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Hello there! Thank you for the feedback! I see that the most of the problems you mentioned is regard the intro which we couldn't optimize more due to the month we have to work on this, won't be this long for further dev for sure homie.

I don't think you should speak as a whole community tho. I understand your issue with this, but this wasn't the general response anyway, or  at least not this bad or angry, I totally understand your point of view tho.

As a side note, this was not heartbraking because it's not the solid truth among the whole community that have played our game. I don't think saying stuff like you said is a nice way to backing it up, specially if you gotta proof you're a nice guy saying  it explicitly, when you're not kinda being it. You got issues, feedback (poorly given but given and we've taken it dw) and that's all. We for sure will take a look to this and it's on our plans optimize it so all good man. 

The visuals and the gameplay was amazing, I just wish there could be a way to know when the switch is near to get done hm! Other than that, great entry! 

I liked the whole atmosphere, but unfair sometimes in higher levels like I always die XD but other than that, good entry for sure. feels polished! 

I felt that the jumping was very off, very low inertia which makes it feel like you're floating instead of jumping, otherwise I liked the graphics kinda low-polish of the platform! 

I actually loved the animations and the GUI of this game, however, I felt that the action was too slow for coming in and it wasn't clear for me how to build flowers or other berries I think? haha all good anyway, check out our game if you want to btw!

Thank you! I could try, but I can't test it, so let me know when you're around and I'll upload it 

Hahah I'm glad you liked it! it was intended to go with sound so if you had speakers on that was the whole deal if you aren't rush, thanks for playing!

Totally fair and nice feedback we'll be looking into for a more complete version. Thank you! 

Thank you! We tried some grid movement like pokemo for this case hehehe, I'm glad even without that you liked it! 

Hahahahah thanks man! 

Thank you! I'm really glad you liked it. 

Dw, we made it even bigger for now until the jam stuff ends and we can polish more this version hehe.

Thank you Mox! :) I'm glad you liked it.

Really nice entry overall, controls feel a bit clunky and sometimes it's hard to understand when you're going to hit something. I get the "be patient when hitting" feel you're trying to achieve, but due to how minimal is the hitbox when attacking, this becomes a really hard task.

Nope that's all! There's a last message thanking you for playing hehehe

Thank you homie. :)))

I'll investigate, thanks! 

I'll check that out mate. However, you mention it was your first encounter after you died and you got back to your previous level? which one? was it different from level 1?

Thank you! will check out for sure. 

Thank you for the feedback! I'm wondering tho, about these bugs. Where and how did  happen the softlock? I think that yeah we should improve player's  movement even if he's injured due to the lore and stuff hehe.

Also, dying sadly doesn't have a checkpoint until you pass to the next area, there it will be a checkpoint gladly.

Thank you, Indeed, I think moving should be a bit buffed just for sake or not making things that slow. 

I'm glad you liked it! 

Thank you!

Sorry, I thought I wrote on the description you can actually skip the intro ny pressing ESC. I'm sorry that you found the game's not for you!

Damn! Once I got the hang out of it it actually became really good fun, although there's an specific crystals with 2 dirt barriers that's a crotch kick hahaha.

It'd be awesome if you tried our game :)!

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Pretty simple idea, I actually thought your own drawing would come to life! Pretty nice to play around for some minutes

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Pretty fun game! Greatly promotes multitasking, although it's a bit hard to understand at first. I feel the intro letter was completely unnecesary to the game. Once I got the hang of it I did have some good fun managing towers and getting fish to build them, although I feel the fishing mechanic could've been improved, something like requiring to press the fish key right when the fish shows up in a dark blue spot.

It'd be awesome if you could also try our game!

Pretty fun game although all enemies dying in one hit an all particles being the same makes it a bit repetitive, I did like the transmissions and cinematic elements to it, maybe if there was less space in between the cinematics it would've been more interesting since the writting is pretty nice!

I wouldn't consider it a twist since ALL puzzle physics based games require you to restart the level. It looks really well done, feels really solid and the audio feels very crispy. I actually enjoyed it, couldn't figure out third level. Although the pixel art quality isn't that great, it makes up for it with effects and animations. Good job!

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it, we're planning to make the maps much more interactuable indeed with objects and zone-dialogues and more.

Thanks a lot, really glad you had fun!

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I liked some of the writting and sounds used to set up the mood, but the gameplay was overall a bit too repetitive with the guard healing mechanic, as it was kind of easy to cheese. The intro atmosphere definitely set up for something, although to be honest I didn't like the girl's personality that much lol. Store guy is cool though 8)
Got to add that I didn't see much "hybrid" in the game.

Jesus Christ this is such a well appplied concept, one of the most creative ones I've seen so far, it took some time to understand how it worked but the concept is SO good and fun. Shame it specifically works only with controllers, maybe using mouse + Q+A keys could do a similar job. I had so much fun! Spent more time than anticipated.

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Thank you, that's a nice feedback indeed. We're going to optimize the intro a lot! 

Will do! there's lot of days to try everything wooho

Thank you so much!

Thank you! I should let note the player that you can actually skip intro with Esc button if you're on that rush but surely we should optimize a bit the intro. 

Really interesting concept, the visuals and sound fit pretty well. Only thing that really bored me was how slow the acceleration was, made it hard to turn and set up the PACbomb in place.

Thanks a lot dude! 

As a Super Meat Boy player I have to say that it controls really damn well. My biggest issue is that there are PLENTY of sections where I just walked and platformed around to find absolutely nothing. Also after exploring for a while I could only get the top crystal in the start and the tutorial one.

The visuals are stunning and the music feels really nice with the gameplay. Easily one of the best entries I've seen in the jam. Not very innovative but the theme is applied pretty well.