fucking great, so don't forget to check them out too.

So glad to hear that! We'll be doing our best over here! :D

I think that's a fine starting point though, y'know? The joy of being a smaller or single person dev team is that you can work out concepts like that much more freely (assuming you've got the time) so if you wanted to re-visit this concept I'm sure you would do a heck of a job! <3

Picked this up to check it out before the full release and so far it seems very interesting!

I'll be excited to see some polish on things like the GUI, textbox, the way characters come in and out of a scene, and some general pacing stuff between scenes. Little things like that can really help a story have a better sense of space and time.

So far I'm enjoying the concept of the game, I think the world so far is interesting and I appreciate the variety of characters and of course that my wife is a dragon, duh!

I find myself wishing that the busts were slightly bigger or that the backgrounds were more in perspective with how big the busts are. I think the cave is fine and most of the blacksmith is okay too, but it really stands out on the other two backgrounds. (Sorry if that kind of feedback isn't helpful though, as I know the size of stuff isn't always easy to change nor is it always that helpful to get feedback on stuff that might be WIP.)

OH! And the music was really amazing, wow. That blew me away instantly. I'd love to know who composed the music as I might like to contact them for one of my games. (Or if the music is free somewhere, I'd also just like a link to that.)

Good luck team!

Played this while I was already feeling a bit depressed, which was a mistake I think, oops!

I've always been a big fan of farming games (even ones that deconstruct them like this) so that's what drew to me to this idea-- but admittedly I didn't make it very far before giving up. I'm super interested in the concept though and if I wasn't feeling so sad from my cat leaving me in the game I would probably pick it up for another playthrough.

Good luck with all of your future games!

Hi hi!

No worries about not being able to pledge to my Patreon! It's something I do for people who want early access and the game is meant to come out basically it's entire life here, for free. (Also I realize I fucked up and didn't mention in the post above that access is only $1. Oops)

I don't know if the game will remain free when all is said and done, since it's gonna be a pretty BIG game-- but it won't be much more than most indie games. (So probably not over $20, if even that!) But that will take...years to get to that point. I think art PDF's will probably be locked to Patrons for a while too.

Oh, and I think it's worth mentioning that the "testing" aspect is something that's only available to Patrons-- they are the only ones who get early builds and everywhere else here gets the more finished ones. Regardless, I'm not quite sure when the first update will become available for everyone publicly! I'd like to have a second update made before I put out the first one but uh...tbh without more Patreon support there's only so much I can do XD I don't run a Patreon for no reason-- I run it so I can update all of my billions of projects LOL!

My comics have actually be available on for a while now (and even more other places then Tumblr) cuz I'm in the habit of archiving stuff and making sure all my eggs aren't in one basket (also this way people can donate to my comics if they want! so I think it's a win win)

Thanks a ton for your comment and I'm always super pumped that you're interested in the game! I hope you're also looking forward to the Prologue comic btw~ The site is up but there's no pages out publicly yet (next month there will be) so bookmark that if you're interested!

Loved this! Love me a cute centaur, love me a cute vampire-- love it even more when they are together in a cute comic getting horny! Def wouldn't mind seeing more of these two in the future and just super glad to have gotten to check this out. Keep up the great work!

PDF's can be tricky like that! I make quite a few myself and are never quite sure where the right line is, but I usually like to let people zoom in at least 3 to 4 times and have it be not blurry just to help visually impaired folks!

Just bought and read the comic-- I quite liked it!

It's always nice reading a sexy comic that has a lot of pages! 37 pages really made it feel like a completed one-shot and I think gave us just enough info about the two of them that the eventual sex scene felt really natural.

One thing I do wish was slightly different was the size of the images in the PDF. I only took me about two or three clicks before the images started getting blurry to the point of being noticeable and they made it so I couldn't enjoy any detail or check if I was reading something correctly.

In the future, I would suggest maybe just allowing those images to be larger? Just a thought! It's a real shame to have such beautiful lineart get blurry so fast, I was a little shocked!

Your style is wonderful and your layouts are fantastic-- super easy to pick up and read comic, thanks a ton for sharing!

Oh gosh, hey! I'm so glad to hear you liked it! 

Tomai is a ton of fun to work on and hopefully there will be some DLC (free, of course) for the game decently soon!!! Keep your eyes peeled and thanks a ton for playing and leaving a comment <3333

Awesome, glad you got it all fixed! Enjoy!

Checking from your comment history, it also looks like this isn't the first time you've had trouble running a game-- so I would suggest checking your PC for problems and cleaning it out. ;)

Firstly, make sure you downloaded the PC version of the game. Secondly, you will need to right click and "extract here" or "extract (folder name)" and NOT the "extract files..." option. This option will get you nowhere, the game needs to be in it's own folder on the desktop, just chilling there.

From there, inside the folder should just be all the regular 'ol files that you can ignore, except for the .exe that should be titled "SolanaceaeAnotherTime" and have a little picture. That should then open the game.

Ren'py games don't need any install and just work out of the folder-- so if you're having any troubles beyond following this there's unfortunately not much I can do for you-- as I did not program the system I just made the game within the system. Google will be your next option if this stuff doesn't work.

Good luck!

Not sure what to tell you-- I've never heard of this error! Are you using PC or MAC or Linux?