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Looks like the Arcade is missing from the zip file. Everything else looks good!

Not sure what to do. I can gather stuff, but I can't seem to make anything with it.

Not sure what to do. I can gather stuff, but I can't seem to make anything with it.

Music and dialog are great. I was surprised when it ended.

Music and dialog are great. I was surprised when it ended.

Fun idea! 

152! Fun game

Love the retro look. Very hard, I can't get past the second virus.

Fixed for now. I didn't get far enough to make it generate.

Love the art style. Fun game.

I get an error "Invalid or unexpected token" in "in_the_woods.framework.js".

Tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on macOS.

The bullets are really hard for me to see. I'm not sure if I can die, or if I am just really good at this game. :D 

It's working this time. Nice job. The music section with the ball made me smile. I want to play just that section. The platformer felt like I was playing in molasses, everything was just slow.

As soon as the game starts I get taken over and attacked until I die. trying to move or explode, but I can not get away from the ghosts and just die.

I couldn't get the controls to work. I tried wasd, arrows, and then random keys, but nothing. 

How do you play?

Fun idea. There didn't seem to be any reason not to spam the spacebar. I'm not sure if does anything when I get a note. It was maxed out at 3x.

The interface is very busy, and the gameplay is challenging. The idea is really neat and I played it several times.

Nice. The ball doesn't feel like it bounces off the paddle in the direction I expect. Took some time to figure out what I was supposed to do.

Nice. I'm having lots of frame rate issues in the second half. Does it end or is the second half endless?

I had soo much planned, but ran out of time :D

The interaction method is because it's a VR Cardboard game. They don't have a mouse or keyboard. The library I use (AFrame) provides basic mouse support (thus the click to drag is really simulating VR looking around)

Itch won't let me reply to a comment. But all I see is this:

The screen is just dark blue triangles. If I click the center of the screen I get a menu and the items talk about a lock. Clicking other places doesn't do anything, pressing keys doesn't do anything, click and drag doesn't do anything. :/ I feel like I'm stuck behind a technical issue.

Have you found that some things move if you long look at them? (let the cursor do the full animation.) There is an order that you have to get before Oppenheimer reaches the table. If you get a big orange on the table, then you solved it and just need to wait for Oppenheimer to reach it.

Nice. I got both endings. The shift to the boat is really jarring.

Love the art style. The pacing on the fights is nice. Reminds me of the old school RPGs.

I can't get past the lock.