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Time travel & save the future of donuts!
Submitted by failcake — 1 day, 18 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1132.8752.875

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
An amusing hybrid between incredible machines and time manipulation.

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As a fan of donuts I really wanted to "save the future of donuts!" but alas without a web/non-Windows build...I guess I better get used to eating celery instead. :)


My bad, i wanted to add other versions but the jam already ended, didn't want to change the submitted content. :(,


The right choice at the time. :) Thanks for the reply.


I must say the floating donut cover image scared me away at first, but this was a great game.  Before I forget them, here are some things I think could be improved:

On the second-to last level you can just press play and it works. I don't know why?

The estimated moves doesn't really add anything. You play the level once - moving whatever you want then replay remembering what those were. It's more work than fun so I just ignored that aspect.

But other than that I thought it was an excellent game. The mechanics are clearly explained and I didn't find any bugs or anything which makes the game difficult to interact with. Nice work!

(I really like raisin bagels btw :) )

If you have some time give my game a try. I'd really appreciate it!

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback!

I should probably replace the cover image, din't really make one for the jam :S

I've found and fixed the issue with level-6. I will upload the fix after the game jam is over :) (meanwhile it's on GIT)

The estimated moves is just a help, so you know it can be solved in X moves. I had plans to implement special endings based on the rating, but didn't have time for it 


Visual is awesome and great puzzles! well done :)


Wow! This game is so great all-round!


Holy Moly!!!
What a great game! The Artstyle is perfect, the Ambient-Music really fits. Fun and challenging physic-puzzles. The theme interpretation seems a bit arbitrary but overall one of the best games i've seen so far in this jam. 


Thanks everyone for the feedback so far!


Very nice visuals and the music fits well with the ambience of the game.


Very slick visual work! Good puzzles and fun premise.


Great puzzle game, I found myself playing for more than I expected :D
I like the atmosphere, the pixel art is beautiful, pretty solid entry.
Good job!


I wouldn't consider it a twist since ALL puzzle physics based games require you to restart the level. It looks really well done, feels really solid and the audio feels very crispy. I actually enjoyed it, couldn't figure out third level. Although the pixel art quality isn't that great, it makes up for it with effects and animations. Good job!


Thanks! I'll add a small walkthrough on the code's wiki and some hints on the description :)


This is the best game I've played so far in the game jam :-)

Very nice graphics and game mechanics!


Wow, really nice work! Love the aesthetic!


I really want more. This could be an outstanding full title.


Thanks! I had so many plans for more levels, including a different ending (depending on your total rating)


Wonderful atmosphere!! Getting this from jam is amazing . 

Do check our game too 😁


My goodness you went and made the combination of Ghost Trick and The Incredible Machine that I didn't know I've always wanted. This may be my favorite game I've played from this jam. Absolutely wonderful work. Looks fantastic too.


Thanks! I've always loved incredible machines (ever since i played the floppy disk) :D


No problem, so have I :D

Feel free to drop by and check out our game!

Thank you for making such a cool game!


Also- that transitional animation between levels is super slick.


I really like the game concept and puzzle design. At first I didn't understand what I had to do, but after a few tries and playing around I got it. Also, that retro feel is just great!


I really liked the graphical aesthetics and enjoyed the atmosphere. 


i like the graphics reminds me of "The Last Night " it got a bit difficult- suggestion collect donuts and trade them for clues/solving. keep up the nice work.


All hail the robodog