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Falling Through CodeView game page

Vertical scroller with source code as levels!
Submitted by sergiubucur — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#413.6193.619

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Theme interpretation
Falling Through Code is a hybrid vertically scrolling game where the levels are source code files. You start at the top of the file, controlling a green cursor with the arrow keys, and must work your way down to the end. The sample level can be substituted by any source code file via URL or choosing a local file.

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Like many others, I really like this concept and the execution was somewhere between "challenging" and "slow down it's too difficult too soon!". :D

My anonymous co-reviewer said: "really cool concept, difficulty/speed/progression could use some work".

The combination of repetition and ability to supply custom levels makes me curious if there's potential educational applications here (e.g. via "spaced repetition") and what other text-based media might work well for levels (e.g. Tweets? The "classic code" mentioned below? News articles? Classic poetry/literature? Text books? This comment?!)

Definitely a cool entry.


Great idea, I really enjoyed it! :)
Maybe it would be nice to have some "code refactoring" power ups appearing as you go down with the code. Then, the player could activate these power ups to change the code line right below the cursor.


Really cool simple idea, with good execution. The physics feels nice, although the gravity felt a bit heavy. I assume it was done like that though, because otherwise it would be too easy. The extra features were a really nice touch, such as being able to load your own sources files. It would be nice if reaching the end of a file would either loop, or trigger some kind of file complete screen.

Overall, a neat idea with some great additional features to add to the game make it a fun nifty idea.


I have that first bit of code memorized by now :p Really cool concept


This is a really cool idea! The gameplay was a little awkward as the code often made it all but impossible to progress, and you fall super quick, but I still love it. Nice work!

The platforming could be greatly improved but so far it's such a good idea. It feels well done and I really liked it. The most interesting bit was the fact you could load your own code, excellent job! Very original idea.

It'd be awesome if you also checked our entry


I have played this game so much that I feel like  all the text on my screen are going up.  My thoughts about the game: It was difficult. The controls were smooth but levels were rough like the programs.*ba dum tss*.

But the game did capture my competitiveness  and made me spend like 20 mins trying to beat my own score.  Even I tried to capture the same feeling in my game, I would love if you try it out and give me a feedback about it.


One of the most unique jam ideas so far!


I could imagine this being a fun plugin for visual code / atom! You should definitely look into that


Well done, very original idea!


This idea of "bring your own level" is very cool. Nicely done!


Very original and well executed! Good job :)


Good job ! The idea is awesome !


This game is pretty good, I must say. The idea of going through map, that is basically lines of code, is very unique and interesting. As a platform game, it's pretty fun! It's fast paced, going through source code is a cool experience, the addition of high scores is nice, and overall, it's a good time waster. The only problem I had with it, is the fact that once you are on the top of the screen, you basically cannot jump without hitting the ceiling and thus losing. 

I rate this game 4 stars!


Absolutely genius, love it  !

Submitted (8 edits) (+1)

I'm going to have a field day with this...

Falling Through Code: Linux Edition:

# include
# include
# include

impossible mode :

Falling Through [the History] of Code: 

I'm just going to leave this right here:


It just occurred to me that the graph-based interface from your Volcano Game could be a cool way to navigate "rooms" that were made up of source code files/sections to be "fallen through" as monster battles. So, you could work your way through a code base, retreating where necessary. :) (Maybe, as an educational possibility, even following program control flow? Getting flashbacks to 90s Cyber/Hacker movie VR now! :D )


I love it, I love everything about this. All that's missing is some frantic typing and gibberish swearing from the programmer writing the file :P


Fun and novel concept. The movement felt good too. Love that you left it open to take external code. Awesome work!


Great idea! Meta as fuck. I like it! I think gameplay wise you could have maybe opened up more control through how you display the sourcecode. Now it's layed out like how it looks in an editor - but what if it was layed out horizontally like a platformer. Anyways, this is one of the better games I have seen so far in this jam.


Very cool concept and the controls are responsive. Incredibly cool that we can load our own code into it. Good job!