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Thanks for playing! Really enjoyed your video. You provided some great feedback and I'll see if I can't fix that bug you found.

Haha, that's good to know!

Hey thanks. Unknown Planet was made in Godot.

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really cool experience. I kept looking for meaning in everything and wondering how considered each element of the work was. It was definitely an engrossing vision. It reminded me in some ways of the giver, because of your use of grey and red. good job!

Yes! Thanks you for the feedback. What we've talked about is basically doing a sequel, so pretty much what you suggested with a new look and new gameplay mechanics, a new story. The style is closer to something like Final Fight. We're in contact with an illustrator and there has been some conceptual stuff drawn up, but its still in the early stages as I am trying to wrap up another project.

Thank you for the support!

Hey thanks for playing the game! That's a great video you made.  I appreciate what you had to say about the controls. I should have added some various controller layouts for the player to choose from.

I think you can right click the .exe and check allow execution. Thanks for playing!

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No, sorry. But your post reminded me to add a compatibility list. so thank you.