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Nice game, the art style is really good :)

Very relaxing game :) The art is great and the music fits perfectly. I think it would be nice to have more sound effects for the different objects

Thanks, I was clicking every banana on the path haha

Its a pretty funny game and the music is really good. I feel like it would be nice if there were more options to speak to the guy although it was funny to just have the game end if you say something he doesn't like :)

Nice game! The art is really good and the idea of having other dead animals to talk to is pretty cool :)

Any hints for the puzzle at the start?

Nice game, I love the atmoshpere that the visuals and music create, and it fits the theme really well :)

Thanks for the feedback :)


Very fun game, the time slowing mechanic is very cool. I would love to see a real time replay after you die

I think random? but idk. It basically works by adding circles of random sizes at random points in circles that have already been generated. 

Thanks for the feedback :) 

This is a pretty fun game, I like the idea of picking a card which has both an upside and a downside. Nice one! 

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Pretty fun game, the art and sound effects/ music are nice. I think the mechanics could have been better explained though, it took me a while to figure out the third puzzle since I didn't realise that the level could finish with the key guy reaching the end. Overall good job! 

I really like this game, it is difficult but possible to get all the data, and the art and music are pretty good. Nice one. 

Also there is a bug where if you restart, your score carries over to the next run. 

Really nice idea. The different elements added throughout the game do a good job at keeping the game fresh, and I also like the art. 

Nice idea for a game and well executed. I like the variety of items and enemies as well the way that only having one inventory slot was due to forgetting your backpack. 

Also, I found a bug where if you try to drop an item while surrounded by walls/items, the game infinitely loops. 

Cool idea and I like the art, but I feel like it would be better if the levels were more open, since I kept getting trapped by the boss


Thanks, I'm pretty sure you're right on the error

Thanks :)

Thanks, I would have liked to add more info on the screen if I had more time :) 


I like the idea for this! (I managed to get to 51)

Thanks, I can't believe I forgot to loop the music lmao

Thanks :) 


Thanks :)


Thanks, I'll have a look to see if I can get it running in a web build

Thanks, I haven't seen that bug before, I will see if I can reproduce it

Thanks, yeah, there are definitely some bugs with the collision, I think they are caused by the thin platforms with one way collisions but I haven't found a fix yet...


Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) 

Sorry, Love2D doesn't export to web

Hmmm thanks I will have a look into it. What OS are you on? 

Thanks for the feedback :) 

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Cool idea, rolling around and smashing barrels is pretty fun but I think there is a bit too much screen shake, which makes it difficult to see what is happening. The final boss was quite hard since you can't see where the enemies are, but I managed to beat it eventually with a final score of around 32000. Nice game!

Does the game run and show an error or does is not run at all?

Thank you!