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You mean at the beginning of the game, or after the tutorial? I know controls can be confusing (since this was a gamejam i didn’t have time to put them on screen :( )

(Make sure you don’t have a controller plugged in, unity will pick it instead of the keyboard)

Controls (Keyboard):

E to pickup / place items Mouse1 to use usable items Mouse2 to zoom Shift to run WASD to move Mouse to look around ESC to open options menu

Controls (Controller):

Square (ps) / X (xbox) to pickup / place items X (ps) / A (xbox) to use usable items R2 to zoom L2 to run Left joystick to move Right joystick to look around START to open options menu

Thanks for playing! (sorry for the delay)

Really cool idea! Some powerups / things to keep you on the air would have been cool :D

Love the slapping sound xD, it think the enemies could use some pathfinding, would make it even more challenging!

Fun game, the UI was a bit on the way and the button at the start was cut, other than that it was a pretty cool puzzle game :D

Really interesting graphic style :D, I had a some issues reading the text since it was badly positioned on the chat balloon, other than that it was pretty a smooth gameplay experience

Really cool, love the sprites <3, I think on the final boss you should make it a closed arena or limit how far the bullets can go, i pretty much killed it by shooting him from afar xD

That frog death sound, 5/5 xD Fun idea, i do think there is a bug with the tongue, you are pretty much invincible while holding the mouse

Cool minigames :D. Only issue was the camera on the horse one starts a bit too close, got a bit confused there xD

Having issues extracting the zip :(, just says “Unknown Method in <filename>”

Cute art and big brain puzzles. Good job :D

Reminds me a bit of “The incredible machine” <3, I think I broke something after level 2, the egg just stayed in the trash and didn’t reset

Initially I thought the game already started by the browser not rendering the mainmenu xD, then saw the comment to download the game instead. It’s a fun simple game, although i would prefer the shooting to be on the mouse instead of Q, it was making my hand hurt, the health was also barely visible and the player hitbox felt a bit too big

PICO-8 <3, love the game idea and art style! Super awesome! I did get stuck and wasn’t sure how to restart, it only tells you on a later level that you can press C

Fun little game :D, I think limited ammo on waves would make it a cool “puzzle” game, so you had to actually think before shooting

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and feedback! Once the voting is done, I’ll definitely add a ingame tutorial (sadly didn’t have time), about the slowdown on linux, i tried adding graphic settings but for some reason on unity 2022 it didn’t work properly :(

Ah, you need to call a customer, over at the counter next to the computer and if he missed a delivery he will have the box number when you pick up the paper, it’s random rows on purpose so you have to look around and dodge the monster

Thanks for playing! Did you pick up the camera? I wanted to add a outline on pickable things, but time restraints :(

Really like the concept of being the one to “prepare” the level for the hero / player xD Some things to improve:

  • You could just run into the guard and knock him out, even if you are right in front of him, maybe make it you can only knock them on the back & increase the detection based on the distance from you and the guard, so if you run into them you are instantly caught.
  • A HUD displaying how many spots you still need to refill
  • Make the main objective locked until you refill those spots? Seems like extra points, but the game stated it’s also our job to refill those
  • A minimap where the guards are

Warioware! <3 Cool minigames! Wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong on the doctor one, but had fun

Nice game, I couldn’t find the weapon, kind of managed to dodge all the zombies xD. A map would be nice, got a bit lost after a while

Really challenging game, i love the concept, seems like a fun game to have on the phone :D

Camera and movement are really tricky to control, i also had some issues understanding what key to press for the homing attack, since the hint just kept disappearing when i tried to read it. Music was quite nice and models were funny

Am i throwing burritos? xD Nice easy to play game (although it gets really savage at the end)

Would be cool if you could drag the windows around :D (try it’s awesome) and some windows sounds / music. Love the aesthetics, win95/98 ftw

Loved the minigames and pixel art <3! I think the character can be a tiny bit faster, but might just be me being impatient when walking xD

Love the art, and it was a fun game :D. (Music overlapped at the end but it was pretty good the rest of the game)

Also, as soon as I saw the outer wilds mask, the sun explosion music came into my head xD

Really like the concept, feels like a good game to have on the phone!

Although, Day cycle is a bit too fast, was trying to figure out controls and was already being attacked, maybe decrease the day time the longer you survive instead of already being too small.

Was confused at the beginning of the game with the card mechanic, but once you figure it out it’s pretty easy and neat :D

Love the art style xD (and the humor), reminds me of Rock of Ages. The tutorial can be a bit overwhelming with 3 pages

Managed to get out of debt by day 14! FREEDOMMMM, fun chill game, I gave the clover to the weird cat thing, but nothing happened :(

Nice simple game, just missing some badass music xD, also sometimes when pressing on the big bomb the pathfinding would go to it and start “spinning”, had to click it again for it to start defusing

Fun game, would be an awesome mobile game <3. Kind of wished you could skip the tutorial (or the chat), the music also becomes very repetitive

Really fun puzzle game, kind of wished the undo was a bit faster

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Fun little game, easy to pick up and play :D (love the cat). For some reason the game doesn’t fully fit on my screen (1920x1080) so I couldn’t click the buttons at the bottom :(. I also had some issues starting the game, the cursor was a bit offset from the buttons

Love the graphics & the concept! The font is a bit hard to read (at least on the browser). Wished to see more of the game!

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Concept, Gameplay, Graphics and ambience are pretty good, would love for it to have a online co-op in the future. I think I broke one of the tutorials, accidently picked up a box from the wall and could not place it back on the button, there was no restart button on the menu :(

Am awful at the first puzzle, but managed to figure out and defeat the BUG, the music is really weird, but hypnotizing xD

Pretty easy to pick up and play, i think i broke the final boss? Not sure if it’s indented for him to be under the ground xD (Loved the cliches)