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Thank you for such a thorough review! Really appreciate the time you put into this and it's good to see your thought process for each section - thanks for playing :)

Fun idea for a game and also very polished for a game jam game. I messed about with it solo and can see its potential :) good work!

This gave me clock tower vibes, good work! The bad guy is super fast, was hard! Gave me a spook though, good work :)

Lovely graphics and audio, really polished game!! Made me want to try out Godot with how lovely it ran in WebGl. Great game jam game!

Unable to run the game sorry. I am using Chrome is that's helpful

Well done on attempting a network game for game jam!! Great effort

Loved this game, not much else to say what others have commented! Such a polished and perfect example of the theme, fantastic work

This was addictive!! Really fun game and a great idea for the theme

Thanks so much for playing and the lovely comment!

This is a great cliche game you have made! Perfect for the game jam, was so gross hitting the spots haha made me laugh out loud! Fun little game, like someone else said this would be a great mobile game!

Thank you! Lovely comment :)

This is honestly one of the best theme interpretations of the jam. Very well done, super polished, good level design and the perfect game for this jam - brilliant!!

Thanks for the lovely comment and great feedback! We were thinking about some items being only accessible while being THICK with the wrong item, but decided to make it negative and lose time - will have an extra think on that :) And with the crows, we should have done what we did with the CCTV and pause before they turn round with an animation - so good shout on the feedback!

Thanks for playing :)

Absolutely lovely game, brilliant music and graphics! Well done on this game jam, had a blast playing it

Thank you :) due to time constraints, we decided to make one big level, and make players get certain item for each night! Everything is setup to make many more levels though, something to look forward to in future :) thanks for playing and the lovely feedback!

Thank you :D glad you found it funny, wanted it to be silly as possible!

Lovely looking game, very hard too! Great game jam entry :)

Thanks for playing :) we wanted to only be able to climb stairs while THICK, so we didn't implement a jump! Something we may think about being more upfront about or changing the level dynamics, cheers for the feedback :)

Well done on the game jam game! How did you find it making it? 

Found the game very hard but made me want to carry on playing it to try and complete it :) good work, interacting with NPCs is a nice touch too! Like someone else mentioned, a death counter would be fun to see how many times I died haha

Thank you :D what a great comment!

Thanks for taking the time to play the game so thoroughly with some good thoughts thrown in there!! We ran out of time so made the items different each night that you had to collect, thought it'd be a good compromise for such a large map and to reuse it :) might have been funny if the other nights the items we stole previously were now knock-off replacements haha 

Thanks again for the lovely comment and also well done on your solid game jam game!

Solid game, the controls were perfect and it was so simple to pick up. Fantastic game jam game! How did you implement save slots?  

Not much else to say other than what everyone else has commented. Very polished game, fantastic visuals and audio with addictive game play. Absolutely great work

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and to write so much about it! We've been discussing your feedback and appreciate it :) will take it on board for future game jams, we are relatively new so appreciate this level of depth.

Thank you for playing!! Do you know what browser you played on? Will look into the weird collision stuff! Cheers again for the lovely comments :)

Fun game jam game! Good work :D

Thanks for playing :D our previous game jam game we made it work on mobile, we didn't implement it this time due to time constraints sadly! We've taken the feedback on board and will speed up the climbing with food :) cheers for the great feedback!

A deck-building poker game? Absolutely great idea for this game jam and a fantastic use of the theme, brilliant game!

Thanks for playing and the great comment!

Was a fun game and the fact you put a leaderboard in made me want to play it more and get a better score!

Cheers for such great feedback, keeps us motivated! Thanks for playing :D

Thanks for playing :D  Glad you enjoyed it!

Very interesting game jam game, lovely art and fantastic humor! Well done

Thank you for playing and the fantastic commnet!

Great game jam game! The intro and story was top notch :D 

Thank you :)

That was super fun, played it all the way until the end! Lovely art, music and super fun battles, perfect game jam game!! Shop keeper was not happy I smashed his pot, it was in my blood I couldn't hold back!

Thank you for playing and for the lovely comment, great shout with the MGS tactics :D time for me to give that cheat a whirl!

What a beautiful game!  Really enjoyed the lighting, camera movement, and the text animation was impressive.  The story itself was really well done, nice work!

Ahh really fleshed out game!  All of the art and modelling looks great and the voice acting is fantastic!  Really great job to all!