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Hybrid runner of a hybrid animal with and hybrid theme. Enjoy!!
Submitted by felipegarcian — 17 hours, 3 minutes before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#773.2733.273

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Theme interpretation
Hybrid runner game, with the main character a hybrid animal, and with a hybrid design between beautiful drawings and pixel art.

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Nice work, aside from the fact that sometimes I'd lose when flying without knowing why, it's a good game.
I'd appreciate if you could checkout my entry as well :D


The main character is so funny, the gameplay have some issues, for example: the control isn't clear when you make the transition to the pigeon.


I do like these sorts of games that are really quick to get into playing, and you can restart really fast when you die. So it's addictive in that way.

I think that if you had some kind of warning countdown before it switched segments, it would be a lot more enjoyable. I also think that if you could switch between lanes a little bit faster / more consistently, it would go a long way as well. Making it fast and hectic but giving the player more control could make this a really solid game!


I liked the idea and the Simpson's reference ;)

Good job overall, the only thing I could see is that you die when you come close to the traps not when you touch them, so it can be impossible to go through traps sometimes.

Check out our game as well :)


A great simple idea, but could really use some better implementation at certain points. It's a good combination of genres that really fit well together.

Unfortunately the execution wasn't the best at times. The movement took a bit of time getting used to, as well as the physics as it doesn't quite feel as you expect it would. The transition is really sudden, and often the killing factor in the game which was disappointing to die that way. Sometimes the cats in the pigeon levels were invisible and I would die for no reason in them as well. They seem to only spawn at the top and bottom though so you could just keep the pigeon center and not worry about anything. I also managed to die as the pigeon, but then transitioned to a rat and carried on playing, managing to get 50seconds.

Overall, a great idea with the core idea implemented fairly well which could be a good mobile game idea with some improvements made. 


Thanks for your comments, is appreciated. 


It's a fun game. Like others said the transition is rather harsh. It took me around 10 tries before I could press up in time. It might help to start at the very top?

Record: 29 seconds.

Please do rate my game as well.


Rated caver man, cool game... Thanks for the feedback about Rat-Pigeon ... 


Very addictive game! congratulations =)


Thanks for your feedback ... 


I think the comicality of the concept itself is pretty nice and I also find the interpretation of the theme pretty funny, I liked it. I can say I enjoyed the first part of the gameplay, although I didn't understand the second part of the gameplay, where the scenery changes and I suddenly die without warning. It'd be nice to have some audio that would warn me of the change, since the game quickly comes to be kind of fast paced.

Overall I think it's a nice casual game and I enjoyed what I could!

Also it'd be grateful if you check out our game!


I think there should be a small warning or a noise cue warning the player about the scenery change.

Other than that, solid gameplay! Keep up the work :D


The graphics style in the bird area is nice. But the hitboxes in that area are unfair. The missing transition between the area and also so random transition makes it really hard to adapt. 

I think with some more work and polish it could be a solid mobile game.


Hello Zank, 

Thank you for your feedback! 

Totally agree that we still have a lot of work to do. The random transition between the scenes are intentional, we want that the game to be a little hard to generate some positive frustration on the player and push him to try again. We are considering to have a scene of transition on the initial times, but after that, the idea is to mix the types of runner games, add more randomness looking to add a new level of complexity... We are still thinking about it ... Again, thanks for your feedback, we appreciated it ..... 


At first it was all confusong later I started loving it !! REally nice and addicrtive game play please implment score board and this would be great!!!

Do check our game too . Thank you!!


Nice reference to Hugo Simpson's creation! :-D


Love the idea of a rat-pigeon. It might help to give the player a few seconds to adjust when transitioning to the pigeon sections


Thanks for the idea, it's great! We may work on this + mobile support ... Thanks for your comment!