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Submitted by Bizcochoman โ€” 6 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#983.0003.000

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Theme interpretation
Our main character has two natures, being both human and lifeless shell, providing two puzzle-solving gameplay styles: environment interaction and platforming.

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I like the lighting, good job.

Rate my Game please :D


I loved the atmosphere set by the visual style and the music, although most of it is thanks to its similarities with Inside, by Playdead. I'm not saying that's bad.

The idea is interesting, but I think it is no approached to its maximum potential, fundamentally because the only difference between the human and the lifeless shell is its speed and jump height. What if the lifeless shell doesn't collide with the environment? What if the lifeless shell can interact with certain elements?. I think this idea has a lot of potentials, and you guys should try something different, something risky.

The jumping mechanic feels weird, and because the puzzles depend so much on the jump, sometimes the game feels frustrating and unfair.

Despite the long bad comments, I liked the game, and I hope to see how it unfolds.


Thanks for playing and for your detailed feedback :)

We agree with you, when we started to develop this game we had lots of ideas for making the lifeless shell more interesting (ignore collisions, change the scene to another dimension, etc.), but as the deadline was getting closer we started to simplify things in order to be able to submit something playable and more or less polished.

Thanks again! :)


I really enjoyed this! the game looked great and the background sound added a nice mood. The jumping however, felt quite slow and hard to control and some more sounds would be nice but otherwise nice work. If you could check out my game that would be awesome! here's the link:


Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it :)

I'll play your game for sure!


I thought it was a really fun game. I did feel that the puzzle elements weren't particularly challenging, but I'm sure they would get more interesting in future levels!

Check my game out too if you want.


Thanks! And sorry for not creating a build for Linux :P

I will check your game :)


Nice visuals, and I really like that low ambient music. It took a minute to even realize that it was there, which is a good sign! Unfortunately I encountered an issue where whenever I died, the game would fade out but wouldn't restart, requiring me to exit and restart the game from the beginning whenever that happened. I love environment art though, and I can tell that a lot of thought and work went into making these backgrounds. Nice job!


Thanks for your feedback! We are aware of that big bug regarding the screen fade-out, but I asked in the forum if we were able to upload a new version in order to fix it and got no replies :S but once the jam finishes we will review it for sure!

Thanks for your kind words regarding the visuals, we worked really hard on that :)


Fun game, I really enjoyed the aesthetic and ambiance of the game.

I can see it addresses a specific type of audience. The only downside, is the input issue others have mentioned but it's not too much of a problem for the jam.

Check us out as well if you have time!


Thanks for your feedback! I will try your game, of course :)

(2 edits) (+1)

Protagonist looks a bit too much like the one from Inside, I get inspirations but it's a bit odd.

Gameplay, for a 1 month challenge, feels pretty decent. Levels are nicely done. My biggest issue would be the lack of sound as a player opinion, but I understand the struggle considering it's STILL a 1 month game. You guys pulled off something pretty nice (and 3D) for the time given. Congratulations!

I believe the "change" mechanic wasn't really needed, as it doesn't add any sort of deepness into the design of the game. Also there's a game breaking bug where if you click a button while moving, it will keep constantly pressing a button, this led me to close the game and stop playing as I lost too much progress.

It'd be nice if you also checked ours too!


Thanks for playing! I agree that the character change mechanic needs more depth in order to be something relevant for the gameplay, we'll have that in mind!.

Regarding the character design...this is my first try as an "artist", and the character modelling was the hardest thing I did for this game, taking into account that I have zero experience and that the only good reference I had was the Inside character, it was pretty hard for me to do something else D: but you're right about it, it is very similar to the Inside's boy hahaha.

Thanks for your detailed feedback, it is really appreciated! :)

I will try your game, of course :D


If it's your first try, then you did a damn good job at it, congrats! Not everyone can get into 3D so easily. Pls fix the bug so I can finish it then hit me up hahaha

Submitted (1 edit)

I love Inside a lot a wonderful cinematic game and your game exactly as this game. Felt a little bored and depressed

this the game which

We stated in the game description that we took Inside, Little Nightmares and Limbo as our main inspirations :)


I loved your game and loved the mechanics too I can't be as you are when it comes to be fair.  

Some best points about your game:

1.Really cool graphics and a lot for one month development

2. Challenging as due to tricky puzzles to solve.

3. Very educative as every time I fail and repeat I learn something which I should be careful of.

Downsides ;

1. Games as these should be more happy looking than those of the dark environment. The reason is simple as this game is challenging I have to try the same level many times as you punishing me as soon as I fall in to the gas.

2. According to point 1 I feel depressed and bad getting punished  again  and again and again time I feel like stopping the play. 

3. Seems similar to The game named INSIDE i played which mentioned down so I think you have added little efforts in making the plan and idea for the game as it is already there.  

Really boring and creates a lot depression after hours of play as there is no interactive environment and user friendly wondering is not done instead that dark theme and solving puzzle makes me sad and feel very bad. 

Here is the game that is exactly the same as you did ๐Ÿ˜‘.

You can. Play that game and I feel you should surely know this earlier. Sad seeing the exact game with few changes made so the game is no interesting to play  as I have played INSIDE many times.


not just the game INSIDE , there are many games which are similar to your game. Sorry for saying this ๐Ÿ˜‘


Thanks for your feedback! We took Inside and Limbo, as well as Little Nightmares, as our main inspirations for creating this little game. Cheers! :)


These kind of platformers aren't really my thing generally, so I struggled getting through it, but I have to say the mood and ambiance is incredibly well crafted. Really well presented, nice work!


Just spent some time with your game and it's great you've taken a stab at making a moody puzzle-platformer like INSIDE. Those kinds of games are some of my favorite, and you've got a nice starting point here.

Like someone commented on your page, I think the key to making these games work is having a reliable controller. I found myself wrestling a bit with input lag for moving and jumping. Also, I'd love to see a new setting for your game, as this reminded almost too much of INSIDE. You have an interesting original mechanic (switching body types), so maybe there's another kind of setting/theme/story that plays directly into that mechanic. Just a suggestion, as I'd love to see more unique games likes this :)


Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback and also agree with you :)

We will try to update the game in our spare time after the jam finishes, and one of the first things to polish is the controller, as you said.


Looking forward to it!


I like the design and the way you've interpret the theme.


The game looks great. And nice work on the atmosphere !


Rally like art design in this game! 

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This is one of my favorite games of the jam so far for sure. Amazing job on the graphics and atmosphere. Would love to play more of this.

Check out my game if you have the time, I tried to go for nice graphics but you definitely beat me on that one :).


Cool mechanics and gameplay loved it!!!

Do check. Our game too ๐Ÿ˜!


Awesome art, gameplay mechanics and atmosphere! Only complain is moving and jumping at the same time can be a bit hard


Thanks for playing! Really appreciate your feedback :) Also, we are going to fix the movement issues asap!