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Unfortunately when I try to import from JSON it loads in but no small buildings appear. No error message that I can see though.

pictured below: you and me

See the source image

I would be happy to have Sagebrush or Cellular Harvest included in a bundle!

Hey there -- no jumpscares! The game is eerie but not that kind of horror game.

Currently no, though you can view them in full screen in the photo album (the button on the database page) and screenshot it from there. That said, I'll look into adding a 'save to disk' option!

Nope! The only difference is the time of day. Green is during the day and Purple takes place at night. You can buy a bundle with both versions for the price of one here:

You can use a controller to move and look around, but the menus don't have controller support. Sorry about that!

No worries - the game is intended to be eerie but there are no jump scares.

Hint: you can't actually cut through the gate, but maybe there's a spot nearby...

(Unless you already knew that and this is in fact a bug I haven't encountered yet...)

Well, I'm not quite sure how that bug regressed but I found the cause and I'll be issuing an update shortly to fix it. Thanks for letting me know!

Strange -- definitely not intentional. I'll take a look at it and see if I can pin down the problem.

I'm glad I could make you angry and sad :P

For real though, glad you enjoyed the game.

Thank you -- I'm glad you enjoyed it. We should have a new game coming out shortly so check back :)

Thank you so much! This is incredibly kind!

Hey there!


The game is certainly intended to be creepy and there are disturbing images and randomized ambient noises (like loudly creaking wood) that might startle you, but there are no jump scares and there are no enemies/threats in the game. The horror is purely atmospheric.

I'd like to add Sagebrush to this list.

Hey! Thanks! It's a mix of baked lighting and light probes for dynamic objects.

Sequence breaking isn't that hard in this demo tbh :) But I'm glad you had fun and I hope you do keep checking in on the game!

Thank you so much! Really happy you enjoyed the game.

It's finished in the sense that it was created for a 48-hour game jam and released -- it's not meant to be a "full" experience. I do have plans to patch in an actual ending but I'm not sure when I will get it implemented.

Thanks for checking it out! I hope the final game matches your expectations :)

Thanks for the kind words. So glad you enjoyed it!

The logo font is Obelisk MXVV, which you can find here:

Thanks so much for checking it out! I do view this demo as more of a proof of concept than a polished release. It's still early days so yeah, there's plenty of stuff that needs work, but I'm really glad the intended vibe is coming through!

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed the game. It will grow and change a LOT before a proper paid release.

Thanks for the feedback. Some of this is just not implemented yet, like the options menu, but all of these comments are helpful!

Thanks! I'll be sure to grab some more screenshots for the page.

Like a devlog update or an actual update to the game? Cause it's been less than a week -- gonna need some more time for that  :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying it.

Here's a tip: Check the farm shed for a handy item that'll let you get around much easier in the dark.

A few ideas:


Ruined Places




Agreed on all points, if I revisit the game the first addition will be more control over the leash length. And I yeah, I'd edit the music as well. Thanks for the feedback!