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Very addictive. It gets pretty fun when the speed picks up!

It was perfect!! Your reactions were the best! =]

Oh, my, god, we LOVED the video! ahhaahahha We were screaming all the time, "do this, do that" ahhaah! It was amazing, thank you so much!  And now WE want Spray Cramberry too! Or Canada Dry, it works too! =]]]]

Oh, my god, we LOVED IT! haahahha! You learned pretty quickly how to aim and hit the enemies through the shields! And you also learned to double tap 'e'!!! That was AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the video!!! =]]

Really? That would be amazing! Thanks so much! Send me an email at so we can talk! =]]]]]

Thank you very much! =]

Hey, Fellowplayer, thank you so much for playing! We absolutely LOVED the video! We were screaming the whole time 'do this, do that!’ =]] The Blue Laser indeed is a bit useless right now (like the lazy devs), but we’re planning future things for it. Anyway, thank you for playing!!!

Thank you! I think it's a step on the right direction. Too bad it takes sooooo long to do stuff! But we'll get there! =]]]

Thank you very much! Yes, you’re absolutely right about more crazy enemy weak spots, that’s been our focus lately. We just finished a bonus system that gives you more points to one-shot kills (with a very satisfying “ding”). We’re trying to manage our schedules to put more time into the game: there will be no new enemies/stages on the next iteration, but we’ll have the groundwork to what (hopefully) will be the final form (is it ever?)!

Thanks for the video! Seeing you guys play gave us a LOT of insights! We'll improve the game because of you! Let me just point out that you played the first version, which, well, needed some work. I think we eliminated most of those first bugs (hopefully). Anyway, cool video !!!

Oh, man, we loved that! Yes, randomized items is probably a better deal! And you found a bug we've never seen before! ahahh Thank you! We'll try to fix that, or else our master won't let us out of the dungeon! *it's dark and scary in here* Oh, by the way, we recommend playing in full screen, so the mouse pointer won't get in the way.  You were recording with a window open, right? Yeah, that's kind Unity's fault, not ours, please don't let the boss find the whip!

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Hey, thanks for playing!!! It's funny, I thought the red card was the easiest one to find! ahhahha You know, the grey boxes can be destroyed without any penalty, so there's lots of chests hidden behind them. And I was rooting for you to use 'Q' to look around corners. I was like Obi Wan Kenobi saying "Luke, use 'Q' then 'W/S'" hahahah! Pretty fun to watch!