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Hey thanks. The theme of the Jam that I created this for was Hybrid and I went for a  lemmings+warcraft gameplay

Hey thanks! I appreciate it!

Thank you for the kind words and the feedback. I tried to keep it simple and provide hints such as cost per unit on mouse over but over all I agree, an RTS needs some tutorial level, which was a bit tight in the current scope.

Thank you!

Hey, thanks!

Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to write detailed feedback. I really appreciate it. I will work on those points to improve it for a future version.

Thank you very much for the kind words and the feedback! I really appreciate it! I need to work on the pathfinding and the selection of units. Both would improve the gameplay and the experience in general.

Thank you very much for the nice words!

Seriously well made and polished. Great job!

Neat idea and execution!

Nice arcade/puzzle gameplay. If you add some graphical polish into this it would improve greatly.

I enjoyed the spin on the match-3 with colors. Nice implementation.

Interesting idea. It reminded me of the petting of Pokemons with the brushing and feeding.

Interesting idea. Gameplay has some depth. A few more diverse unit types would add a lot to it.

That was great fun! I would love some keyboard controls for left/right

Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

The music is composed by Eric Matyas. You can find more of his work in

Thank you! Will do

I will! Your game looks very interesting and atmospheric! I have already added it on my list to check it out! :-)

Thank you for the nice words! Patapon is awesome! Now that you mentioned it I got the itch to play it as well :-)

Thanks! I like old school RTS games and I thought I might try a different spin.

No worries. I just thought to convey what I meant more clearly.

thank you for the feedback. I appreciate it. I experimented a bit with the build times to both not feel that they drag a lot but also to feel like something substantial happens. Probably it needs to be lowered a bit as you suggest. I thought about allowing spot selection for the buildings but I ended up prioritizing other mechanics. It would be nice in a future version to include spot selection instead of building them on the spot.

thank you! Yeah I was actually listening to a lot of Warcraft 2 soundtrack while coding it :-)

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed your entry and I appreciate your message a great deal. This was just a suggestion which might or might not work. I meant that masses of entities could be positioned in such way that navigating through them depending on their color would be a sort of puzzle.

thank you!

Thank you for the kind words! I am happy you liked it!

For touch controls you could swipe down to place and tap to rotate, or have two separate buttons on each side of the screen

Great! I appreciate the quick change. I 'll play some more now!

Had great time with this. Polished and fun.

Interesting concept. Less movement leeway would force in a more puzzle solving approach of gameplay.

Unique/great art style. Classic gameplay. I would like to be able to move faster through more bullet hell/enemies.

Nice prototype. The concept has potential. I would like to see base building, ways to spend crops money on defenses, variety of enemies and inventory management.

Had fun with this. Enjoyable one-button runner.

Thank you for all the nice words! I am trying to improve the unit selection mechanism with keeping the single left-click for everything (in order to make it playable on touchscreen) as opposed to the classic for the genre left-click for select and right-click for command.

Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement!

Thank you! I am happy you enjoyed it!

Excellent concept. I would like to see it fully explored.

I had fun with this. Gameplay would benefit with a change in controls. Move with wasd and shoot by clicking with  the angle the mouse pointer  relative to the character. As it is now it was difficult to target enemies in uneven height platforms.

Awesome little game. Lots of stuff to do , great graphics and overall satisfying moment to moment gameplay.  I would like to play a full version of this. Some improvements on the ui to make it more obvious how to do stuff would be welcome.

i like the tamagotchi/builder idea. I would like the UI to show more info current activities that are under way to be able to plan actions without having to open the menu.