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The Shut-In WitchView game page

A small witchy game taking place in only one room
Submitted by Lemonthunder — 8 hours, 30 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#15922.7692.769

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I really like the idea, building your house with materials you find around you and mixing them in a certain order to create new furnitures. Nice and relaxing concept. However, I find a few things a bit unpractical :

- You cannot pickup materials by walking on them.

- Have to put the ingredients in a certain order, otherwise it doesn't work.

- You're forced to pick up the things you've created when you click on them. You can't move them, and it would have given  the feeling of the player converting the wild landspace into a real house.

Also, I don't really see the connection with the theme, since there isn't any "only one" thing in this game. You can collect multiple resources and craft the same object multiple times. I don't really see the point. But  apart from that, it's pleasing not to see a shooter once in a while. Nice job :)


I was tempted to make a shooter, but ultimately decided against it since it was the first thing that came to mind, so I figured others would do it too. The connection to the theme was supposed to be "one room", as in this is the only area on the game, as opposed to other more sandboxy games that have an exploration element to them or some kind of larger town to explore. Thanks for the feedback! Also, when you say "you can't move them", are you referring to how you can't physically push them by walking into them?


Yes, or just picking them up, putting them in another inventory, and placing them anywhere on the map, whatever was the easier for you to do :)


Cute little thing! We weren't able to figure out recipes for enough furniture to properly decorate. Do you have a recipe list somewhere that we can use?


This version of the game only has 9 items, the first three are Wood(W), Stone(S) and Slime Goo(G) which are dropped from the slimes. The other six are Chars(W+W), Tables(S+S), Hearts(G+G), Flowers(W+G), Crystals(S+G), and Stone face blocks(W+S). I wanted to add in a tech tree and more furniture but that's all I could add in 48 hours. Maybe I'll add more stuff to the game later, but iirc Mark said to make any updates a separate release from the game jam.


I dont really know whats going on here but I think theres the beginning of something really interesting that you didnt have time to finish. I hope that you keep working on it and make it into something really cool.


Then when I develop it, one of the things I'll pay special attention to is how well the game explains itself. Which it doesn't right now.


I got a bit lost in how I'm supposed to progress. But destroying things was extremely fun! I'm guessing there is a way to over time build new things? The design is great and overall it's very well done.


The big issue with progression and building new things is that there's not a lot of content in the game, so there's only really cosmetic items to craft that you can litter around the room. If this weren't a game jam game I'd have tried to implement a tech-tree of sorts, like how in minecraft you progress from stone tools to iron to diamond.

I'm not really sure what's going on in this one, but the little dumpling-looking creatures are cute.


Right now it's kinda just a game about messing around and throwing things in the pot and seeing what comes out

Ah gotcha. In that case, I definitely played as intended. :)