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Thanks. I've already played your game, but maybe I will again and leave a comment.

thanks. I put a lot of work into it so I'm glad you think so! I definitely wished I had time to make an intro.

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I like the idea of the game (I've killed plenty of time playing minesweeper). As others have said the game needs some extra work. One thing I'm not sure if anyone mentioned, but in minesweeper (or at least the one I played) the first block you click is never a bomb. This requires on-the-fly map generation of course

I like the game and the hybrid theme, but personally I think the concept (i.e. minesweeper in 3D) is perhaps a bit too narrow. It isn't enough for me to want to play it over plain minesweeper. Personally (and maybe it's just me), I think it would be better if there were a somehow more advanced platforming aspect. Perhaps blocks rise and lower into lava - forcing you to move around while thinking? Just throwing ideas out there :). I will say the explosions are much better in this version than the tradition minesweepers.

Overall the game played just like minesweeper does so nice job! It was a fun play. I hope you continue working on it and make it better.

I would really appreciate if you gave my game a try.

I must say the floating donut cover image scared me away at first, but this was a great game.  Before I forget them, here are some things I think could be improved:

On the second-to last level you can just press play and it works. I don't know why?

The estimated moves doesn't really add anything. You play the level once - moving whatever you want then replay remembering what those were. It's more work than fun so I just ignored that aspect.

But other than that I thought it was an excellent game. The mechanics are clearly explained and I didn't find any bugs or anything which makes the game difficult to interact with. Nice work!

(I really like raisin bagels btw :) )

If you have some time give my game a try. I'd really appreciate it!

Well, there is a linux version :)

Thanks for persevering through and giving the game a shot. I agree the jump is pretty high. It can feel like a while waiting to touch down again.

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Tetris + Scrabble = one of the best theme interpretations I've seen. I thought it would be impossible to pay attention to the words at the same time as playing tetris, but was pleasantly proven wrong. Still around half+ of the points I got were on accident. I think you did a great job and I really enjoyed the game. It felt just like tetris. Perhaps it would be better if there was some additional element to help rid of those Q's and vowel bunches which never seem to go away? (like an occasional bomb or something? Just thinking) And I got a lot of non-words (like III as the roman numeral for 3!), but I think other comments already pointed that out.

If you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate if you gave my game a try :)

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It's a rather interesting game. I think the idea has a lot of potential. I don't know how far to review this because it is clearly a prototype. I found it difficult to keep track of which colors I had activated. (I know I could look at the background, but that would take me too long!). I think showing these in some buttons would help alot. Nice work though!

This was a really fun game. I did feel the last level was a bit repetative (turned into a chore really), but I thought the rest of the game was delightful and that this was a good interpretation of the hybrid theme. Best of luck to you.

(Also, I'd really appreciate if you would try my game out. It was supposed to be more lemmings inspired, but has at least some)

thanks! I'm glad the game was fun.

Sorry about the xbox controller. I put it in as a last minute addition so it didn't get much attention.



Fun idea. Is there a place where it states how much more you need to win a level? I see the current score, but not the required score which I think would be rather helpful. Other than that I thought the idea was novel and it was executed pretty well.

If you have some time, make sure to rate my game as well.

I thought it was a really fun game. I did feel that the puzzle elements weren't particularly challenging, but I'm sure they would get more interesting in future levels!

Check my game out too if you want.

Got 23!

I hope your game wins :)

I think it's the best match for the theme and has some solid gameplay.


It's a fun game. Like others said the transition is rather harsh. It took me around 10 tries before I could press up in time. It might help to start at the very top?

Record: 29 seconds.

Please do rate my game as well.

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I'm low on ratings too. I am playing both of your games right now. Please do take a look at mine.

The mechanics work surprisingly well given the text graphics. It seemed hard to control at times, but I think that's a product of the text graphics. Perhaps it would help to slow it down a little? Do play my game and leave some comments!

It's a fun idea, but I didn't think the two genres were mixed very well. It felt like two separate games

Really great game and love the asthetics as you lose health. My biggest con for the game is that the shops were always a long walk away when you actually had enough code fragments

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it

Nice game. Couple of critiques:

having both the "blocks left" and losing when you run out of space seems redundant. I find myself ignoring the count entirely.

The only way to fill a single gap is the long pieces. I think too much depends on getting those.

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Great game. Reminds me of Kirby :)

(except I like this better)