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Christmas over, back to work!

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Yay built a logo screen :-)

First weekend over with lots of progress

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Now a bit about our Toolkit:

  • IDE: IntelliJ
  • Graphics: Affinity Designer and PhotoShop
  • Sound: ??? don't know yet
  • VCS: GitHub(will be public when finished)
  • Communication and Planning: Slack and Trello
  • Engine: Custom LibGDX-Engine
  • Physics: Box2D

I'm building a basic engine framework which consists of an engine-class, a screen class, and an actor-class.

The game will consist of screens, that are a collections of actors. The actors contain the actual game logic and will be rendered on the screen.

I hope I'm not overcomplicating this yet.

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So many ideas, so little time, it's hard deciding what to build. I guess(hope!) some brainstorming over the weekend will help a bit.

My Twitter account: @CordGamedev


I'm Cord and I' studying CS.

I've done a couple game jams, and I work in a team with friends.

I'll be using libGDX(obviously!), Box2D, IntelliJ, Pyxel Edit, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, maybe Blender. For Sound I don't know yet what Software I'll be using.

Lets make somthing Awesome :-)