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Oh, Wow! You made this using a framework(MonoGame) in 48 hours!


Yep! And judging by the amount of replies to our post (, there weren't many others, who did :P

It was both a first jam and first released game for all of us (and first contact with C# for half of our team, though no one had any real experience with it), so we weren't sure what to use. Unity is obviously the obvious choice for many, and I advertised Godot to our team, as I had heard great things about it, but having little experience with either, we finally decided to go for Monogame, as we expect to have some contact with C# in the future (all of us are IT or CS students), and we felt that trying to learn engine-specific things we'd need to actually push something out would take us more time, than trying to figure things out our way, as we go... So we ended up doing just that! ;)