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Thank you very much for playing. There is a sound for the fish getting away or getting caught, but it might be to quit for some systems. It's planed to add sound options.

Thank you very much for playing and your feedback.

Thank you very much for playing and your feedback. The pressure with the waves is part of our gameplay, but I agree that you should have more time for the first wave.

Wow, thank you for playing and nice to hear that you enjoyed it.

Interesting game idea. I think the frogs should have different color, because it's green on green and they should also have other colors. The strip on it is really hard to see. 

Like the visuals and the gameplay idea, but the gameplay is to hard to play on keyboard. I also think the learning curve for the game is too high. The soundtrack is absolutly not mine (too much going on). Also the tutorial message to move is placed odd. You need to find the movekeys and then few meters later the game tells you it's arrowkeys.

The game looks so good. It's really cute, but super hard and I like it. But the lack of checkpoints made it really frustrating to play. I think with a checkpoint system this game could be a gem.

I think the gameplay is interessting, but it should be reworked into button (keyboard) presses or something like that. I like the game idea and should be improved further.

Wow, thank you so much for playing and your awesome feedback!

We really need to work on a tutorial for this game. I never thought that so many people would have an issue with it. But that's why you test your game early. I'm not sure, if a set order will fix the issue, but I understand why it might help.

It's nice to hear that you also like the visuals and music, because we did everything alone (kinda extreme for a first game).

We plan to continue working on the game, but after the rating is over and when we have more time.

Firefox 64bit Version 63.0.3

Thank you for playing and your feedback even though I'm not sure, if too crazy is a good or bad thing.

Nice artstyle. I think the speeding up for running is not fun. It doesn't feel responsive. But great first game.

The visuals and the soundtrack are simple, but I love them. The gameplay is also really good, but I think when it switches to the ram it's really hard to play / understand your aim direction. Can't wait to see more from this game.

I like the simple, but cute visuals. The chiptune is also really good. I think the intro should be skipable and the text speed should be faster. Otherwise nice game.

Thank you for playing and good job on beating the game!

Yes, there is currently a bug with beating the game. When you die in any level the game doesn't trigger the end for that level. I'm not sure why it happens, but that's the first thing we try to fix.

I like the simple visual style and the soundtrack is really awesome. But had some bugs. I think in my game there were some textures missing (for example after you land the texture was for me chessboard like) and I also had from the first enemy (first area) the issue that his sound played multiple times even though I only jumped over it once. The screen also shuttered and made me feel really unease. But when there is a final version of this I want to play it again.

Game looks really good. But so far the cardgame aspect is just getting random actions. I think there should be more to the cards like attack and defense mode or combos etc.

The papercraft / cardboard visuals are so awesome. The chiptune is a bit annoying. The gameplay is really cool, but I think the mapping should be changed to make it easier to play. 

Really nice soundtrack. The visuals need some animations, but I think it's really solid.

Great soundtrack and visuals. The soundeffect for shooting was for me annoying and I want an option to turn it off. The gameplay was simple and fun. Adding different music to the characters is really cool. That the title has an alliteration for the turtle is awesome... but not for the duck... I'm disappointed.

I like the artstyle. When I clicked on "Tutorial" I got an error. But the game worked without any issues and is really well done.

The visuals are really good, but sometimes kinda glitchy and the hitboxed for the assets are really mean. The gravity aspect made exploring more fun.

Nice soundtrack. The visuals are a bit confusing. The game is pretty hard and the jumps are sometimes doubled, but no idea why / how.

Nice, hybrid game with a nice transition. But the slowdown in the space shooter are really annoying. But for a Pico-8 game it's really cool.

Nice gameplay idea. I also like the customization. I think the speed and turning is a bit fast and the letters are kinda small.

I think you should add a control tutorial on the game page.

The  bullets should be faster. After you beat a level the next level should be loaded faster, because I was often not sure if I did something wrong. But nice game idea with some cool backgrounds.

I like the simple rewarding sound design. The gameplay with mouse is not good. Rotating with wheel felt unintuitive. It was also really annoying that some possible rotations didn't work.

Interesting gameplay idea. The AI adapted to this new concept pretty good.

Nice idea, but it doesn't feel like a controller. It's super hard to learn / find the buttons. I also needed to change my keyboard layout.

When I used the numpad buttons my browser scrolled down or entered quicksearch etc. It made playing the game even harder.

But I really liked the simple visuals and the really good sound design.

Thank you for playing and your feedback.

As a German I can confirm that we created the DUCK.

I really like the art style. It's simple,  but clean and I think it's nice. I also really like the transition between minigames. 

Really nice visuals and nice sound design. I like the gameplay idea and I'm impressed that it's so polished. Well done.

Thank you very much for playing!

I agree with the fishing. A chance of 50% / 70% doesn't really feel like 50% / 70%.

It is possible to beat each of the 3 levels, but I think we should have added some kind of tutorial levels. So you get used to the towers / mechanics. 

My tip for beating the levels is to place the towers far away from each other and use Tower03, because the AoE is overpowered.

No, problem. Good luck finding the issue.

The graphics style in the bird area is nice. But the hitboxes in that area are unfair. The missing transition between the area and also so random transition makes it really hard to adapt. 

I think with some more work and polish it could be a solid mobile game.

It's a bit ago now. So not 100% sure, if I was level 1 or 2.  But I know that the exp bar was like 70% filled.

Thank you very much for playing and your awesome feedback! That really motivates us to continue creating games / upgrade this game after rating is over.

I'll definitely play your game.

The softlock happened at one of the first bushes. It was my first encounter after I died and got reset to the beginning, but with my previous level. With the how I can't really help. There were the two rock guys and shoot at me and then went into cover, but never returned from cover. I could kill one of the guys, but his death animation was the animation of someone without cover.

Really nice graphics, sound and gameplay. I really enjoyed it. But like some said it's slow and boring to move around. The encounter rate is sometimes really high. You didn't even move, because you are still in the transition, but already got your next encounter. When you die and restart you have to click through the storyintro again and that's annoying.

I also had some strange bugs. I got softlocked in on encounter, because the enemies behind the rock never appeared and I couldn't kill them. I also had some textures missing in the area after the first door. That looked really odd. 

Overall one of the best and polished games I played in the jam.

Thank you very much for playing.

Some people said that the multitasking is hard, but it's nice to hear that everyone seems to learn it fast. 

Our earlier version had your idea of fishing, but it felt more like a task and not like gameplay.

I saw your posts on twitter for the game and I definitely will play it.