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Pretty neat dual game-mechanic thing going on (shooting + picking up things with the astronaut). I wish the firing rate was a bit faster as well.

Please add cursor controls for all us right-handed people :) Otherwise a solid effort! I got a Super Meatboy feeling playing it (good thing)

Thanks for all the feedback! I have a build now where turning doesn't cost any move. It alters the mechanics a bit and makes it a bit easier, but not as much easier as i thought.

Once the voting has ended I'll upload the new build (not sure I'm allowed to do it now during voting since I've also added some more features..)

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its a shader doing a post processing step to generate the crt effect


I couldn't stop myself so I added an "Adrenaline" pickup to the game :)

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Dev logging is not my strong side (takes time away from development :D) so that never happened during the jam. But I thought I'd write some sort of postmortem of the development.

I knew I wanted to do a roguelike since I've started many such prototypes in the past but never really finished one. I knew I wanted to target mobile and that the controls should be dead simple (no on-screen buttons, playable with one hand).

The initial idea was to make a roguelike kind of the old game Wizard of Wor (look it up on google if you don't know it). I loved this game and played it to death on my old C64 back in the days :)

What went well:

  • Code structure feels pretty nice and clean. Not too many dirty hacks in there. I tried to keep the number of files to a minimum and I think that worked pretty well.
  • Development was quite fast, hit no real problems.
  • I learned to use asesprite which was an excellent tool

What went not so well:

  • Controls for desktop could be improved. Since the game is mainly targeting mobile I didn't put much effort into running perfectly on desktop.
  • Difficulty is a bit up to the RNG.. You can have bad luck and get spawned into basically an impossible situation. (Made an update with a small improvement for this)
  • I wanted to have more content. I have several monster types with other behavior that I didn't have time to implement as well as some more pick-ups (like an "adrenaline" pickup making the player faster)
  • Enemy AI is a bit simplistic

Please try it out and let me know what you think! :)

Game page: http://devilbuddy.itch.io/sector-2f

Code here: https://github.com/devilbuddy/waste-collector