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Conditions of the test: what is this jam for?

A topic by Lord Bigot created Nov 02, 2019 Views: 26 Replies: 1
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So like Dael Kingsmill mentioned for herself, I have some dropped ideas.

This jam appears to be about original content, but I'm just curious as to where you draw the line. Oh and it might just be the way my brain works, but I vastly prefer a strict and definitive line to a fuzzy but lenient one.

Would it be fine to take an old system and just continue work on it? What if I overhaul a defining feature of the game balance, or adapt the ruleset for a different setting? What if it's a system I haven't abandoned at any point?


I came at this from a similar perspective as NaNoWriMo, that the goal was to Make A Thing within this limited set of arbitrary guidelines, but, truly, they are arbitrary! If you want to use this space as inspiration or incentive or an accountability buddy kind of framework, do it! There’s no rules police for you 🙂