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My bad, i wanted to add other versions but the jam already ended, didn't want to change the submitted content. :(,

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Game looks really nice and pretty! The time mechanic is quite good but i think it can be improved by having a limit on the "time freeze". Only found a few problems with the UI:

- Pausing does not actually pause the game

- Mouse disappears in the pause menu

- Sensitivity is a bit high

Keep up the good work! Can't wait for a story mode :D

Feel free to take a look on my game, it's also time based

A very fun, easy to play game! Do think the drones should be slightly larger and the UI should display a icon with the current weapon (instead of clicking to see the effect). Keep up the good work! :D

Loved the level "on the double"! Game felt very polished, did not encounter any problems / bugs! All it was missing was a intro on the story behind it, but it's a game jam, so it's normal to not have one.

Amazing work dude!

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Thanks for the feedback!

I should probably replace the cover image, din't really make one for the jam :S

I've found and fixed the issue with level-6. I will upload the fix after the game jam is over :) (meanwhile it's on GIT)

The estimated moves is just a help, so you know it can be solved in X moves. I had plans to implement special endings based on the rating, but didn't have time for it 

I think it needs a A.I as player 2, you could also add some power-ups

I really like the game! Took me a while to figure out i had to press "N" for the next level tough. Camera controls could be better as well

I like the "binding of isaac" and the art style on it! I would have preferred aiming and attacking / shooting with the mouse. Awesome work :D

It explains git and the struggles on maintaining open source code quite well!

Its a really nice incentive to get people into coding, i think the typing sound effect is a bit loud and can get quite annoying

The art style is amazing, the city looks great as well! Was a bit lost on what to do tough not sure where rhythm mechanic is

Fun little game! But the spy is no match for my ultimate dancing skills!

I think it needs a R (reset) button, i kept having to close and start the game

My ship was stuck on the left side, could not move it, only shoot :(.

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I think it's missing a tutorial at start, and the ui can be a bit confusing. Nevertheless, it's still a good tycoon game!

Sadly i don't have python installed on my machine, so i couldn't  try it out :(

Art is really nice, and the UI is really easy to use! Not sure if mixing dices with it was the best choice tough.

All it's missing is audio and animations, very easy and fun to play! :D

I like the art style and animations! Character looks very polished

Good job!

Like @tatopeba pointed out, not sure if the game ends after getting in the car.

Had no problems beating it! Funny interesting game you got going on, i was expecting a dating sim twist on it xD

Interesting concept, could not see the top menu on my screen res very well (was playing on full screen). Keep up the good work

Controls so far feel very polished! Keep up the good work :)

Controls can be a bit confusing on some mini-games, could not get past the painting one :(

I like the mixing with platforming and minesweeper! I actually learned how to play minesweeper using this game :D

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The cutscenes are amazing! Sadly the game crashed on the "autopilot" train scene.

I think the gameplay parts are missing music / sound effects

The concept is amazing! Being able to send stuff trough the windows is amazing! Loved the game!

Found one bug (at least with changing the desktop background), if you place a window on top of the options you can click through

That yoshi is very scary o_o. Game feels polished and you can see the love put into making it! Good job!

Love the music and the combat! Had no problems killing them first try :)

I can imagine the theme song ("GRAPPLING HOOK GUY YEAAAAA") and "GET OVER HERE" from mortal combat xD.

Really nice little game, easy to play and understand! Feels polished

Nice game! I think it's just missing a tutorial explaining what is happening and how to play :D

Nice puzzle game! Very easy to understand and simple to play!

"Dear stupid", woow rudeeee

Nice story and mix of pong with platforming! I got stuck inside the spikes but other than that its a very solid game!

I like it! The theme interpretation is good, but i think it's missing more elements on the breakout part

Great puzzling game! I think it's just missing a small tutorial explaining how to create monsters

Game is quite good and addicting! Only had problems jumping the 3 spikes in a row

Love the water / drying mechanic! Had a few problems jumping, sometimes it would jump higher than others, i also think the water "bar" should increase faster

The ASCII gives a nice retro feel, definitely missing audio to give a nice feel!

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The game is very funny and well done! I think it's missing a health bar, since i was unsure if i was winning or losing

Nice game! I was a bit confused when the snake auto-controlled it self, not sure if intended or it was a problem on my part

Funny cool game! I was trying to create a dragon hybrid xD