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Thank you :) and thanks for playing!

So beautiful! And the gameplay is smooth. Very well presented, and hellishly hard. I didn't manage to get very far, but my platforming skills are generally terrible. Well done, I would definitely put money down for a fully fleshed out version of this!

This is really nice. I get the feeling you were going for a timing-style attack? If so it feels pretty good. I did struggle to understand that to move forward I needed to drop down at first. Once I did that, I collected a few of the power ups, but I don't really know what they did to be honest. Your description mentions 'x' to throw/recall but I couldn't figure out what that actually did.

Very nice presentation, good style, and a nice theme interpretation.

This was hard, and a little unfair at times, but a cool concept and has some depth like gaining double jump and other cool combos of the cards in your hand. Really nice take on the theme!

The humor and character of this game is fantastic! Thoroughly enjoyed playing this through a bunch of times, though I have no idea if it's possible to "win" in any way. Regardless, very entertaining.

Nice story, I enjoyed playing through it to the end. A couple of minor issues that could be ironed out but all round a good experience.

I like this game, the gameplay is generally smooth and not awkward, but the ball bounces sometimes ended up reversing direction inexplicably. Other than that, I like the concept, and it adds an "exploration" element to the traditional breakout formula.

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This is great fun, and I think the concept really works from a gameplay perspective. You did well with the presentation too, music and art are well done. Good job!

You should have more ratings on this!

Very cool idea! Took me quite a while to familiarize myself with the towers and how to successfully beat a wave. Maybe if you could pause between waves or even just have a little more time between to set yourself and place some towers? Other than that, I love the concept and it's quite a lot of fun.

Also, thanks for playing my game, and for your feedback. Much appreciated!

A couple of run of this, and I was hooked! Lots of fun and the monster characters are great!

Stealing parts for your own monster is a nice twist, and the fact it all affects game play  is excellent! Good planning, and well executed! 

The browser popup blocker stops the files from downloading. I had to manually allow it through in Chrome.

Once I had it downloaded on Windows, it was difficult to read the help screen, but once I managed to do that, playing the game was intuitive. The jump felt a tad too floaty, and took a while to get used too, but the platforming was pretty good once I had a few runs and could judge the distance a little better.

Looks great and the audio is nice. All round good job!

Great job! I like the matching mechanic when playing cards, allows for some dynamic strategy. Glad I took the time to play it all :)

My favourite strategy is Jack -> Black King -> Queen

The game is fun, and it looks great! Music was nice in the rhythm section, but I really missed the audio in the platformer sections. The platformer sections also suffered from floating controls. Overall it was a fun game, excellent work!

That was fun! The concept is quite different, and the backstory made me chuckle. I was terrible at dance mode, but rhythm games have never been my strong point. Great work, it's a unique experience!

This is cool, had fun playing this. Thanks for submitting.

I love this game! The ability to restart very quickly kept me playing longer. Great stuff

This is a really cool idea! The gameplay was a little awkward as the code often made it all but impossible to progress, and you fall super quick, but I still love it. Nice work!

I actually really liked the music, and the artwork is amazing. I had some trouble with positioning myself so that I could place crops though, and that was a bit annoying. Only trouble I had though, really like the concept, a fun hybrid concept that implements reasonably well! Great job

Ah ok. From what I can see, Unity Engine has issues with Arch and it's variants. I have heard that some people had success running a 32 bit version, so I'll add that into the mix of builds when I get a chance. Glad you still managed to play it though!

My original intention was to add river & log lanes to get more of that frogger feel, but sadly I ran out of time

Thanks! The AI should be the same speed as the player, though you should definitely be able to get around quicker than the AI when chasing the ball down using "sprinting"

I like the theme here, and the graphics are nice throughout, though the gameplay in the 2D sections was a little glitchy.  Great stuff all round!

Such a great game! The boss fight was a hard slog. Got really caught up in this one, and played heaps more than I planned. Really an amazing effort in the time frame, great stuff!

This is awesome! I love the intro, and the concept of going around the system scanning for jobs is novel. Sadly couldn't get through the train heist job, but it's a great start to a cool looking concept.

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Nice concept! Like the music, and the graphical style is a cool kind of quirky.

The sound from the laser shooting cat though was... unpleasant.

I like the idea, hoping you will finish it, the first "storyboard" screens look interesting.

Cool idea. I like the way this plays, but a couple of things annoyed me:
I couldn't replace tiles that I'd placed but weren't hit by the water yet, so if you make a mistake, it's game over and there's nothing you can do about it.
Also, I would often get quite unlucky and get the same pieces of pipe that I didn't need 5 or 6 times in a row, so maybe a way of reducing the same piece spawning multiple times in a row would be a nice addition.

I like the way you transition from one genre to the next. I also really liked the audio and graphical style. Nice job! 

Thanks so much! The music is definitely not something I was confident with, so I added the mute buttons on the pause menu if it's too annoying ;)

Thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate you taking the time to play it.

Loved playing your game too! (I left a comment on your submission page)

Thanks for trying  it! Can I ask what distro you're using?

These kind of platformers aren't really my thing generally, so I struggled getting through it, but I have to say the mood and ambiance is incredibly well crafted. Really well presented, nice work!

Nice, I really like the concept and it plays reasonably well. As you mention, it lacks balance, but it looks great, and the card mechanic was fun to explore.

A great roguelite, I have put hours into this game, and feel like I'm not done yet. Excellent job!

Interesting take on the theme, though I seem to have hit a bug once it says there is a noise outside for the second time. I can't seem to go outside and there is nothing to interact with.

Love the unique controls, takes some getting used to though. Really polished for a jam game. Well done!

Love the theme interpretation, and the game was fun. Would definitely take a lot more practice to get good at, I found it hard to fill the gaps left by word matches.

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!
Sadly, I didn't have time to finish the AI, and as a result it just chases the ball around :(

Love this concept, even though it's a prototype. The core gameplay is fun, and aside from a few bugs/UI inconsistencies it plays very well. Nice job!