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That's awesome!

Thankss! Glad you like it :) We made it for a jam in a month, so we don't have plans for a sequel, sorry 

Yep, this is a GameMaker game :)
Yeah, we made this game for a gamejam in a month, so we haven't had much time to work on levels.
Thanks for making a video about our game, I appreciate it! 

HI! Sorry for the late responce. I added those aditional planks for the fences as an option so that you can swap then depending on what side the fence is faicing. So before using them in the game you should move them away or delete completely. 

Nice work! Really like the idea of the game. Also I got the bug that someone mentioned in the comments before with player walking in random direction until yu press something. But overall, good stuff, keep it up! :-)

Lack of the control when jumping probably what made it hard the most. Wave goes up really quick so you impulsively jump early and can't properly adjust your jump in the air

Nice work!

I love the art style and idea for the game, but first  jumps are a bit too hard. I barely managed to go three platforms up. Great stuff otherwise :-)

Great idea for the game!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! And thank you so much for making a video about our game! 

Ahah, this idea is quite funny. But it feels like hits doesn't do anything, I didn't managed to kill anyone, despite hiting one dude like ten times. Nice artwork, though

This is cool! Really nice artstyle and unique gameplay

Amazing game! Clever and well executed idea. And also - love the art style!

Thank you! And yeah, we'll change "back to the menu" button from P to obvious Esc. Kinda got caught up in a moment and overlooked this (it was supposed to be pause button, but we couldn't manage to make proper pause in time so binded exit funcion to pause button without changing the keybind) :-D

Thank you!

Those creatures are so cute! Discusting and cute :-D

This is so well done! I really love the art style, color palette is so pleasing to the eye! And gameplay is nice too, especially "Duck Hunt" part :-D

That subversion of expectations at the start with the girl shoving shard of glass in to the neck of the innocent dude is gold :-D

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

For sure!

Thank's for the heads up, we'll look into it

So cute! And also so realistic, as I do usually end up watching the world burn after my irl cooking sessions as well :-D

Rally like art design in this game! 

Wow, really nice work! Love the aesthetic!

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Thank you! ❤ 

This is a game about very determined armadillo exploring an old castle made for #GitHubGameOff

Theme of the jam is "hybrid" this why the game mixes platforming and golf mechanics. Main character can't jump but he can roll up into a ball and launch himself in any direction.

Play it here -

Hi! Sorry, I don't fully understand.  Gray tiles turn white for you in the game or they don't cut off alpha channel and you can see white between them?  What program do you use?

Thank you!

That's great! Good luck on the game! Message me the link to your game when you are finished I would love to check it out! If you want, of course :-)

Thank you so much! I am really grateful for your support!

Yes, of course. You can use this tileset however you want, both for commercial and non commercial use

Thank you so much!

Thank you! Yes, I do work for hire and I am available right now