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This page ONLY updates when there's a completed chapter, so it's a fair bit behind right now!

Here's where you can read the comic as it updates each week:

:) I hope you'll consider checking it out there because it helps the comic a lot when it gets love on Tapas or Webtoons.

Great-- thank you! 

I am not looking to get this specific game done in Portuguese until it's finished (it's not worth it to get a translation for an unfinished game because so much can change in a very little amount of time) and I already have someone who is going to work on parts of the comic, BUT, I still have some comics I would like translated if you're willing to help out. I will send you an e-mail about it!

:D So glad you like the story so far!

Looking forward to playing!

A Brazilian Portuguese translation for this game WILL come out for the game, but please note that this game is in development, which means it's not complete. I do not get translations for incomplete games because games often go through a lot of editing and thus, I would waste a lot of money / time if I got the translation too early.

I am working hard on completing the game, but I'll need time to finish it, and then more time after that for translations. (I'll also need to get funds put together, this game is planned to be over 100k words, which is a HUGE amount for me!)

This team only has 2 people on it (The first person being me, who does all writing, cutscenes, all the art, and some programming, and then the other person is a programmer helping with mechanics) so we appreciate your patience.

Trust me! I will come to Brazil, I promise. :) 

For now, please look forward to BRPT translations of the prologue comic for this series, coming within the next few months.

Oof, this was rough in the best way. Thanks for sharing!

That'd be awesome! I can absolutely see this as something that would work well with multiple levels and other power-ups or things to gather, etc etc. 

Looking forward to it if that happens :D

This game absolutely rules and i love it. recommended for anyone who likes pikmin or just ants in general. 10/10, totally worth your time.

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Wow, wow, wow! I was impressed by all aspects of this game. The art is GORGEOUS, the writing is so nice, the animations are so cute, and I adore the music too. Really worth a little sit down and read. 

Love to see a zine about demisexuality! Cuz hey, that's me too! The way I feel it is slightly different, but that's what's great about any identity, it's kinda different for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

LOVED IT! Super endearing and wonderful.

Thanks so much!

OMG CACTUAR!!! THANK YOU! (Also omg you saw my tweet, thank you<3) I really appreciate hearing this! I think if you like Lee and Beracus specifically, this series is hopefully going to be very satisfying for you in the future. So excited to (hopefully) start work on Part 2 in 2022 for this~ <3 Your comment is so encouraging!!!

WHOA! The game menu being a cool book like that is something I wish I had sooner! It's SO cool! Thank you!

FUN! This was a visual feast, as all of your comics are.

Sounds cool! Good luck!

Thanks a ton for reading my comment and making a chance-- as an artist who works on games, I really appreciate that! 

Right now it's got English, French, German, Spanish on consoles! (PC still just has English though hoping to get the languages from the publisher to release on PC, and then get Portuguese!)

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Hey all! I've put up a sale for my game, One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party! It includes part 1 of the game series, and the prologue. I hope you'll consider checking it out, the price is 3.99 USD.

This is in celebration of the game coming out on Switch, PS4/PS5, and Xbox. But, as always, the game was an game first and foremost, so OF COURSE, I had to spread the love here. Here's the trailer!

The same is a point-and-click, visual novel hybrid, where you help guide Beracus and Lee to escape a cultist filled bunker.

  • Point and click your way through a mysterious bunker!
  • Uncover the horrifying events that happened there...
  • Meet and greet a family of skeletons and decide if they are friend, or foe!
  • Get to know, guide, and ultimately judge, your pal One-Eyed Lee!
  • Casual, easy to pick up puzzles
  • 8 different endings!
  • 3-4 hours for each complete playthrough
  • Completely original art, story, and soundtrack
  • Available for Windows, Mac, Linux

Seems interesting, though I think it'd be nice if you credited the folks whose art you used and/or simply put a disclaimer on the page that these aren't your assets/are free assets/aren't the final assets?

I'd be curious about the artistic future of the project, considering it's marked "in development".
:) Thanks!

Thanks so much! :D

I'm glad you like it~

CUTE! This was fun. :3c

This rules

THANK YOU SO MUCH! That would be a big help to me!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This comment gives me confidence for the next parts! (And the upcoming console release) What you said were all goals for me so just, THANK YOU!!! <3 

I gotta finish the current game I'm working on before I start part 2, but it WILL happen! I'm getting music produced for it and have someone who will help me code this time as well, so I'm hoping it'll be bigger and better! :)

Anytime pal, I'm so glad you like it :3


At the moment, there are no plans for voice acting. Voice acting is expensive (this game is planned to be around 100k words by the end) and is notoriously difficult to coordinate, and honesty, I'm just not always the biggest fan of it in games like this. Folks are absolutely free to make their own fandubs tho!

Oh! This seems neat!

I believe this is a bug associated with playing the game in full screen mode and an issue with the engine itself, which is not something I can fix, sorry.

But, the game has like 20+ save slots, you shouldn't even be needing to worry about overriding saves. Just make new ones. 🎶

I'll consider it in the future, but for now,I'm working on a different audio project! Hope you'll consider checking it out~

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Just letting you know the art in this PDF is a little bit compressed! It's noticeable even when zoomed out, might be something to consider addressing. :)

Thanks for your thoughtful review!

Unfortunately, the writer for this game doesn't write games anymore, so I don't really have anyone to pass on this critique to. (Sorry!)
Also, this game was made in 3 months, so yeah, it's got some limitations. But, hey, it's free.

Hope you'll enjoy my other work!

Thank you!

This looks promising *w*


Thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear this! Part 2 will absolutely be coming, I've just got some other big projects to finish off first. (So, thank you for your patience!)

WHOA, very cool.

Commenting again to say, Happy Pride, everyone play this game!

Thank you! I really appreciate that! :D