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We'd be happy if you could check our entry as well. It's a top-down shooter where you only get one bullet you have to pick back up.

An interesting concept! The execution could be better, maybe with more variety between weapons and a bit more polish, but for a jam game it's all really good. One of my favorites here.

Here's our top down shooter, hope you get around to play it!

Hey, why not.

Though I doubt you can get much worse than our art (don't tell our artist! :P)

Yep! And judging by the amount of replies to our post (, there weren't many others, who did :P

It was both a first jam and first released game for all of us (and first contact with C# for half of our team, though no one had any real experience with it), so we weren't sure what to use. Unity is obviously the obvious choice for many, and I advertised Godot to our team, as I had heard great things about it, but having little experience with either, we finally decided to go for Monogame, as we expect to have some contact with C# in the future (all of us are IT or CS students), and we felt that trying to learn engine-specific things we'd need to actually push something out would take us more time, than trying to figure things out our way, as we go... So we ended up doing just that! ;)

Just rated and commented yours, really fun.

If you'd like to check out our entry, here it is:

Really cool idea, and the game itself is also pretty fun. Could be further developed into something really interesting.

Really cool and quite original idea, the level design and tutorialising was really good. A great entry.

And here's ours - a one-bullet top-down shooter:

Would love it if you checked our entry - a top-down shooter where you get one, retrievable bullet.

We'd love it if you checked out ours as well - it was yesterday on Mark's stream, the one, where he asked if we're "polish, or just fell on our keyboard" ;)

We've 20 so far, and hoping some more people can see our game. We're really proud of how it turned out!

It's a top-down shooter with "only one bullet" gimmick (yeah, not the most original premise :P ), where you have to pick your projectile back up if you want to fire again.

Not really my type of game, but the presentation and overall execution is really top-notch. Great entry, even if not my style ;)

Ours is a top-down shooter, where you have to pick your bullet up to be able to fire again:

Here's ours then, a top-down shooter where you have to pick your single bullet up before firing again:

Really interesting use of a classic game to create something really unique. Great game!

Maybe so. Still, it's nice to have people look at (or more importantly, play some of) your game, isn't it? ;)

I mean, that's why we make these games in the first place.

Really cool one! The presentation is really good for a 48 hour game, and the core mechanic is really interesting. Good job.

Well then, here's our entry:

Gonna play your games now. Both look interesting ;)

Here's our top down shooter where you have to retrieve your projectile after firing. Hope you'll like it!

Off to play yours now.

Really cool, love these kind of puzzle games. Gonna play some more of it later ;)

Here's our entry: another one top-down, single bullet shooter, though the gimmick in our is that you have to pick the bullet back up before firing again.

Now I'm off to play and rate yours, looks interesting ;)

Gonna check your game right now.

If you wanna check ours, here it is:

Same for out team; furthermore, it's our first released game as well!

We had some minor hackathon experience however (1-2 hackathons depending on the person), so coding under pressure of time was not a first for us, but I still think we've got a lot to learn about working in conditions like these ;)

The bigger hurdle for us was that we've never really done game design/programming and none of us had any real C# experience (with two out of four of us never having written a single line in C# !), which we had to use, writing in Monogame, so it was a constant learning experience with a lot of tutorial and documentation reading along the way.

Still, we've had a lot of fun, and I think we'll be looking forward to participating in some other jams over the year, in preparation for the next GMTK jam, of course! ;)

If you wanna check out our entry, have a look here:

Ours is pretty simple, though it gave us a good laugh when we first encountered it: in our game, you use a projectile which can bounce off of walls, which is accompanied by a sound effect. However, due to an oversight in how we calculate collisions, if the projectile hits a corner, the sound is played multiple times in the same update, which results in an unexpectedly loud, distorted version of the effect.

Another one would be, to not duplicate code the enemies' bullets are actually just enemies who travel in a straight line. However, due to the way we code collisions between enemies (who are repelled from one another, so they don't stack together), this results in enemies being slightly pushed away by bullets (and not the other way around). We decided to keep that in as well, also gave us quite a laugh when we discovered, what is happening ;)

If anyone is interested in the game, here's the link:

Liked your post there, hope it makes it somehow more visible. Still, I doubt any major change like that would be implemented during this Jam, more likely we'd see it in place for the next GMTK / another big itch jam.

Gonna go through this list and play the ones I haven't already in a moment.

In the meantime, would love it if you guys had a look at our entry -

And yep, the Karma system would work really well with a bigger jam like this one turned out to be - I don't think itch had one so big yet, so I guess they were a bit underprepared. Can't really blame them though.

Oh, sad to hear that.

You're on Windows, right? Most of our team developed on Linux, with only one guy really working on Windows, so I doubt I can provide meaningful support. I can always send him your way.

Yeah, looking at other reviews as well, it seems like adding some speed on bounce is a pretty obvious idea we overlooked :P If we develop the game further after the jam it's probably gonna be one of the first things to add. Thanks for the feedback, gonna check out your game in a bit

It's most likely not a problem - I'm running these on my work laptop with an iGPU a couple of generations old, and running games in a web format on Linux probably has its own performance issues as well.

Really nice one, we did something similar ourselves ( if you want to try it out), but your seems a bit more polished and generally has better presentation. Interesting that so similar concepts can actually feel quite different in gameplay though.

Just did, really like your game. It's also nice to see a Godot entry, while I haven't had an opportunity to really dig into it myself (just did some tutorial-y stuff with it), I really like the idea of an open alternative to Unity.

We did a kind of similar thing, were you get one bouncing projectile in our game, though other than that it's very different, being an action top-down shooter rather than a puzzle game like yours. Would love it if you gave it a try:

Really liked this one. It's simple, but builds nicely on it idea. My only problem was that the web version had some performance issues, but that's more due to hardware, most likely. A really solid entry :)

Yeah, when we added enemies with more than 1 hp, we decided to use the same code and animation for invulnerability frames after being hit as for spawning (which is the fade-in effect when they first appear), and I must admit, it can be a bit hard to read in intense situations. The game generally lacks some polish we wish we had time to add,  but we're still really proud of how it turned out. Glad you liked it!

Oh, ok, didn't expect that. Though I can see why that may be, .NET Core (which the game is running in) attaches most (if not all) of needed libraries with the release executable, the antivirus may not be sure if they are perfectly safe (even though they're straight from Microsoft).

Still, I wouldn't trust some random stranger on the internet with running arbitrary code on my Windows machine just because it's a game jam, so neither should you ;) Still, thanks for being interested!

You can have a look at our top-down shooter:

Our game is also a top-down one bullet shooter, though with a bit of a different gimmick - you have to pick it up to shoot it again. If you want to have a look:

Thanks for playing, appreciate the feedback.

Well, you can always try out our game:

Well, lets try it out ;)

Here's our game:, a top-down shooter where you only get one projectile you can pick back up.

Gonna go through games posted here and take a look at them now :)