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Solanaceae Series

Sal tries to con a witch and gets more than he bargained for...

The Prologue to the series -- learn how Battam and Sal met, worked through their flaws together, fall in love, and got really, really horny.

This is the earliest in the story and is CURRENTLY UPDATING.

Rating ranges from PG-13 to R-18.

Battam the witch and Sal the satyr get frisky!

The main part of the series, which includes 3 chapters. 

Battam, a witch, and Sal, a satyr, must find a way to negotiate with the coven Battam blames for his mother's death.

This is the middle of the story!

Rating ranges from PG-13 to R-18.

Battam the witch is here to start a coven all his own!
Visual Novel

The epilogue to the series! This game will be the longest installment in all of the series and go over a lot of different things. I plan to update it in "chapters" as thought it were a webcomic, with Patrons getting early chapters. 

It will eventually have gathering, crafting, and building management systems as well as a main quest and side quests.

This is the latest in the story and is CURRENTLY UPDATING.

Rating will range from PG-13 to R-18, which you will opt into at the start.

He says we were lovers in a past life (there's no way that could be true, could it?)"
Visual Novel

The very last part of the series! This is a modern AU where Battam and Sal are reincarnate-- but of course, Sal doesn't believe Battam at first and they work through that. A very good time, especially if you've already read the main comic and prologue.

This story can be considered canon or non-canon, it's up to you!

Rating ranges from PG-13 to R-18.