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Anything with a vaporwave aesthetic gets a good rating from me... Well done... Since the potion making GUI is a big part of the game, maybe make the dialog boxes a little more fun looking!

I really like the concept of having to complete each section of the level with a binary goal in mind. Very cool idea.

I really like the direction this is going and I look forward to more content!

Where can I buy the OST?

The game might be more fair if the enemies spawn away from the player.

This is a really cool idea and it works great. Also game play is super fun. 

The game might be more fun if you can get hit more without dying.

Maybe I am missing something, but I am constantly running and not missing sequences but I still die. Really cool concept and degree of completion is great!

Please make this a mobile game.

First game I was able to finish . Easy to die but quick respawn makes it very playable.