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Reply with Your game and I'll play it!

A topic by UltraSkull1000 created Aug 07, 2019 Views: 92 Replies: 11
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I've been going through a bunch of games to try and rate as many as I can, but there are so many! Please post your game down below so I can at least narrow down the list of games that I'm going to play over the rest of the rating period.

In the meantime, here is my game, You Have One Shot, an FPS game in which you have to line up groups of enemies in order to shoot a single bullet through them, and earn a combo kill!


Hey! My team and I overscoped for the jam, but I'm super proud of it and it would mean a lot if you were able to take the time to give it a play and rate the game!

MICROVANIA - A One Screen Mini-Metroidvania with a Twist!
And a few notes to help you play it! (The Game Jam build has a few bugs and quality of life issues)

- It works with Keyboard OR Gamepad

- You can view the controls in the menu (Esc or Start)

- The Player has 3x Health but will be instantly killed by Dragon Fire

- If you die twice, you should close and reopen the game (it breaks more and more with each death)

- There are two Winning Endings (You Kill the Dragon, or You Give the Dragon What it's Looking for!)

- There are 5 secret Gems hidden throughout the game if you can't find the last one, keep looking!


The GIFS look awesome, checking it out now! heres mine:

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This game is like an FPS version of our game (my team also heavily played on the 'line up the enemies' mindset). I've been looking for something 3D to play. 2D is clearly the more popular choice (myself included). Will be playing this tonight! Here's our puzzler take on the jam:


That looks nice, getting on trying that right now.

If you wanna try a 1v1, 2 player game, here's mine:


My game is called Broken Robot, and it's a puzzle platformer where you can only press each button once per stage.


Mine is a DOS-ish platformer 

Here's hoping you enjoy.........hopefully maybe get addicted ;)



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Build around Max at only 1STR concept


My game is a puzzle-platformer. You have one shot and one jump, kinda. It is designed around ways to cheat it, hahahaha.

I am really proud of this game, actually.

Our game is Einnsámr: The Lone Warrior, a game about preserving your soul in a hostile world. We'd love it if you tried the game out :)

If you do, leave a comment with a link to your game, and I'll be sure to play it!


My game is called One Shot In The Chamber, a wave based survival game where you must fight off hordes of enemies with the catch being, you have only one bullet. Fortunately, the bullet is magic and you can summon it back to you or teleport to it. Using this unique ability, you must survive as long as possible in the chamber. Here is a screenshot of the game and the link to the game page:


Hey this is my cute little black and white zelda style game. A lot of people say its got a lot of content and really polished for 24 hours!  Each weapon has only one hit, so you have to find a new one every time. It can get pretty intense swapping in and out of combat whilst enemies swarm around you! I hope you play and rate! Thx