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Warning: May cause addiction ;)

First time I ran it, it crashed.
Second time I ran it, my computer restarted.


Turns out bloody Windows was trying to install a bloody update.

Now that I'm back from that interruption, I can say I like the game, the puzzle idea and the mechanics. My only nitpick is that the jump feels oddly high.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the blue bar under the timer decreases as you get closer to winning. Perhaps it's not obvious enough.

I can see a lot of improvement after the update. But even before the update it was great.

Wow! This game is so great all-round!

Oh no I'm feeling the flappy bird rage, I won't sleep until I get 100!

Too bad you missed the 1-button-jam, this would have been a great submission there also...

Nice one! I enjoyed it after I figured out the controls - which took me a while because there are no instructions anywhere!

Thanks for the comment! I'm guessing you have a pretty good phone, because on mine every level starts with a godawful lag. Definitely not something I'd put in the play store. Yet.

Yep, there is a lot more work to be done on level design. There will be a new version some day.

I like the concept behind this game a lot - and it helped me realise how bad my mouse is (or my hand). Best Game Off submission I've played so far!