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Green FleeceView game page

A young boy's response to the call to adventure
Submitted by bitDecay Games (@BitDecayGames), Shadoninja, nandemoguy — 15 hours, 39 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#423.9233.923

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Cute game. I was feeling nostalgic for Police Quest and Monkey Island with all those well played jokes.

I little slow marching around.


A very cool game! I loved all the battle mechanics, and the dialogue was very well-written!

My one concern was with the overworld... walking around is slow, and occasionally the tiles would get slightly misaligned revealing a black background underneath... is each tile a separate object? It seems weird for a background to do that.

Nonetheless, I loved the whole thing!


That was super fun, played it all the way until the end! Lovely art, music and super fun battles, perfect game jam game!! Shop keeper was not happy I smashed his pot, it was in my blood I couldn't hold back!


Loved the minigames and pixel art <3! I think the character can be a tiny bit faster, but might just be me being impatient when walking xD



Thank you for sharing your game. I’ve already saved its RATING;

1. verified: GAME due to observed that you also wrote a review for “Just in Time Duck!”; adds: noticeable pixel drawing technique to remind self of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Super Family Computer)

2. observed: noticeable background music and sound effects to appear to be as that of Super Family Computer/Super NES games; remembers: Chrono Trigger (Super Family Computer); adds: used tools, e.g. "Plogue Chipsounds on FLStudio", were also shared via its GAME OFF 2022 page

3. verified: GAMEPLAY to be as that of TOP-DOWN Role Playing Games; adds: text dialogue; remembers: from “…it slipped.”, “Your the Boss”, “Your Princess is in another Castle!”; notes: MINI GAMES to exist, e.g. when opening a CHEST, interacting with a JAR; adds: noticeable animation techniques, keyphrase: learnable

4. observed: however, in MAIN GAME, there is a noticeable need to continuously verify and return to previous locations, due to new updates become available (or unlocked) after executing a correct ACTION; remembers: reading reviews of Breath of Fire IV (PS1) from GameFan Magazines, et cetera to use such technique; keyphrase: fetch gameplay

5. observed: self to have stopped after learning that the lock combination on page 2 of Cludd’s notes is INCORRECT; remembers: self to have also verified select ACTIONS that do NOT appear to be the usual for such created worlds; example: verifying taking the light bulb of a working lamp to the broken lamp to solve problems; remembers: select Sierra games, e.g. King’s Quest VII (PC), to cause PLAYERS to think of such ACTIONS, whose OUTPUT is usually INCORRECT due to the created world accepts only an ANSWER that the creator of the WORLD has set; keyphrase: ACTIONS of an elementary school student as the PLAYER of created world; adds: select school examinations, e.g. identification type, to remind self of this technique; keyphrase: quick checking for the teacher 

Thank you. Health!


Just a heads up, but the dialogue text didn't work on my web browser for some reason. I use Brave, which is not a common one, so I'm not counting that against the game, but I thought I'd let you know. Switching to Chrome made the text work just fine.

It's Undertale and Zelda, what's is not to love? My one nitpick is that I felt like the walking was a tad bit slow. But really, that's it. I'm just grasping for straws. I loved the humor in the game. Those exploding pots? Love it. The sounds were also great; it gave things like the alarm clock a lot of character. Great work!


I downloaded Brave and sure enough... the text is super messed up in that browser. Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to do some digging and see if I can figure out what's going on.

We talked about giving the player a way to move faster (boots of speed, etc), but didn't have time to get it into the game. So we agree with you on that front. Thank you for the kind words! 


wow! Quite a fully fledged little adventure here. Reminds me the old Kings Quest games for some reason, not sure why. I appreciate the little touches in this game, like the different footstep sounds when you're on difference surfaces. Loved the exploration. Loved your splash screen introductions. This is amazing for a months work - great job. 


Wow! That was super enjoyable to play! Very intuitive gameplay and excellent polish on everything!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

A super polished, fun, mini adventure!  

The mini-games were great and played well. The art and sounds were all spot on. 

My one criticism is that the movement seems pretty slow especially considering the "go and get this for me" style of the quests. 


Wow, one can't go more cliché than that! A "Zelda clone" improved with so many minigames. It's funny how you subverted and defied most tropes, especially at the end. Loved the graphics and the music, totally a tribute to the genre. Congrats on a great entry!


Nice game! Cool pixel art and game play, made me think about undertale :) I think the character sprite and some other a bit too heavily inspired by Zelda? Also, the game froze after the compass broke, saying "maybe he won" ? Otherwise, cool entry! keep it the good work!


Thanks for playing! What OS/browser are you playing on? Could you speedrun back to that point and see if it happens again? If it freezes again, you can open up your browser console and it should give you the error to share with us (Chrome on Mac is CMD+Option+I and Chrome on Windows is CTRL+Shift+I). Hopefully it doesn't freeze on your second try, though. There is still a lot more content to see from that point! You will want to see how the boy's day ends ;) 


Super good game!! I really loved the plot twist XD


It's super cute! i love the weird combat, although you're experiencing the same bug with the audio as many of the other contestants. 


Thank you! What is the bug exactly?


The browser doesn't play the audio properly and it gets stretched out

Developer (1 edit)

My guess is this is performance issue. Could you try playing it on another browser and see if the same issue happens? Firefox is a pretty fast alternative and is available on most operating systems. 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

It's like Zelda had a child with Undertale and sprinkled it with clichés throughout. Super cute art, love the music, the combat is well done, and the fact that you had time to add collectibles amazes me. 

I loved the humor as well. It's light at first glance but with dark undertones. And the vague ending is the king of all clichés. Great game! 


Thank you for the awesome feedback! Undertale is near and dear to our hearts, so it was really fun to add some of that game's spirit into our own! 

Can you update your comment about the ending to be more vague? I don't want people to spoil the story by reading the comments :) 


Sure, that's my bad, I've removed the spoiler! :)


Nice pixel art, especially on the characters. Really liked the cloth effect on the map. Small issue where the edges of the tiles for the town area would ever-so-slightly flicker sometimes when I was moving around. Is this made in Godot? I had that issue with that engine sometimes, don't remember if I ever figured out what caused it.

In the end, the joke is on you old man, I had a fun adventure after all! Nice submission.


This game was made in HaxeFlixel. I had seen that a couple times during development, but it seemed to not be an issue on the uploaded version. Seems like I was wrong! I think it has something to do with the way I'm loading the tiles from the map editor we used (LDTK).
Thanks for the feedback!


I had a great adventure. what a nice game. well done!


Hey there!

Really nice game, combining a lot of gaming cliches in one game. I loved the Undertale inspired minigame combat and Link is one of my all time favorites! Well polished overall with sounds fitting the game!

Good job! Keep it up!


Well this was a treat! The combat was great, and well done on all those clichés!


That was fantastic! The "combat" was simple but fun. The sound effects were really good, something that a lot of games lack. The cliche twist was perfect for the theme.

I only wish I'd figured out what to do with that sword!!


Thank you! We put a lot of effort into the audio! Glad you liked the ending. We spent the last days of the jam working almost exclusively on the final pieces of the story to make sure players would get a fun finale haha. The sword ended up just being a small easter egg. We had some ideas on how to make it more interactive for those who found it, but we ran out of time.


Gosh darn it, you made a near perfect game.

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