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It took me a while to understand how the terrain shifts, but once I did the game became a really interesting puzzle game. I couldn't get past the levels with the little chicks though :p. 

Awesome work, this is a really solid game overall

I have a Linux VM on my Windows machine and I tried to give your game a go, but I couldn't get the AppImage to run. Would have loved to try the game, though, as it looks interesting :/

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked the mechanic :D

Really nice work, I loved the visuals and the parts-switching mechanic

Nice work, aside from the fact that sometimes I'd lose when flying without knowing why, it's a good game.
I'd appreciate if you could checkout my entry as well :D

Very nice, I like that the power-ups/ speed act as shields for when you take damage, as opposed to losing immediately. Great game!
Would appreciate it if you gave my entry a go :D

Wow, thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

A great, light hearted, game. The pong mechanic is also pretty good. Nice work!

What a fantastic idea. The concept is really great

It's challenging, but I think it's the fun type of challenging. I like the idea a lot. Nice work :D

Pretty cool idea, with some polish this could make a great puzzle game. I would have liked a little more control over where I direct the projectile. Overall, this is good stuff :D

I have that first bit of code memorized by now :p Really cool concept

Nice game, it would have been cool to have some visual feedback when an enemy gets hit, and if the enemies' movements were randomized. The art is pretty neat as well :D

I like the idea and the visuals, it's a great game. I feel like the difficulty needs to be turned down a bit, though, but other than that, it's a nice experience. Nice work :D

Cool concept, nice work :D

The office looks pretty good, and having time incorporated in the gameplay is always a good idea :p, nice game overall

This is an interesting puzzle game :D

I really enjoyed this puzzle game!

Really nice game, I like the concept!

I really like this game. It's a bit too challenging, but overall it is an enjoyable game!

Pretty good game, light-hearted and fun!

Thanks a bunch :D I'm really happy you liked it

It's a nice game, once I knew how to combine the flowers I was able to get them all :)

Would appreciate if you'd give my game a try!

That walk cycle is pretty good :p

This was a nice challenge, great game!

This is a great puzzle game, awesome work :D

This was fun, I like this idea a lot actually

Thanks for the comment. I checked out your game and enjoyed it :)

Really cool game. Very enjoyable!

I ended up with -745645646 CR in the bank :p

This game is really fun!

This is a great idea!

A good game, and the switching between angel and demon is pretty neat

I found this to be an enjoyable game, well done!

This is an interesting idea, and overall is a nice game.

Will do!

Glad you enjoyed it!

A nice game, though sometimes the pipes would be in such a way that I thought was impossible to jump through. Ended up with a high score of 974, couldn't quite hit that 1000 mark :p