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An Open Letter to My BreastsView game page

from a enby trans dude who just wants to pass.
Submitted by Naomi Norbez (@NaomiNorbez) — 8 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline

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How does your game discuss the nonbinary experience? / What nonbinary characters does your game have?
I discuss my experience as an enby trans dude with breasts, who just wants to pass as male.

Did you decide to make a game that fits the jam's theme?
Yeaaaah? In this case, the "living space" is my own body, where I feel (un)comfortable sometimes.

Anything else about your game you want players to know?
This game discusses breasts and womanhood, and briefly touches on groping. At the end there's a topless pic of me.

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Thank you for sharing this - I relate very strongly. I definitely feel the "has breasts, must be girl" anguish. I am constantly in sports bras. I think I have come to a different conclusion than you for my own chest, but I'm glad to hear your story.

Ah... I really liked the game and I can relate quite a lot. So it was nice to see you put this into a game. I have had thoughts about doing top surgery for the last years. But again and again I felt like I don't really want it, it is just what society would expect me to do to "pass" (I can never pass anyway as non-binary cause there is no possible way to do that) and to fit into the gender expectations there are. I feel kind of uncomfortable with wearing very tight clothing or binders and most comfortable when I can be (alone/outside) with my naked chest in the wind without clothes. :D I wish you all the best for finding a way with (or without - if you should ever change your mind about it) your breasts and dealing with the bad parts of society. <3

That was insightful. Thank you for sharing. 

"So, despite everything, when I’m alone with you, I like you just fine. I guess you’ve GROWN on me, ha ha!" 

I laughed out loud at this, btw.


Thank you!  I'm glad you liked it! C:

Hooray!  Someone likes my cheesy joke! X3


Hello!  Just wanted to add: I'm also the host of the jam.  And just because I'm hosting this thing doesn't mean you need to like my game.  Give it one star!  Critique it!  GO NUTS!

. . . Alright, I'm joking. X) Slightly.  But you get my point.

Thank you for playing. Have a good one!