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For learning lua:
For learning Love2D:

Although there are probably lots of other tutorials. 

A good list of modules/ libraries/IDEs:
Some of my favorites are:
classic - OOP
bump - collisions
HC - more complex collisions 
hump.vector - Vectors - Camera
lume - general helper functions 
tween.lua - tweening
statemachine.lua - finite state machine 
baton - input

For an IDE I use VS Code to edit code and ZeroBrane Studio when I want to print to console. 

Hope this helps

Thanks, I think this should be fixed now


I really like the idea for this game, it took a couple of minutes to get my head around how everything worked, but after it clicked I had a lot of fun. A few small improvements/ criticisms:

  • The overlay text on the transparent white background can be hard to read (I think the background should be darker)
  • It would be nice to see the money/defence including upgrades on the planets (not just the base values of the planet)
  • The last upgrades that you can get didn't seem much more powerful than the others/ weren't that necessary as I managed to beat the game without using many of them (and all of my planets were fully upgraded after the second wave)

But overall I think this is a great game :)

Thank you! Maybe I'll reword that upgrade slightly then

Wow I'm impressed you got that far! I thought the last few planets were way too hard. Level 30 is the boss, so you almost finished it (although there is an endless mode after) 

Thanks, I have an update that uses the mouse position now, I will upload it after the rating period has finished

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you, the menus were all designed for a controller so they aren't ideal for a mouse. Maybe I'll go back and improve them after the jam. 

Thanks, yeah I should have put an instruction in game for that

Thank you :) 

The idea for this game is good and the art is really nice :) I think it would be better if the player had a higher rate of fire, and if there were explanations for what the upgrades in the shop do

I like the game, the abilities of the different planets and music are good, but it is quite easy to win by just waiting for the other planets to die

Cool game, I like the idea. I think it could be improved if the player didn't automatically slow down and if the planets had gravity so it would feel more like you are in space :)

I liked this game, the zoom in/out animation is nice, and I think it could be fairly challenging if you died when you hit a planet too fast. Also maybe it would be cool if you could randomly generate solar systems for replayability. 

Btw in the browser version, whenever I pressed space, the game would freeze for a couple of seconds.

Thank you :) 

I beat wave 10 this time, but died to the second big one. (Also I was on speed 3 last time, so maybe that was why it was so hard)

I actually like the mechanic, having to be careful with where you move was quite fun. I think using a mouse/ joystick with the same sensitivity would improve it, since it would allow more freedom in the player's movement 

The music is good, and the game is relaxing. It would be cool if there was objects that interacted with each other so you could make a planet that was more 'alive' :)

This is a really cool idea, but it is quite hard. Seeing the planets' ranges would definitely help, and keeping the aim and power from the last shot when you miss would be nice too.

I thought the controls weren't too bad, they make the game challenging but I think it is still doable. I got to 15 seconds left on the second level but couldn't complete it, its difficult to tell which bullets are going to hit you and which are not. Also the art looks really good :)

I couldn't play because I don't have the unity dlls. I think you should put them in a zip folder with your exe and upload that.

The game is fun and relaxing and the art and music is nice, but I think the boss on wave 10 is too hard (I played 4 times and lost to it every time)

Nice idea, I managed to get to 73. The hand animation when you speed up looks cool, but I think it would be more fun if you could speed up more :)

Hey, I really liked your idea so I used it as inspiration for my game in this week's Mini Game Jam!

I really like this game, the idea is clever and the abilities work together nicely. If only there were more levels :)

This game is pretty fun, although quite difficult (I managed to beat the first floor after a few tries). The pixel art (especially in the intro) is really nice, the music is great (I like the way it changes with the instrument) and the idea of switching weapons with the music is pretty cool. I think some graphical effects (screenshake, particles, etc) when killing enemies would make the game feel much better and a checkpoint after each floor would have been nice :).

Thank you!

Thanks, updated the files with the fixed version.