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if you have ever stayed up too late and had some wine and talked about wild ideas and metaphysics and your own history and weird spooky stories - so, basically, if you’re anyone who interacts with other people, Carved in Crystal is a game you can play, even if you’ve never played a role-playing game and you will have a good time.

Thank you so much! 💙

This is the game I would use if I wanted to play D&D. It is much more compact in the rules and engages every player at the table due to the gm-full nature of Belonging-Outside-Belonging.

Cordially Invited is a great take on this specific genre of film. The use of the Popcorn system keeps the focus on developing a chilling narrative. With players who really lean into the role-playing aspect, I think the high-melodrama would be on fire!

As intensely personal as any of the Esoterica, well done.

I’ve been quite fond of Shadowrun and its blend of magic and neon-futurism for a long time. But the rules are cumbersome and it isn’t really Punk.

Balikbayan is the game I want Shadowrun to be. The rules are simple to use but allow a lot of depth in player choice and character design. There is a strong tension between restoring magic or being captured that is not in direct opposition. And it is thoroughly based in a culture, rather than being so generic. A stunning game, both in its rules and it’s presentation.

That is a question related to terms of us at both platforms. My (non-lawyer) understanding is that unless your DTRPG account is setup as exclusive, your products can be on any number of platforms.

Hello fellow GamoWriMoers!

Here we are, finishing the first week of November. I hope you are all finding your feet into your games. I know, for me, it has been a slow start 'cause life and stuff, but I have a good bit of time this weekend to devote to it. Right now I'm sitting at about 6 pages, so not too bad.

How are you doing? Are you finding any problems getting into the swing of writing? Do you want to talk about your project excitedly? You can do that!!

Happy writing!

Hi MakerCaker!

When you make a project in Itch, you would choose the type “Physical Game”, and then in the downloads section, you’d put your pdf file or whatever in a a “book” type!


I came at this from a similar perspective as NaNoWriMo, that the goal was to Make A Thing within this limited set of arbitrary guidelines, but, truly, they are arbitrary! If you want to use this space as inspiration or incentive or an accountability buddy kind of framework, do it! There’s no rules police for you 🙂

Detritus offers a pretty compelling gamification of cleaning up. For a lot of us, making characters is the best part of a game anyway. I don’t think this needs to be limited solely to rpgs either, any creative who needs to conceive of a character could benefit from this.

The only question I would have is if this is aimed too much at people in one-room kind of situations: people living with parents, in dorms, with roommates? With a whole house or apartment to kind of compartmentalise stuff in, it might be tough to find the variety of surprising things. Maybe a small hack of “cleaning the junk drawer out” would be useful for us old folks.

But it’s well conceived and evocative and is something easily done without needing a whole table to play, so definite thumbs-up.

Sukeban Dracula has a wonderful feel of Jet Set Radio meets River City Ransom but with vampires and stuff. I think if your table wanted a raucous fun night with snacks and laughter and melodramatic violence, it would be hard to beat this game.

The text is wonderfully evocative of the setting and the play style and the underlying system is simple and I think incredibly hackable. Recommended.

I won’t talk about Esoteric, not only because the text suggests it should be a secret, but because the incredible aspect of Esoteric is only emergent, from play, and is more cathartic than dramatic. Highly Recommended.

Fixed! Thanks 🙂