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Really interesting game, loved the level design, definitely the spotlight on this entry. Simple but proves the concept. The control were tight and it all felt pretty intuitive. Great entry.

It'd be cool if you tried my entry!

Music is lovely, gameplay was interesting, definitely a nice concept. Audio would mess up at times and I had quite some lag. Wish I had more players to play with.

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Custom one! Decided to aim for a grayish color palette that's (In my eyes) more fitting to the game's "grim" style :) thanks a lot! Definitely balancing the game and exploration was the hardest task during the end.

Thanks a lot! Any plans on making more games alongside your daughter? Haha

It's very wholesome that you worked alongside your daughter. The gameplay is pretty basic and soundwise it felt short, but the visuals are REALLY creative and I love the cardboard drawn feel of the game. Pretty nice entry.

It'd be cool if you checked our entry too!

The platforming could be greatly improved but so far it's such a good idea. It feels well done and I really liked it. The most interesting bit was the fact you could load your own code, excellent job! Very original idea.

It'd be awesome if you also checked our entry

Awesome and really well executed concept. Loved the idea and it works so good. I get overwhelmed pretty fast but it's such a cool concept! Definitely one of my favorites.

It'd be awesome if you also tried our game:

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I don't see much hybrid, the artstyle is really cool. Gameplay was fun although it felt short easily. Decent game.

It'd be awesome if you tried our game!

If it's your first try, then you did a damn good job at it, congrats! Not everyone can get into 3D so easily. Pls fix the bug so I can finish it then hit me up hahaha

I can't play the Windows version, I think it's missing the .pck file.

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Protagonist looks a bit too much like the one from Inside, I get inspirations but it's a bit odd.

Gameplay, for a 1 month challenge, feels pretty decent. Levels are nicely done. My biggest issue would be the lack of sound as a player opinion, but I understand the struggle considering it's STILL a 1 month game. You guys pulled off something pretty nice (and 3D) for the time given. Congratulations!

I believe the "change" mechanic wasn't really needed, as it doesn't add any sort of deepness into the design of the game. Also there's a game breaking bug where if you click a button while moving, it will keep constantly pressing a button, this led me to close the game and stop playing as I lost too much progress.

It'd be nice if you also checked ours too!

Reached 3810, really good concept, and extremely well executed. Had no peformance issues and the gameplay was silky smooth. Really nice entry, only downside for me is that it's pretty simple with no upgrades/level layouts or anything interesting besides the main game, that and no sound. The game got very interesting when I was actually destroying Mario's ground lol.

If you could also take a look at our game that'd be awesome:

Some people mentioned that too and jusssst in case, juuuusssst in case, you can press ESC to skip it hahaha we forgot to add that.

Thanks a lot man! Will do.

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Really fun game, level design could be greatly improved to be honest but if there was a "Mood" rating I'd give 100 stars, I really want to complete the game but the second level gets absurdly hard due to how thin the crossing bridge is, it's impossible to not fall off with all those COOL but obstructing visual effects (If you update this game, don't change these please). Although I don't see much hybrid around the game.

It'd be cool if you checked out our game too!

Just in case, you can always play the Desktop version!

That's pretty damn weid! What browser are you using Roiku?

Thanks so much for the opinion! :D

We really struggled till the end to set up the intro properly so that's kind of a reason haha, you can always skip it just in case.

The main character indeed walks a bit slow following some opinions, lorewise he's crippled but maybe we set up something way too realistic for it to be fun (?) lol

Thanks a lot!

If you post a separate version specifying it's a postjam version with bug fixes, most people will be absolutely fine, just make sure to specify which one is the original jam version.