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We're still looking for someone to draw characters for our multiplayer point and click (some details here). If you have spare capacity please do get in touch and I can give you more details :)

@MeleeCitizen on Twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord


I allowed people to give items to each other, fixed a bug where it would often say "I can't reach that" when interacting with things, started on colour filtering for a feature I'll talk about another day, and implemented the start of the dialogue system. The game now knows what you're allowed to say, both on an individual and group level - it presents a simple interface and you can tell it what you want to say - but I haven't made it actually play out the conversations yet.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the dialogue system and implement items that bring external elements into the game (e.g. books that can be read, little individual puzzles, etc.).


You can now pick up and use items, and look at things by right clicking. Different users also have different coloured text to help differentiate them.

Tomorrow I hope to get a dialogue system working.

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Weekend 1

I've decided to make a multiplayer point & click adventure game. It will be set in an alien escape game themed on present day Earth. I'm still playing around with specifics of the theme but it will have some connection to "Spectrum" though it may be a bit weak :p

jimmylang will be drawing backgrounds for the game, Zushi may be contributing in some way depending on their commitment to another game. If anyone is interested in helping out with this game, get in touch (@MeleeCitizen on twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord).

For the first week my goal is to build up the engine, and I'll use the second week to write the scripts and build the puzzles. For the time being I'm using a mix of monkey island assets and scribbles to test the engine as I build it.  The engine is written in Javascript on the client, with phaser for rendering, and Django with django-channels on the server. It's hosted on Heroku. The latest version can be played at (though there's not much to play currently).

So far the engine supports multiple users walking around the world, multiple layers (so players can walk behind things), pathfinding, multiple rooms with doors between them, and chat (by pressing space).

Tomorrow I hope to add items that can be picked up and dropped, and maybe the ability to look at things.

My Bad. For Discord use Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 - you'll probably have to copy and paste for the characters :p

If that doesn't work. What's your Discord?

Hi Rosalie,

Your drawings are beautiful.

I'm a programmer and I like creating experimental games that offer different methods of interaction - especially player content creation. Last year I created Story of Everyone which came second overall ( See some other games I've created at

I don't know what I want to work on this jam yet - but if you're interested and have Discord or Twitter send me a message @MeleeCitizen and we can see if we have any interesting ideas?

Is there any reason to not just hold down the accelerator? It seemed a lot easier to do that. Could do with some variety of enemy or weapons, and with making sure enemies don't spawn too closely to the players. It's a fun game though and looks nice so well done for pulling it together in 2 weeks :)

The game crashed for us when I died - but we tried again and got through fine. Interesting use of the theme. Well done :)

Very pretty, complete game. We found the solutions unintuitive at times, but with the lovely visuals and sound it was a pleasure to play. Well done.

Took us a little while to figure out how do to this, but we got it eventually! There's a bug on the first level where you can fall out of the world - we had to restart the game twice because of that. Nice idea and I hope you finish the additional levels :)

Really really cute. Assuming the ending we got is the actual ending I think it could do with a little bit more story to tidy it up. As far as we could tell, our sticks got stolen then we went with someone who wasn't our mummy :p Really gorgeous though and nice simple gameplay. Well done :)

Fun silly food-fights. I found it difficult to follow the story without dying - and I expect if I got further I'd understand the link between story and mechanics better. We had fun though, well done :)

This is a really complete game for a gamejam. Really nice graphics, good sound, and logical gameplay. In our brief playthrough we found a little bit too much trial-and-error, and I'm not sure why sometimes I could move sheep and other times I couldn't? Really nice game though, well done.

This game is so pretty but we had no idea what we were doing! It did lag quite badly on my laptop so it might be more comprehensible when it's running correctly on better hardware. Really cute voxels anyway!

Wow these controls are difficult! I just couldn't get used to them! Really unique mechanic and a fun little game. Any plans to take this idea forward?

Really nice little game. At one point everyone seemed to lose interest in talking to us but the story didn't seem complete. I liked the character creator but we didn't get any feedback on that during the rest of the game :p nice. Really good effort :)

Managed to play the Windows version (you should probably take the Mac version down as it doesn't work). This took us a while to figure out what we're supposed to do but very interesting once we got it :) Well done.

Interesting game. I had some control troubles - particularly with jumping. Interesting procedural levels etc. I hope you finish it :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone :) I'm glad people are getting into it properly and playing along with the silliness :D

Wow, loved this game. Graphics look great and the game seems overall to be very complete and professionally done. Got stuck on the space level but I was playing in a really small window size for streaming. After reading the page I might go back and try it bigger. Really enjoyed it and thought some of the puzzles were clever (as long as I was solving them correctly and not in some really round-about way). Well done :)

Disappointed that over-promised and under-delivered in the "licking" department. Really interesting game though - what engine did you use? We didn't get far enough to really pull together the story but will try to come back to it. What we did see was well written though and we enjoyed it.

I loved the art style in this, but really had very little idea what I was doing :P maybe put some controls on each mini game. We had fun though, well done :)

Cute endless runner game. Found it harder than I expected it to be, but the double jump sometimes helped with that. Get a high score table and call it finished :) Good job.

We had fun making our character and helping out the people with jobs! Well done on pulling it together. Maybe give us a choice on if we're going to give away our money in future? :p

Very well put together game. Xiyun completed it! I think that's the first one we've played that she's been able to play right through :P Love the zelda-like art. We really hope you make some more levels :)

Well told story, and seemingly a lot of text! the story was a lot longer and more in depth than I thought it would be starting out (the video contains spoilers! :p)

Interesting take on the theme. Could have done with some simple sounds to go with it, and maybe something to increase difficulty as once you understand it it's not too hard. Great effort though - well done :)

Lovely visuals and audio, really nice platforming "feel" (not too floaty as some are). I like that there's no menu between dying and re-starting the level so you can just start running again. Just disappointed there wasn't more than one level! Great job.

Such beautiful art! We found a few bugs in our play through but I think there's definitely a decent game in there when you iron them out :) Keep up the good work!

Art great, audio great, teleport mechanic great, could do with more save points to stop me having to go back to the start!

I had a lot of fun with this one and will definitely be going back to it to try to finish after I've played the rest of the games.

Awesome job :)

I couldn't wall jump properly though - running the web build on a mac. I can usually wall jump in most games so I assume it's a problem with the build rather than with me!

Really lovely graphics. We had a lot of fun playing this even though we got stuck pretty quickly! After talking to you on Discord I realise that there was supposed to be indicators when you hover over clickable items, which I think would have helped a lot.

Excellent job!

Simple game but works well. The key moving slowly can be frustrating, and I'd like to see a punishment from dropping the wrong keys. Good job :)

This is a really cute arcade game. Looks lovely, audio fits really well, and controls are smooth (though Xiyun struggled with them somehow :p). I do hope you make a part 2 to explain why the self-aware robot is passing these parcels!

Really good effort. Beautiful art, solid story, good length for a gamejam game.

And the fact that you're supposed to cut down trees at the start is obvious, I don't know how Xiyun missed it :p

Well done :)

We played this in the web build and it was laggy and we had control issues. I've tried it since in the downloadable build and it's much better.

I'm not sure if we fully understood what we were doing. We only saw 2 abilities, are there others in there?

Either way, very quirky and we had fun playing it :) Well done.

Very good game. Really nice visuals and a good length.

We don't really know anything about Cthulhu so I'm sure we're missing some things :)

Since this is made in Unity you might want to make a Windows build so that more people can play it :)

Hi, I downloaded the Mac version of this. Unrar to a folder called AgoraMac. In it is an app called "Agora".

When I open that I get.

'The application "Agora" can't be opened.'

Is this happening for anyone else on Mac? Can you try rebuilding it?

Awesome. I've followed you on Twitter so we could direct message there - but if you don't use it Skype could work. What's your Skype address?

Are you still interested? If so how should we communicate?