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I would actually be someone who would participate in Yurijam over Barajam;; So whomever gave you that warning was right! (Here's the game I helped make for last year's Yurijam by the way.) November would probably be your best best imo, otherwise sometime in 2019?

Good luck with everything!

Thanks a ton for letting us know-- unfortunately I'm (DCS) way too busy to help host a jam-- let alone be in another jam so soon! @_@ But I think Arcade Party MIGHT be interested in helping out hosting-- so they will contact you separately via e-mail once they decide.

We'll keep this comment up so other people who might be interested can see-- but for now both Arcade Party and I have to simply say; good luck with everything!

Hi hi! Thanks a ton for your comment; we're both really glad to hear you liked the game so much! This game was super fun to work and I know that (the artist) just had such a fun time getting creative with the visuals within a time frame-- seeing what I could get away with, hehe.

So thank you again for playing and for your wonderful comment!

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Love this game-- the art style and concept are all great!

The only thing I wish was that the game didn't reset all the way back to the title screen with every mini-game; or maybe the time limits were a bit longer? I could just be bad at the game though! I also think a slightly longer loop on the music would be awesome; I know someone like me who accidentally reset a bunch would appreciate it. <3

EDIT: After playing all the way thru-- I totally see now WHY it resets to the beginning every time! So scratch my earlier comment!

All in all, super charming and fun and easy to pick up! :D

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Thanks so much for your comment, and we're glad you liked the game! :D

Lots of our other games have PG-13 options; so I would highly recommend checking those out as well-- particularly the great demo for AWOO, and Tomai which was our submission to this jam last year! <3

Thanks again!!!

There will be an update on the status of AWOO hopefully soon; but it will unfortunately be neither of those things. I'm very sorry!

Thanks so much! We had a really fun time putting this game together and it really fits with the type of porn we're trying to put out into the world-- so hearing all of this is much appreciated! <3

Well-- we left the game opened ended just in case; but unfortunately Arcade Party (the writer) is going on a hiatus soon so I don't suspect we'll be in a place to make a sequel anytime soon.

If you like Yarrow Valley, I highly suggest you check out Tomai, which was our submission to Yaoijam 2017. (I would also recommend just about any other game in either of our catalogues as well!)

We're glad you love Yarrow so much though!

Thank you very much!!! We're both really excited you liked it~ <3


Hey there! I'm the artist, DCS, hi! (I worked on this game with Arcade Party, I drew the whole thing and helped with coding, story, etc, and I'm usually the one to reply to comments for us!)

We're both very happy to hear you liked the game! The particle affects were something I had a ton of fun with and I just wanted to use them everywhere since I figured hey, alien planet is the perfect setting to finally use this awesome Ren'py feature!

Thanks a ton for playing and thanks a ton for your awesome comment! We really appreciate it!

Thank you!

No problem, it's an easy mistake to make! <3

Hi there-- thanks a ton! But actually, me, DarkChibiShadow-- drew the art, and Arcade Party wrote the script! :D That's how it is for every game we work on together! We're glad you liked it-- the game will have some free updates soon with new stuff so I hope you look forward to it!

This was the last game I made working with my old system of making talk sounds and I'm proud to say I'm much better at it now. Some of my newer games aren't out yet-- but I hope if you decide to check them out you'll like those better. :}

It's hard to find just the right balance of cute and fun for talk sounds; so I'm glad people at least have the option to turn it off if they need! Speaking of which, Arcade Party and I just released a new game a few days ago, called Yarrow Valley, with better talk sounds (and it's much shorter than this game) so if you liked Tomai I would love if you'd check it out and let me know what you think~

Thanks again!

Oh, that's odd! You should have access to it basically indefinitely after purchasing it thru Itchio; but if you can't find it anymore and want it again, send me an e-mail at colinxzain@hotmail.com and we will get it settled.

(I'm glad you like the game!)

Thank you, we really appreciate hearing that and we're glad you enjoyed! :D

Havi is a wonderful guy, one day I wanna be as relaxed as him. <3

Thank you so much! We're both excited to hear you liked the game so much-- we're really proud to have released this game and thank you for all of your support~ <33

Aw hey, you're welcome and thanks for checking out my stuff! Right now I only have a handful of visual novels but I've got two BIG ones coming up with mostly linear plots, with tiny deviations. :D I make some pretty fun comics too! <33

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There's a subset of visual novels called "kinetic novels" that Strawberry Daiquiri falls into; it's there to serve the purpose of showing you the story in a linear and organized fashion. I've made quite a few myself-- and they are very fun!

So I think you'd be more satisfied reading the story with that in mind-- instead of thinking of it as a game; think of it more as a comic or novel that you're able to control the pace of.  :)

Oh gosh-- thank you! We're really excited to release it-- there's been so many obstacles but we're gonna do it!!!

We work on it pretty consistently-- actually!

Both our Patreons (Ivan's and Mine) have updates and exclusive pictures for this project quite a bit!

This project is just really big-- so it's hard to get stuff done fast for it. But! We're hoping to have a solution to this soon-- so keep your eyes peeled, we'll be needing all the support we can get! <3

Hope you like it~ <3

The sound of the text scroll ARE the "voices" of the characters-- that's their purpose!

But no, there's no voice acting and any important sounds (there's not a lot of sound affects, mostly just music) are on a different sound channel; meaning the music slider controls the music and the sound slider controls the sound affects. The voice slider only makes quiet the beeps; as it is the character's "voice".

Hope that makes sense!

Check the OPTIONS menu and turn the slider that says "VOICE" all the way down! It will turn off the talk sounds entirely. Hope you enjoy the game otherwise~!

This tutorial is a life-saver-- as I am only recently doing more outfits/poses with my games I'm VERY LUCKY that Ren'py came out with this code and EVEN MORE LUCKY!!! That you made such an awesome and straight forward tutorial. It's super hard for me to learn without a teacher and I JUST APPRECIATE THIS SO MUCH!!! THANK YOU!!!

Loved this! Very interesting characters with lots of  focus on the heavy atmosphere; which I always love! Thanks for sharing!

AH! FINALLY! I finally sat down and played this-- and I LOVED IT!

First of all-- the art is just amazing. Everything is really well sized and just so nice and interesting to look at. I didn't notice it was pixel art from the Itch.io screenshots so it was an awesome pleasant surprise to see in game! AND OOO the backgrounds! Like I said; all just perfectly sized with the sprites and I love the colors and simplicity/straight forwardness of everything. Just so easy to look at and understand what's going on.

I also thought the music choice was really great and I was happy I got to smooch not just one but TWO!!!! cuties! Very good, very nice. It was also nice that the ending could happen from discussion rather than fighting-- always a big fan of that!

Happy and proud to say I got the True End.

All in all-- just a lovely little experience! Thank you so much for sharing and I'm excited for whatever else you might be working on! <3

Can't wait to see who everyone's favorite is~

It's always so awesome seeing gifs of the game! Really pumped up to have this game release! *w*

Thanks a ton-- glad you got all the endings!

Hey-- thanks a ton! We're always happy to hear people like Tomai (especially because we'll be adding some new content to the game soon) and I'm always personally so happy to hear people like Burdoc~ I'd love to recommend AWOO to you as well; since it's written by the same person and also draw by me!

Anyways-- about the endings! Usually we would just recommend you buy and check out the endings guide (which can be received by donating $1 to the game!) but since you've already gotten so many endings already; I'll give you a hint!

You're actually missing *two* endings if your list here is correct! So I'm going to suggest to you; Tomai can't become a fully rounded leader by just spending time with JUST his Dad or JUST the Lady, y'know?  And once you find this ending; there's also a variant on it involving Burdoc and Malik. So try that out for size! (And to be clear; the endings guide is much less cryptic than this-- so check it out!)

Oops, my bad for not seeing that! (And thanks a ton for replying!)

I will have to compile a little list and get back to you with that! <3

I'd love to see a similar post to this but about Itch.io comics! Lots of comic artists (like myself) find Itch.io a really good way to archive PDFs of our work as well as just make awesome storefronts.

But-- aside from just PDFS, I know others put together psuedo comics that you can click thru; like the awesome Lady of the Shard. So seeing some of those included too would be great!

Anyways-- before I ramble on too much; it's always awesome to see Itch.io putting out articles like this and I love how ya'll really try and pay attention to what's going on in the community. Thank you!

Oh gosh-- well thank you! This game is quite old now; but it still holds a big place in my heart and I hope you'll check out the comics too. ^u^

Oh gosh, well thank you and thank you! That's all very kind of you to say and I appreciate it//

I put a lot of thought into the textboxes for when I create stuff and I'm always trying to make it so each of my visual novels look different from one another. (Or as much as I can, considering I'm just one person!) Ivan and I are actually working on 1-2 new games to Yaoijam this month and next month so I think both of us are great to follow if you're looking to enjoy some raunchy good boys in the coming months~ :3c

Thanks again! <3

Glad to see an article like this!

Hey hey! :D I'm happy to hear all of this! (And thanks for explaining some more stuff too, sometimes things just get confusing in text, ya know?)

I'm happy to hear that my reply helped give the circumstances surrounding this game some more clarity-- and like I said we are definitely taking what you said into the future with us. For now, Tomai is a bit too set in stone (with some CG's and the like) to do TOO much tweaking with the current build-- but we WILL have some extra stories that will be released with the base game once we both get some time. (None of them will involve choices; they are just fun stories to click thru and learn more about everyone.)

I really hope if you happen to see the updates for those that you'll check them out because I think they will speak about/address some stuff you've talked about! I know they're just side stories-- but they are all canon and lots of fun. ^u^9 One will be specifically about Tomai's, Malik's, and Burdoc's past together and how long they've known each other and how long they've LIKED each other too.

Which again-- I wish we could have fit a bit more into the base game but we just had so little time! Agh! That's why we did our stretch goals though-- so we could add stuff that would not only be fun but also clarifying.

Anyways-- I'm totally rambling now. Thank you again for your feedback and for taking the time to read my reply-- it means a lot to me that you did and I'm pumped up to hear you're looking forward to our other projects! <3

Hi! First of all, thanks so much for your feedback-- I really appreciate reading it and I  appreciate your being kind about it!


You bring up a lot of great points; and I understand how it's easy to feel how you do when playing a game like Tomai.

However; I also think it's important to keep in mind a few things about the dev process and about Ivan (the writer) and I (the artist) as game creators.

Ivan and I only had this game in production for 3, maybe 4 months? Most of the production was done in just 1 month; so a lot of our "branching paths" are pretty linear. This isn't new to either of our style of game making; as I often make linear games and Ivan makes more-or-less linear games. I understand this style of visual novel can sometimes be annoying or frustrating to players; but we were on a really limited time and budget and just wanted something playable that conveyed our story!

Our games are not about you as a player, but you as someone helping lead Tomai (or any of our main characters, really) thru his life. This game is about Tomai, his wants, his needs, his confusions-- and how you as his guide affect his life.

No where on the game page for Tomai does it state there are "romance options", it only states that there are R-18+ scenes. This was on purpose! We also never stated that the game was poly, because we didn't really feel like there was a need to? We've also never sold Tomai as a dating sim because it's really not... It's really just a game about a set of characters we really enjoyed writing-- we had a story planned for them and wanted to give the player some options to explore the world.

I do think your feedback about essentially "having to get physical" with either boy is fair; in the future we will be sure to add a yes or no menu before those kinds of options-- I think we, as game devs, unfortunately assumed that the player choosing "R-18" at the beginning would, in combination with Tomai's characterization, would make extra choice unnecessary/not fully in line with how he would act as a character but I see now that it's still as necessary as ever! And in the non-R18 version we will do that as well. (In the PG-13 version, you just smooch!)

I think we'll also consider a patch to add some dialogue about having slept with the other friend. We can def work that in.

Ultimately; I think it's important to keep in mind that this game is for players who want to or are comfortable being poly (at least in a fictional sense). If you're not and don't want to be-- that might be why you're feeling uncomfortable? But this is my assuming-- so please correct me if I'm wrong! Not every game is for everyone, unfortunately.

Lastly, I wanna make sure you know there are friendship endings with both boys and a amends ending as well! :D I think all the endings are really worth checking out for their own reasons.

On a side note; I'm very sad to hear you didn't like Burdoc-- as he is my favorite and a character I really relate to. ;v;

Anyways; that all said-- thank you again for your feedback and I hope some of what I've said clears up some things about our game for you! Thanks a ton!

Oh!!! I'm so happy to hear you liked the AWOO demo too!!! +0+ I'm really excited and proud of AWOO! I have less involvement (story wise) in AWOO but I helped to shape the look of the game (cuz I drew it, haha) and I helped with some personality stuff for the boys-- I LOVE IT LIKE MY OWN BABY. It's lots of fun!!!

I think multiple endings and choices and tiny differences is where visual novels as a format really shine-- it's a lot of fun to just have a flexible setting. :D And thank you again for complimenting Ivan's writing! I agree that the story feels very natural and you can really feel the boy's complicated relationship *nods* These characters and story were originally just mine, but I had ran into a roadblock so eventually I handed it over to Ivan who did an AMAZING job...I'm so proud!

I'm so glad you like my art and my games and AH! Thank you!!! 

I haven't had time to work on my next game (which I have a BIG WIP of) but I do work on lots and lots of comics so I hope you'll check those out too! ;v; <3333 You rock!

Hey hey hey! Thanks for your wonderful comment! It always means a lot to Ivan and I to get comments like this// We both love this game a lot and it just feels great when other people do too!!! Tomai is lots of fun, if I do say so myself! (And I'm honored you made an account just to say you liked it!)

We're both really glad to hear you liked how the game played out-- can I ask if you have a favorite character, by chance? (Mine is Burdoc!)

I think the boyfriends ending is by far the most favored by players-- and it's what we usually think of as the true end. (With a little bit of The Lady and Dad's endings thrown in too.)

Anyways-- I'm rambling! Thank you for playing and for your passionate comment! It means a lot to us! <3


If you like Ivan's writing, and you like my art style; we are working on another game over on his account called AWOO that has a VERY LONG and awesome demo out right now-- and is worth following for when the final product comes out, I think! <3