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Cool theme interpretation and visuals! Nice music, too.

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The concept of hero with balance of water and dry is neat, cool audio!

Highly impressive! Had a lot of fun playing.

Good visuals and nice music!

Awesome visuals and a delightfully creepy atmosphere. Neat idea!

What a fun idea and cute visuals! Grappling the sheet off of a ghost was a fun surprise.

A very fun concept! Clean visuals and groovy music.

Stunning visuals, cool audio! It was fun bouncing them balls to around.

Nice animations and music!

Very nice theme interpretation!

I like the idea of two intertwined worlds, and the visuals are really nice. Cool top hat!

Excellent theme interpretation! Good ideas on looping the playing ground, and shortening the player if they hit themself.

Fun idea, and cool music!

Very slick visual work! Good puzzles and fun premise.

Fun theme interpretation! Very nice visuals and audio.

Atmospheric and tense! Nice visuals too.

Deforming player character is a neat idea! Nice music.

Very fun theme interpretation! The visuals are nice to look at. Surely kept me entertained!

What an exciting theme interpretation! Very nice.

Nice visuals! Herding the boar was fun.

What a neat theme interpretation! 

Fun story and appropriately frantic game.

Nice looking game, and fun idea!

Good looking game, nice audio!

Nice idea and good atmosphere! Fun game types to combine.

Very crisp experience. Had fun!

Interesting concept, and crisp visuals.

Nice runner! Fun story, too.

Fun idea and great theme interpretation!

Lovely visuals, and nice theme interpretation!

Very good theme interpretation! Super nice visuals, and nice audio.

Very cool idea! Like you said, balance is  a bit off; but very fun to play around with. Very cool visuals, too!

Very cool visuals, and neat subject matter! There weren't many decisions to make, but has certain gravity to it.

Interesting premise, and I liked your music!

Very nice, and cool visuals!

Cool idea! Nice how the visuals hybridized very JRPG-esque sprites and the iconic 8x8 chess board.

Super nice visuals, and the story seemed cool!

This idea of "bring your own level" is very cool. Nicely done!

Fun idea and theme interpretation! Catchy tunes, too.

Stunning art and audio!