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The Hybrid - Github Gameoff 2018View game page

Made for the Github Gameoff 2018.
Submitted by Jovlett — 20 minutes before the deadline

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The Hybrid - Github Gameoff 2018's page


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Theme interpretation#713.3503.350

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

GitHub repository

Theme interpretation
The player has a hybrid weapon that changes every so often.

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Very fun game! I really like the visuals, and the gameplay is very solid, well done!

Check our game if you have time :)


The visuals and the gameplay was amazing, I just wish there could be a way to know when the switch is near to get done hm! Other than that, great entry! 


Nice idea and visuals. I'd rethink mechanics, because now I can wait to change to shooting tank and take everybody down from afar. Also shooting enemies have very short range, which makes them easy to kill.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I got to Wave 11, highscore of 96 - sweet game!

It controls well although I sometimes found myself wanting to click the mouse to shoot/ram rather than pressing the spacebar. Adding more attack types would be a really fun addition. Also having control over switching your attack type would be neat, but that would take a little bit away from the the simplicity of the game which is something I really liked about it. Great job.

Check out my game if you get a chance!


Very good game! I would only change the distance in which the enemies appear and maybe move the camera a little further. COOL!


The visuals and the soundtrack are simple, but I love them. The gameplay is also really good, but I think when it switches to the ram it's really hard to play / understand your aim direction. Can't wait to see more from this game.


I love the simplistic visuals on it! The game it self is very polished and fun to play! Can't wait to see more different weapons


Cool visuals and satisfying game play !!

Do check our game too !! thanks for making it


You've got something interesting here! I think with some work on controls and spawning I could see this game really clicking with people. Maybe zoom out the camera a bit, too.

The weapon changing mechanic is fun, though I wish I had some control over when it changes. Also it would be great if each weapon had particular advantages and disadvantages. It's fun to have a specific reason to be using each weapon. There's a great turn-based game that uses a similar weapon-changing mechanic, called Morphblade. It's super good and pretty cheap to buy, and I'd recommend you check out what that game does. Good luck!


The game might be more fair if the enemies spawn away from the player.


Nice idea. simple, and with a fun game play.

First run, get a position and fire!