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I'm intending to go back to the idea and do It again - with random cities, monsters,  storylines, crafting recipes, etc. - so that it can stand up to repeated plays while giving lots to explore.

Thanks for playing :D

I fixed the thing with tiles in the discard bag - and the blank tiles are on the table in the corner. I think it should all work fine now.

Can't you right click on the bag and shuffle?

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The game does instance but right now it'll only spin up a new one when the first one is complete. I hope to come back to the concept and make it easier for groups of friends to play together. I'll let you know when I do :D

Zombies are supposed to be difficult - though maybe the balance is off. That said, another comment on this page says the zombies posed them no threat!

In an ideal world I think I'd have the tutorial be more integrated into the game - so the first time you find a weapon it tells you how to fight etc.

It's interesting that you didn't have trouble with the zombies - I spent hours on the last day trying to rebalance it and felt I had left it too difficult - maybe not!

Crafting is almost entirely non functional - you can use it to repair stuff and for one or two simple recipes and for one recipe used in the storyline - and that's it. I just ran out of time to add sufficient depth to it to make it interesting. Definitely something I'll revisit.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback :)

Thanks for playing :)

The click to use weapon thing is the most complained about thing about the game - I got comments about it at the mid-way point too. I did it just to avoid having to add another system - I already wasted a load of time adding the crafting system which is almost entirely non-functional! (it's just used for part of the story).

It also meant that it was very easy to add new items - every item optionally has a "use" which is independent of everything else - so a key implements its use to open doors, an apple implements its use to fill the hunger bar, and weapons implement their use to kill nearby zombies. This saved some time when I needed to fill the world with stuff.

I hope to return to this idea and I will include a proper equipment system then.

I was also not sure about the tutorial. I was concerned that if people didn't know that zombies and items are degradable and non-replacing then they'd treat it like any normal survival game and just waste everything, and people didn't realise at first how to e.g. shoot a zombie - so I included that. But I agree the tutorial is quite long with a big information dump - maybe it could have been handled better with some in-game tips the first time you play.

Did you notice the tutorial uses the character that you picked? I was quite proud of that :D

You mentioned having to reload manually.

You could make it work like an idle/clicker game! maybe you need to reload manually at first but an upgrade allows it to reload itself. So that's a tradeoff that you make. Maybe you could also have it so you collect the DNA from the virus to get cash rather than it being automatic - and that's something else you could upgrade to automate. Just a thought :)

Good job!

The idea is good and the implementation is impressive - though it can be hard to read the game state with such a tiny window and only yellow squares. Maybe some simple tiles and making everything about 10x as big would help there.

Shame you only got the one level done! You should add some more!

I haven't played Dark Souls. This was actually inspired by a previous game I made Story of Everyone which took the player contribution concept much further. I tried to add more of a game to this rather than the walking simulator that Story of Everyone was. I think I might have made it too difficult!

There is a story to it - which is structured like a treasure hunt to send people all over the map (and hopefully they'll draw the map as they do so the next player can find where to go when they're told to go to the camp site or whatever). I suspect nobody will ever discover the cure though!

Items are an issue - I did them like that because it meant I could just add items and not have to code special states (e.g. "holding a weapon") - if I build this out I'll probably add equipped weapons and clothing which will hopefully fix some of that.

The map was the spark of the idea for this game - but I'm not sure as it is it's much fun to draw the map - the tools are too limited. I'd like to improve on that.

Thanks for playing :)

Food and items don't respawn. That was something I thought about long and hard.

I really designed this game with the idea that it'd be played by a group of friends trying to survive in a single Journal - and another group would play a separate journal. So if someone uses up all the food and everyone loses then that was a bad play through of this co-operative game.

Your spawn actually changes to wherever the last player slept - so it's possible to move around the map while you scope out different areas and explore the story.

I'm pretty sure I haven't got the balance right and everyone will starve to death - but that's game jams for you!

I liked the pictures of the robots!

This was really sweet - I think maybe the stats could have been shown more prominently if they are important (or not at all if not) - right now it felt like they were kind of just stuck there.

But it was well written and interesting to play through, thanks!

This is a cute idea. I could see it working well as a frantic party game - though on my play throughs it moved kind of slowly - mostly because we couldn't read the arrows! (I'd definitely re-do those)

It looks good, and visualising the four viruses with colours filling from each part of the body is great. Update us if you rebalance it so we have any hope of filling the body :D

Very stylish game!

You even have a cut-scene for the introduction! Though I think it could do with moving a bit quicker.

Shame there's no levels or goal other than to kill everything - the slow mo and stuff was really nice and I could see you turning this into a nice duke nukem style thing with some more content.

Great job.

What is the main character supposed to be by the way?

I think there's a bug on the last level. Are you supposed to be able to walk up the stairs? I couldn't figure out another way around and that didn't work.

Otherwise though, really nice game. A lot of content - I liked the pushing boxes to block the guards, and how the noisiness of your guys is important.

Was there any thought to having ranged combat? I think if guards were shooting then it would have added another spin, choosing which guards to approach.

This was fun. There's something very satisfying about shooting at wave after wave of zombies.

Very difficult to aim so I found myself just pushing both sticks in the same direction.

I think having to press a button to pick up weapons would be good as I accidentally picked up bad weapons occasionally.

Is there an end? I did some exploring but died a few times and gave up - so I'm not sure if you ever find that blacksmith who can free them.

Really nice game :)

This looks amazing - and the trailer Is super over-produced for a game jam :D

There is some inconsistency in the visual effects - e.g. the blue light thing sometimes marks the end of the level, the cube can sometimes be picked up and sometimes pushed, etc. It'd be good if these could be better communicated visually.

Really good potential though - I'd love to see some more levels.

This is really cute. I found it frustrating that taking the wrong item was an instant loss but you still had to go to the exit. Is there a way to put down the wrong item? Maybe that could just be a points deduction or something?

I'd like to see a competitive multiplayer version too. I could imagine it being quite frantic going after the last toilet roll or whatever.

Also, add stuff to bump into and knock over please!

Good job.

I made a load of rules mistakes when playing this - which is common when playing a boardgames having read the rules only once - but it was good fun!

We lost, but partially that was because we misinterpreted the rules against us, so I think the balance seemed reasonable. I'll have to give it a few more goes to know for sure though.

It looks beautiful and the rulebook is great. Well done.

I made a Tabletop Simulator mod of this at

So if anyone has TTS do check out the game there :)

Nice light arcade thing.

Your build and distribution is a bit of a mess though so I'd definitely look into how to improve that! you have a bunch of folders that don't seem to do anything - and an executable called payload.exe which screams to run your antivirus :)

Good job! I think with the way the routes work there are some slots which are strictly better than others - so maybe more could be done to even out the strength of different positions - maybe height, or certain turret types could only go in certain positions, etc.

I think you could also add a bigger variety of turret types - maybe you have to choose the type of turret to upgrade to - one is faster and one is stronger - or one has a different type of attack - maybe one that slows down enemies or traps them in some way - or one that strengthens turrets near them (a reason to not socially distance maybe? to force that trade off).

Great effort for the game jam though :) I hope you expand on it!

This is excellent. I'm guessing the window closing and re-opening at the start is to take a screenshot? if so maybe you could be craftier by taking multiple screenshots as you get the player to move the window around and then sticking them together? That was a bit weird when it happened (before I figured out why)

I'd love to see you take the idea further

This was really well written and I enjoyed exploring it. Good job!

It's a shame you didn't get the chance to add more than the two upgradable items. I think this could be a cute way to pass some time - though I think you'd want to make things a lot more customisable.

Something like animal crossing. People love designing spaces in a creative way.

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On Saturday 12th April we'll have a showcase of all of the games ahead of announcing the final results.

It'd be great if participants could package up what they've done to be shown to the other participants. First, please take a short (30 seconds - 1 minute) video showing off your art, gameplay, sounds, whatever it is you've been working on. You should ideally also narrate this so we know what's going on. Name your video file after your team name (or your name if you're on your own) and upload it to this dropbox.

Second, create your entry on our itch page and upload the most recent build of your game. Ideally ensure that it is playable on Windows as that is what we'll be using to stream. We'll try out all of you games on the streams.

Please try to have the above done by 6pm on Saturday 11th of April to give us time to make it part of the stream.

Your videos do not need to be polished or edited - just a simple clip of you explaining your game and showing off your progress will be excellent. If you can't do this it's no problem - it's just a nice way of sharing our progress with each other. To help create your videos easily, see below:


The easiest way to record your screen will be to open Quicktime Player and click File > New Screen Recording. Set your options at the bottom (Record entire screen/Record selected portion) and under options ensure that a microphone is selected.


For Windows 10, use the built in screen recorder as described here. For earlier versions you can use OBS.


Use Kazam as described here.

6pm Friday 27th MarchLivestream with theme announcement (video recording to follow).
6pm-7pm DailyCome jam together on the Discord. Share your progress, discuss ideas, or just hang out.
6pm Saturday 4th AprilMini-showcase. Livestream of assets so far, as well as a play through of any work-in-progress games available.
7pm Friday 10th AprilSubmission deadline. Have your game available and uploaded to itch.
7pm Friday 10th April - 7pm Sunday 12th AprilPeople's Choice Voting. Please play each other's games - leave reviews in the comments - and vote for your one favourite game.
7pm Sunday 12th AprilShowcase. Livestream of final assets, as well as a play through of submitted games. Announcement of winner of people's choice (video recording to follow).

All times are local to Southampton, UK. This means they will be GMT until and including 29th of March, and BST beyond that.

I've been told Tabletopia also allows you to create your own games in a similar way (potentially for free). I have no experience with it but it's worth checking out if you don't already have Tabletop Simulator.

Diversifiers are optional constraints you can choose to include in your game. We hope they will inspire you.

  • Local Pride: Make a game that features Southampton
  • Distance: Make a game that teaches or encourages good social distancing practices
  • Clean Hands: Make a game that can be played hands-free
  • Virtual Cafe: Make a game that involves talking to people
  • International Effort: Make a game with no (intelligible) text
  • Happy Birthday: Make a game that lasts 20 to 30 seconds, so can be played to time hand washing
  • The ol’ switcheroo: Midway through the jam, swap your game with another team and work on each other's games from this point forward
  • Reality TV: Livestream (or record) the development of your game.
  • Legacy Game: Each playthrough of your game affects the next one
  • 1 Run a Day: Make a game designed to be played once a day.

At our in-person game jams we often have a few teams creating board and card games.

This is going to be a bit different for a fully remote jam - but I strongly recommend giving Tabletop Simulator a look. It allows you to create all your components, cards, boards, etc. and then have players drag them around in the physics simulator.

The downside is that all players will need to own Tabletop Simulator - though for play testing etc. there's definitely a few people already signed up to the jam who own it and could help out. If you're happy with the game you end up with - you can even release it on Steam workshop.

Tabletop Simulator is available here for half price - though it has been going in and out of stock over the last few days.

Want to find a team, or chat about the game you're working on? Join us on Discord. We're friendly!

We're still looking for someone to draw characters for our multiplayer point and click (some details here). If you have spare capacity please do get in touch and I can give you more details :)

@MeleeCitizen on Twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord


I allowed people to give items to each other, fixed a bug where it would often say "I can't reach that" when interacting with things, started on colour filtering for a feature I'll talk about another day, and implemented the start of the dialogue system. The game now knows what you're allowed to say, both on an individual and group level - it presents a simple interface and you can tell it what you want to say - but I haven't made it actually play out the conversations yet.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the dialogue system and implement items that bring external elements into the game (e.g. books that can be read, little individual puzzles, etc.).


You can now pick up and use items, and look at things by right clicking. Different users also have different coloured text to help differentiate them.

Tomorrow I hope to get a dialogue system working.

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Weekend 1

I've decided to make a multiplayer point & click adventure game. It will be set in an alien escape game themed on present day Earth. I'm still playing around with specifics of the theme but it will have some connection to "Spectrum" though it may be a bit weak :p

jimmylang will be drawing backgrounds for the game, Zushi may be contributing in some way depending on their commitment to another game. If anyone is interested in helping out with this game, get in touch (@MeleeCitizen on twitter, Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 on Discord).

For the first week my goal is to build up the engine, and I'll use the second week to write the scripts and build the puzzles. For the time being I'm using a mix of monkey island assets and scribbles to test the engine as I build it.  The engine is written in Javascript on the client, with phaser for rendering, and Django with django-channels on the server. It's hosted on Heroku. The latest version can be played at (though there's not much to play currently).

So far the engine supports multiple users walking around the world, multiple layers (so players can walk behind things), pathfinding, multiple rooms with doors between them, and chat (by pressing space).

Tomorrow I hope to add items that can be picked up and dropped, and maybe the ability to look at things.

My Bad. For Discord use Citizen Of Mêlée#8505 - you'll probably have to copy and paste for the characters :p

If that doesn't work. What's your Discord?

Hi Rosalie,

Your drawings are beautiful.

I'm a programmer and I like creating experimental games that offer different methods of interaction - especially player content creation. Last year I created Story of Everyone which came second overall ( See some other games I've created at

I don't know what I want to work on this jam yet - but if you're interested and have Discord or Twitter send me a message @MeleeCitizen and we can see if we have any interesting ideas?

Is there any reason to not just hold down the accelerator? It seemed a lot easier to do that. Could do with some variety of enemy or weapons, and with making sure enemies don't spawn too closely to the players. It's a fun game though and looks nice so well done for pulling it together in 2 weeks :)