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Thanks for your nice comments everyone!! Did anybody get to the end boss? :D

We know...! This is our top priority for future updates, actually :) Thanks for your comment!

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Oops, hit the post button accidentaly... well there is some actual progress to be shared so here it comes :D

So when you start the game, first thing you're going to see is the "Universe Map". You can fly around (from sector to sector) and find resources, planets, trading posts, enemies etc.

Your ship is the yellow round freighter parking at the planet in the middle. You can get a closer look at the sector you're in by clicking "Show surroundings"...

Frome here, you can interact with your environment - Mine resources, populate planets, buy stuff if there's a trading post. You can also release drones and set them up with mining, scouting, fighting or repairing routines.

Here i claimed that planet, allowing me to start a human settlement there. But first, i need some resources to create a human-friendly environment...

Flying around takes time - one year from sector to sector! So don't waste too many moves, because there's an enemy force starting at the other side of the universe, claiming planets and sending figher ships.

Right now, the core game features are somewhat finished... There's missing graphics, animations, UI elements, winnig and and losing conditions, more game content and a lot of polishing to be done - the game still feels kinda rough. Oh, and of course, testing, bugfixing and balancing. Although i guess the game will not be balanced at all when we release it for the jam... ;) But who knows, maybe we will expand it massively afterwards! ^^

Edit: Here's the complete imgur album with some more screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Mjxe6

Hey you all!

First of all... Sorry for the lack of updates! Now i finally know why 90% of all Kickstarter-game-updates begin this way ;-)

The good news is... We've been pretty busy with our game!

Sure, you can still participate! As far as i know, there are no restrictions on the platform!

So let's get started! Here are some early designs for our general UI elements. I tried to keep it very simple and minimalistic :D

Created a new topic Project Magellan Devlog
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Hey there fellow Jammers!

We're Tobias (saibotd) and Felix (lixus) and we're developing a strategic space exploration game! It's called Project Magellan (working title) and you can find it here: Project Magellan on itch.io.

We will try to keep this devlog updated through the whole month!


We're Felix and Tobias, looking to build the best space game ever! :D Seriously, we will just try to make the most out of it and try out some new techniques.

The game we're going to make is focused on space exploration, resource management and af course, survival! Let's see how far we get :D

So, let's have some fun!
Good luck everybody!!