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Play a hybrid Rhythm + Platformer Game!!

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Theme interpretation#1772.3002.300

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Theme interpretation
We combined a platformer and a rhythm game in order to try and recreate both an exploration and sonic-ish feel as well as the rush you get pressing buttons to the beat.

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I felt that the jumping was very off, very low inertia which makes it feel like you're floating instead of jumping, otherwise I liked the graphics kinda low-polish of the platform! 


The game is fun, and it looks great! Music was nice in the rhythm section, but I really missed the audio in the platformer sections. The platformer sections also suffered from floating controls. Overall it was a fun game, excellent work!


I love the graphics, the main character reminded me of King Graham from King's Quest! Overall nice game. I would add more sound effects to the beginning part.


Should there be any music/audio in the platformer part? It was really strange to play the game in silent until I got to the rhythm part. Sadly I'm pretty bad a rhythm games so I couldn't see much, but I really liked the song.

I'm also not sure, if my mainmenu was broken, because the options "Continue" and "Restart Game" are confusing. 

I didn't like the gameplay in the platformer part, because it felt super floaty and kinda empty. I also didn't understood the bumpers and the door.

Like I said I'm bad with rhythm games, but I enjoyed it a lot more. I think there should be some more feedback in hitting music notes and also in missing them.


Hey there!
Nice little game, good job on submitting a fully working game :)

What I liked:

  • the simple yet effective and very readable art style
  • the animations of drumming, like "wooh!" :D
  • in the "music" part: the multiple paths with easier/harder parts depending on where you go. It makes failing a jump not an immediate game over but gives a harder time to win

Here are the few things that could be improved in my opinion:

  • the platforming part is quite slow: a stronger gravity would give a more "punchy" gameplay!
  • the feedback when you get hit in the "music" part is too light, I sometimes did not realize I had only one life yet :(
  • while this is a true hybrid game due to the two different game types, it would have been interesting to "mix" them more, instead of having two completely separate worlds

That's all for me! Good luck with the ratings ;)


I couldn't get the controls to work. I tried wasd, arrows, and then random keys, but nothing. 


hmm, that's no good :( the controls for the platforming section should be the ones listed on the game page. If those aren't working then we definitely have a bug. 

What browser are you playing on? Did you try reloading the page? What screen were you on?


It's working this time. Nice job. The music section with the ball made me smile. I want to play just that section. The platformer felt like I was playing in molasses, everything was just slow.