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>examine counter
It's worn-looking, and it's made of wood. What more could you possibly want to know?


These tourists aren't the brightest... something like "take the third left turn" should be an easy enough instruction to follow ;)

It took me about 15 attempts, but it always felt like "I was this close", so right on the verge of too challenging.

Interesting idea, although personally I didn't find it too appealing.

The landfill is very disorientating and feels hopeless... which I guess aptly illustrates the endeavour at hand.

So I found the chest first, after accidentally discovering the sonar while trying to jump, and was like OK now what, then came here and read the comments.
Then I found the level with the lights, which reminded me of the mobile game Glass.
Then the one with the disappearing platforms, which is incredible what you achieved with basically just the Unity cube! Part of me wants to experience that in VR, and another part of me wants to kill the other part.
Then I returned to the landfill and the game froze :(

I loved the puzzle in the green room ;) And I disliked the yellow one because I couldn't figure it out. Is the excellent cook a red herring? (You don't have to answer)

Awesome set of mechanics for a jam game; you even have doors that work properly!

I'm unable to run it for some reason :(

The binary gives me this in the terminal:

SIGSEGV MAPERR si_code 1 fault on addr 0x198
Aborted (core dumped)

And in Dr Racket it freezes like it's stuck in a loop (one CPU core at 100%)

Nice simulation, I'm yet to play with most of the numbers. I feel it could benefit from a pause button to better understand what's going on.

Nice little game. For some reason I liked the fact that the boat can't go backwards. Realism?

It's a shame I can't quite see the direction this would be headed in... When I saw the clock at the top I really thought I'd have to come back to it tomorrow for more to happen. (And maybe I do, I don't know, it's not tomorrow yet.)
That would be a cool concept, albeit not suited for game jams and this manner of rating games.

I like myself a little interactive story, and this one is pretty well written. I really remarked the change in tone and writing style during the first "dream" and I found it odd at first, but then I realised it fits quite nicely with the convoluted or even chaotic way we remember dreams.

Bug report: This happened when I began the story again and went to the kitchen, to an option I hadn't explored first time round

Oh, bug report :(
I think the cubes were supposed to slide past each other but their corners got stuck

Thanks everyone for the comments!

The hard to see arrows - which everyone rightfully has a problem with - are an unfortunate effect of the 3D text in Unity refusing to render most non-Ascii characters. I put something that worked and didn't have time to replace them with images of better Unicode arrows.

I will have to use my imagination to rate this (or the TTS mod?) but straight off the bat I like that it's cooperative, and that it doesn't require fiddly setup. And Goodness me, the art and the instructions book look gorgeous

You are the man!

Just a puny keyboard as well...

Nice gameplay concept and nice style concept. I could easily see myself playing this for hours... if many more hours had been spent designing levels.

Usually I suck at first-person shooters, but I got the hang of this game pretty quick. The FPS mechanic is a nice addition, but not really critical to the game. I liked that the bullet count and reload timer persist even when you leave FPS mode and come back - no glitch to exploit there. Excellent job :)

Bug report: I managed to make the "enemy count" go into negative numbers. I suspect I was killing them before they crossed some invisible boundary which counts them as active.

Suggestion: In FPS mode it would be nice if we could reload before we run out of bullets.

It said "Press A to continue"
I pressed A
Nothing happened :(

I just randomly came across this and it's the greatest thing I've seen in months

Very nice. I liked the tutorial-like beginning. The change of colors is a bit confusing though. I wish there were more levels, but nice work!

Sooo... I was rummaging through some folders I hadn't touched in years and I found this game, which I had downloaded and then somehow forgotten about.
Had a great evening playing it - longer than I expected and the reading-to-interaction ratio was spot-on (for my preference at least).
I can't help but wonder if I missed any significant part. I found maybe 8 Bad Turns and 2 True Endings - is there anything else? I appreciate if you don't want to give it away, but I feel I must ask anyway.

This shouldn't be as addictive as it is. Nice work!

Warning: May cause addiction ;)

First time I ran it, it crashed.
Second time I ran it, my computer restarted.


Turns out bloody Windows was trying to install a bloody update.

Now that I'm back from that interruption, I can say I like the game, the puzzle idea and the mechanics. My only nitpick is that the jump feels oddly high.

Thanks for the comment. Yes, the blue bar under the timer decreases as you get closer to winning. Perhaps it's not obvious enough.

I can see a lot of improvement after the update. But even before the update it was great.

Wow! This game is so great all-round!

Oh no I'm feeling the flappy bird rage, I won't sleep until I get 100!

Too bad you missed the 1-button-jam, this would have been a great submission there also...

Nice one! I enjoyed it after I figured out the controls - which took me a while because there are no instructions anywhere!

Thanks for the comment! I'm guessing you have a pretty good phone, because on mine every level starts with a godawful lag. Definitely not something I'd put in the play store. Yet.

Yep, there is a lot more work to be done on level design. There will be a new version some day.

I like the concept behind this game a lot - and it helped me realise how bad my mouse is (or my hand). Best Game Off submission I've played so far!