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Sadly I'm going to miss the release in April! There are a couple of big tasks still left for me to do, but I also have a some holidays coming up where I cannot work on the update as much. It'll definitely release in May, perhaps early June.
Once again, sorry for the wait!

You can email me I guess? I also have a Mastodon, I haven´t posted a lot there but I do check it from time to time, and I think you can send private messages to it.
Once the level update rolls out the itch page might also get a forum, so that could work too.

I'm still working on this but it's going very slowly. I hope to really have some news soon, especially since the next anniversary is already coming up :P
I haven´t checked my Twitter messages since the Musk takeover, sorry!

Thank you! Yeah, sorry for the lack of news on this recently. I'm still working on it, all core functionality is in, and now I'm working on polishing the editor, doing QA, and making some levels. I hope to have more news soon!

Fixed, thanks for reporting! 🎩

If I remember correctly, none of the games in the charity bundles come with Steam keys. Sorry!

It has about a dozen levels. (I could probably make more, but I'm already really pushing Puzzlescript to the limit with this game, so I'd probably need to re-implement it in a different game engine!) I really don't wanna charge for it since it's basically a Rush Hour fangame :P

Yeah, you can sorta download it using the itch app for now. I might look into making a proper desktop build, though. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for playing!

Sounds like a false positive! What virus scanner is firing & what kind of warning does it throw?

If you're getting the Windows "could not verify publisher/files downloaded from the internet might be unsafe" warning, there should be a way to get around that. Otherwise, you could try installing the game via the itch app instead.

Sorry for the late reply, but you can still use the CANCEL button to close the menu in these cases! It's still curious though, so I'll probably still fix it. Also, good job on getting that record time even further down!

Agreed, I uploaded a new version that reduces the movement speed a bit!

Here's a small hint for 3B (it's encoded in rot13):

Gel gb trg zbfg bs gur oynpx oybpxf vagb gur obggbz yrsg pbeare juvyr gryrcbegvat gur erq oybpx hc bar ebj ng n gvzr!

If you need more hints, feel free to ask!

Ah, very good catch! I'm guessing your difficulty slider is set to a very high percentage? It does make the illusion very easy to cheese, though. I'll look into it, thanks for reporting!

Ah, good catches! I am still slowly working on getting the web version updated, so I'll add these two issues to the bug list to fix. (Thanks for the detailed reports!)

I don't think I'm going to add more secrets to the game at this point, so let me just say that I'm super impressed by how much you speedrunners have managed to get that number down!

Done, thanks for the headsup!

Hiya, feel free to toss in Fake Illusions:

Hiya, the musician took the soundtrack down at some point. If you want a copy of the soundtrack, you can email or Twitter DM me to get a copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

VVVVVV was indeed a huge inspiration for me back when I made this game—not only for its gameplay, but it was also the first time I saw a game that was made mostly by one person, and that's really what helped me get motivated to learn game development! If you're interested, at one point I made a collection with all of the games that (more or less) inspired Mobility:

Thanks! The solver is only for keyboard controlled Puzzlescript games: see the wiki on the repo for more info!

Thank you for reporting this, I fixed it!

Hey, sorry for the late reply! The soundtrack used to be there, but it was removed at some point. I haven't talked to the musician for Mobility for quite a while, but I'll do so soon because this is still the most common question I get about the game! In the meanwhile, you can email or Twitter DM me to get a copy. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks! My intention is still to make a sequel sometime, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've just tried to reproduce this, but it installs and runs properly on my Windows machine using a freshly created sandbox account. Issues with the sandbox are likely out of my hands, sadly. If you'd like to see this issue resolved, do consider filing a bug in the itch app, so their dev team can take a look at it. Hope that helps!

I would like to pitch in Fake Illusions. It's a game about optical illusions where not everything is as it seems!

Thank you for playing!

Thanks for notifying! They link to the source code too, so I'm really glad I cleaned that up after the game jam 👾

This is not possible in-game, and the game is short enough that you could just replay it for a bit. There is a hacky workaround, though! If you follow these steps and reply with the resulting string of text, I can provide a PC save file for you.

1) Open the game on the site where you played it.

2) Open the developer tools (in most browsers you do this with F12).
3) Open the "Storage" tools.
4) Go to Local Storage. If you've opened the game on itch, you should see a domain ending in, select that.
5) In the list, find the key that ends with "Mobility_Save_1.ini" (or _2 or _3 depending on which save slots you used). Double click on the value for that key. Press Ctrl+A to select all text, then Ctrl+C to copy it. See image for an example in Firefox.

Here's an example of how the extracted text should look.

Sorry that this is not more convenient. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! The design of the level select was certainly an economical choice to keep the file size low for the game jam, I already have some ideas to make it cooler :P

Thank you! Also, I'm sorry 😵


The game I've been working on for the past year and a half has now been released!

Fake Illusions adds gameplay to a number of optical illusions, by introducing a "cheating" illusion that's actually longer or smaller. Sometimes distractions are thrown into the mix as well. There are ten different illusions (with more in development!), 50+ levels, and I designed the game to be very accessible. It's easy to play together behind the same screen, and you can save your favorite puzzles as GIFs after solving!

If you want to see more of this game, check out some GIFs. Want more? The @FakeIllusionBot shares a puzzle from the game daily.

You can get Fake Illusions here!

Thank you! I hope to announce a release date soon, so stay tuned!

This is actually intended, since I wanted people to be able to change the save data for accessibility reasons. Besides, even if I encrypted the data, I expect people who really want to break into it would do so regardless! 👨‍💻

Thanks everyone for reporting this! To properly fix it,  I'll probably need to update the game engine to the latest version. It could still take some time before I get around to properly fixing this issue, but I'll look into this sooner or later (and like you noted, you can use the browser version as well).

I've been thinking about opening a Discord server, but until then, the best place is probably here: They also have leaderboards for individual levels, and some people who are currently actively speedrunning the game!