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Rudra Nil Basu

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I didn't know that Mark played the game until I read this comment, thanks! it made my day :D 

The graphics and the audio was very well made, like most of the comments have stated, good job :) Also, it's good to see more than one implementation of the theme in a game (controls + the goal of the game).

Here's my entry, if you'd get a chance to play + rate: 

This was a very interesting take on the theme. The title initially made me believe that it was only about fighting one wave without breaks in between, but the idea of the controls with only one hand was really nice, and the controls played out well too :)  

Here's my entry, if you'd like to have a look:

Great game, one of the thing I noticed was one of the guards jumped way to high outside the screen, and as many others have said, it would've been better to have the knife move horizontally for a certain distance at least, overall a very good and smooth experience!  

Great puzzle game! Keeping the option to skip a puzzle was a good idea too, as mentioned in one of the comments, it would've been better to have the option to hold the arrow keys to move, but I given the limited time constrain, it is understandable, good job!