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My team come up with the idea that what can we do if we want to create hack&slash game with 'Only One Damage'

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Build around Max at only 1STR concept

This is very nice!! Puzzles are great.

So polish and smooth!!

Great games!! This is hidden gem!!

only 7 rates...

The game that you can only do one damage!!

There is a lot things we want to implement. But we need to cut them out because of time-frame.

Need to improve about features estimation next time.

Very awesome. Effect is so cool.

I admit that at first I thought I play as yellow dot and need to escape the swarm of enemy. I try to kill them all and make my yellow dot become the last one standing. haha.

After that, I try to kill them all except one. But it is gameover. I expected you win.

Then I read the instruction. Oh! silly me.

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Our game is build around "Only one damage" or "Only one strength" concept.

We came up with a pretty cool damage effect. It's a lot of fun. And I still stuck at level 18.

This is so good, very polish and fun:

Some fresh relax. Eliminate all slimes. But you can only do one damage!!

Make some progress and found how cool it is.

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Thanks for the tip! A lot of cool Game!

Our first online game jam. A lot of fun!

Check out our game:

Action game that you can only do one damage!!

Check out our Hack & Slash game that you can only do one damage!!

It's a lot of fun when you make progressed and level up your skill.