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I want to limit giving keys to the minimum due to the possibility of them being sold on grey markets.

However you can actually play non-steam games through steam with proton, like this:

Enjoy the game! 😊

Yeah, this is true! I'm keeping this version as close to what was made during the game jam as possible, so I decided to not fix it

It was made by the talented Torkirby, here's a link to his website if you wanna check him out:

Hey Deluna!

Dawngrown is actually already released on Steam.

Check it out here

Dawngrown is a short game about cleaning corruption from villagers minds and healing.

Set to release this year, but demo available on the newly released page:

Thanks for checking out! :3

Thanks, I'm flattered to get such a long comment!

There are several things I would have changed such as the annoying back and forth fetching, but because the game was made in a 72 hour game jam I had to rush some things.

The game has a system where every action you do to a material adds up to the last one so you could chop a turnip several times and unfortunately you can't finish the meal then. The alt button takes out all of the ingredients so if you accidentally added something you weren't supposed to add, you could just remove it.

Yes there is a clear ending, but because I had to rush to get the system working in the first place I didn't have time to make it work with several of the same actions.

That being said I'm currently not planning on fixing and continuing the development of the game to a better state because I'm busy developing another game commercially and want to archive this as a casual game jam project.

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"Crafting/cooking game with only one recipe/dish" was the original idea.

10-20 minutes.

there's a Mac version! :)

Just scroll down in the game page

MacOS and HTML5 versions available! :3



The upgrade system makes a very interesting risk-vs-reward type of gameplay

Damn, this must be one of the most unique games I've played in this jam, great job! This has the structure and building blocks of a real game!



Interesting, but I need some kind of visual feedback to create a picture of the situations, that's why not my kind of game.

Quite melancholic aesthetic. The idea of only one color that can be seen at a time seems to be a good idea on paper. However the game gets frustrating quite quickly because objects cannot be seen clearly and it's pain in the ass to search for a small object while testing all the different levers and I cannot find it anywhere. That's how it was for me, at least.


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Well polished, many seem to have used this design concept as well like you.


Another 'Only one bullet, collect it to shoot again' game from the jam. Cool version though! I like the idea of the bullet having physics and spinning around when it bounces.


Asteroid version of the idea of only one bullet. Cool music also!



The arena was way too big for a 'battle royale' game. Also it was way too easy(for me at least)


Awesome idea, although I've seen this used many times before


Oh, Wow! You made this using a framework(MonoGame) in 48 hours!


Damn that was a good game, really enjoyed that puzzle experience! Graphics are amazing for a game jam too!


Yeah, interesting idea! The game was a bit difficult though.

Gonna rate yours now

Ready to play and rate today as well!

hahaha! I love it! =D