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Submitted by IoIoToTM
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I love the concept and the mechanics are executed fantastically. Movement is tight and even with difficult jumps I didn’t get frustrated at the end. Awesome game, just needs more!


Well, this was adorable – the intro dialogue was nice, and a really well-executed concept. I vaguely recall a similar game from a previous SGJ where the game interacted with your desktop, but I think this was a lot better and cooler and really clicked. I liked that the backdrop falls away as you play – it felt like there was tension building. I found some of the platforming bits pretty tricky, but I think that’s mostly because my coordination is not so good. But yeah, really cool little game; well done.

I enjoyed this - the mechanic of having to move the screen around to solve the puzzle was new to me and after a bit of practice I got used to it.  The cutscene at the start was amusing as well - and the background continuing to come apart as you played fit the story you created well.


Interesting idea, although personally I didn't find it too appealing.


This is great,
The moving the window around is a brilliant concept.
Got some good Thomas was alone vibes.

Well done!


This was excellent.

On the stream Tom's antivirus didn't like it so you can't see his background behind it - but I played it myself afterwards and it works great.

Similar to last year's game but I think it worked smoother - less flashing of windows etc.

I think it would have benefited from the platforms on the background not being just a white square as this made it quite hard to spot them against my windows - having a border or something would have helped.

Really nice jam game though - it even has a cutscene!

This was a great idea, very fun twist on platforming


I liked the characters and the concept, but moving the window around quickly became frustrating.