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You have to collect 150 units of metal, that's 6 meteors.

To be honest I just wanted to simulate gravitation forces, because it sounds fun, but since it's a game jam I created this little crap around it, but I had a blast playing around, and placing objects in orbit so I'm glad I did this project. :D

Probably that's the reason why only the orbit mechanics are polished. :D

Yea, it's my bad I didn't explain it anywhere, but basically you just have to fly in front of the meteors and try to slow them, so they'll fall without enough velocity to stay in orbit.

I should had place a sentence in the game somewhere to explain this.

Ok, crushing alien pussy is much better fun than it sounds first. :D

The game is "finished" finally, and ready to play.
There is so much more I wanted to finish, but sadly I didn't had the time because I had to work and go to school.

I hope you guys will enjoy it, and it wont make hardcore bugs and glitches for you. :D


Working on the story telling, the game is getting close to the finished version.

(1 edit)

Here's another update, the gameplay part of the game is getting ready.
Now the focus slowly will be on the story and the end of the game.

-Now the rocket have a smoke trail behind it.
-The meteors and the rocket's trail is getting slowly transparent.

-From now on the fuel is in use, if you run out of fuel, you have to land the rocket to fill the tank.
-It also alerts you when the fuel is low.
-The moon have a stronger gravitational pull.
-There is a meteor indicator when you can't see any.
-If you're low on fuel, an indicator will show where is the moon.

Gameplay with the new version:

Yeyy, updates!

What changed since last year:
-Some sweet lighting has been added like a "sun" and the rocket have it's own light source when burning fuel.
-Meteor trails are now getting thinner.
-Automatic camera zoom is optimized for smoother zoom changes.
-The game detects when the rocket is landed, so I can work on the rocket update menu now, which brings closer the finish line.

Some gameplay:

(1 edit)

-Added better background.
-Now the meteors have trails behind them, so it's easier to track them.
-New collision bounds for the rocket since the rectangle acted strange next to the roundish rocket, so now it has a circle collider.
-Now the camera zooms in and out automaticly, the zoom amount depends on the velocity of the rocket.

(3 edits)

Just found some awesome music for the game: soundtrack here, already contacted the artist to drop a thank you.

The game basic mechanics are getting ready, like rocket controls, the meteor adds plus metal when fall to the ground, and textures added too.

Here's some gameplay, (I edited the boring parts out in the begining where I learn to fly this thing, that's why there is a cut).

(4 edits)

Here's a video about a few meteors orbiting around the moon: Video here


Return is about a space truck driver fella, who crashed on a moon near to his destination planet named: Dirt

The point of the game is to stop the orbiting meteors around the moon, so they will fall and you can collect the metal from them.
Using the metal you can build more, and bigger rockets so in the end you will be able to build a big enough rocket to get to planet Dirt.

I'll be tweeting about the development progress @MotaxDev and also try to keep this topic up to date.


I'm Peter, I work for a big corporation as an Intern IT supporter, and hopefully from next year continue to work there as a Junior IT engineer.

In my free time I love developing smaller games, but never really show/share it with anyone, so I'm glad to join this jam and see all these awesome work you guys do, and will be glad to share a project of mine too finally.

I'll use libGDX and box2D, I already have a (in my opinion :D) kinda cool game idea.