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A simple yet fun mechanic. Like other commenters, I wish it was longer but good job on what is there.

The art style is simple but the music makes this game super calming to play. Nice work.

The music really sets the tone of the game and while I wish more things spawned while I played, the emptiness was both eerie and peaceful. Controls could be improved slightly. I got stuck a few times trying to climb stairs or walk through doors because I would overshoot left and then right over and over.  Nice job with this overall.

I like the lighting around the character and the background music painted an interesting mood. I found the wall jumping to be fairly inconsistent which made it difficult to find the controls natural. Nice work overall.

Super interesting concept for a game, I really like it. Graphics are pretty nice and the camera mechanism works fairly well. The controls and movement could be improved in my opinion. While it certainly might not be everyone's preference, I like using one hand for both movement and jumping, so W instead of spacebar would have helped the controls feel more natural to me. Solid game.

This game is short and sweet. Cool concept, nice background track, simple mechanics, multiple ways to progress through each segment. I think improved graphics could really add some polish to this game.

The music and artwork are sweet. The first level could be simpler to get the player used to controlling both characters and the types of ways they can interact with the environment and with each other. Overall, this is a solid game.

This is an interesting concept for a game. Some music would really improve the experience, even some sound effects when leaping/bounding. The graphics could use some polish but I liked the GitHub recreation. Good job overall.

Love the simplicity of the game. The artwork and music are also great. Overall this is a solid game. Nice job.

Awesome game. The level design is well done  and the game controls really well. Nice job.

I agree with elennick about the controls. Instead of using C to jump, Up would have felt more natural.  And Bound moves a little too fast. I like the concept and it's a fun game overall.

This was a really fun game. Nice job!

Simple but fun, and the music was sweet. Nice job!

Incredible game. Loved everything - the music, the logical gameplay, the humour,  the innovation and take on the theme. It was challenging but overall very polished. Really nice job.

I like the innovation with this one. I didn't think I'd find the idea of tying together jumping and shooting as natural as it was.

The constant jumping/shooting sound effect got tedious after a while, but other than that it was a fun game - great for a prototype.

This is a super fun game and it's cool to see it done in Phaser. I really dig the music too. Took me a few tries to beat some of the last levels. I almost gave up but ended up getting through them all. Really nice job with this. Here's my results (only beat you on level 15 and 22!):

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The two different layers to the maps were well designed and the ability to preview the alternate dimension was a really nice touch. I loved the music and the fact that it changed along with the dimension. It sets a distinct mood in each dimension really well.

I found the controls unintuitive at first because I badly wanted to press W or Up to jump instead of spacebar. This is tricky because then I found that you use W/Up to climb ladders. I think it would feel more natural if you allowed W/Up to jump and perhaps when on a ladder, holding the key would make the player latch on to the ladder to climb it. Just my thoughts.

I like the music, nice job on that! Although animation would have made it feel smoother, the controls are very fluid. Although simple, I enjoyed the variety in level designs and had fun playing it. Nice job overall!

Damn, this game is awesome! All aspects of it are extremely polished - the graphics & animations, music & sound effects, the intuitive controls that are reminiscent of the classic games this was based on. I'm super impressed by this game, and the level of detail that went into it.

Amazing theme interpretation! The music was simple but conveyed the perfect vibe while playing this game. Simple and intuitive controls. The only thing is that I was slightly disappointed at first that I could not place the tetris blocks underneath other blocks, but after a few rounds I felt that it makes more sense because of the pace that the game scrolls and this no longer remained an issue.  Overall, a great concept AND a great execution. Nice job!

This game kicks ass, awesome job! It's apparent that a lot of thought and detail went into making this. The sign post tutorials were a great way to keep gameplay from being halted. Great music too!

Neat idea, I also wish there was more because the concept is really interesting. Nice job! Check out my game if you get a chance.

Cool game! Loved the animation that made me feel like i was going through a tunnel. I wasn't sure if there is a defined ending but I ended up seeing a lot of repeated story text. Either way it was fun experience, nice job! Check my game out if you get a chance!

Cool theme interpretation. I liked the RPG integration and believe you could take it further. A few examples I have are:

1. adding an image to each colour indicating it's action. This way, the player doesn't have to rely on the introductory explanation to remember what each of the colour blocks do.

2. perhaps hitting the same colour blocks in a row would cause some sort of mega action of that colour. For example, hitting 3 red blocks in a row would do a mega fire attack.

Overall, great game! Check out my game if you get a chance, I used Phaser as well:

This is one of my favourite games, the combination of the comedic western music and sprite graphics had me laughing and smiling playing this game. I didn't stop until I beat all 3 enemies - I just wish there were more to battle. Aiming with my trackpad was on the tricky side but it didn't have a large impact on the overall experience.

The AI was pretty good - it took me a few tries to get the hang of their strategies but once I figured them out, the game became slightly easy.

Overall an amazing job!

Check out my game if you get a chance!

Awesome job on creating such a polished game. I enjoyed playing it quite a bit. I found the bumping-into-walls noise a tad annoying, but this is most likely due to the fact that it would play excessively when the browser version would cause the player to move on its own and repeatedly bump into walls. I really dig the music track though, sweet job on that.

Check out my game if you get a chance!

Nice job! I like the slight 3D perspective of the board. I didn't full understand how to safely land my piece. Whether I got it to land on the "X" or not, both pieces ended up disappearing.

If you get a chance, check my game out too - it's a local multiplayer game as well:

I love the music, what a catchy tune that is. I was experiencing a rather odd noise when gathering materials, like a low rumble that wasn't super pleasant to the ear.  I was hoping that someone would be online with me to see how the characters can interact but I didn't get lucky. The idea is cool nonetheless!

If you get a chance, check out my game!

I got to wave 5, fun game! Good take on the theme. Although it would have decreased the difficulty, I found that the shooting rate could have been faster.

Check out my game if you get a chance!

I liked the music and sounds effects, they gave me a mix of calming + curious vibes.

It would be fun to draw your own creature. While allowing the player to drawer their own monster would definitely be a larger feat, a thought I had was to allow the player to draw certain body parts e.g. an opened mouth and a closed mouth and animate between them when the monster eats.

The game is simple but what it does, it does it well - good job!

Check my game out if you get a chance!

LOVED this game. Right off the bat the music was awesome - the mix of chiptune and piano was killer. I saw and played the re-balanced version of the game that you posted below and the feedback I had (that the paddle controls were a bit wild) was addressed in that version.

I found some maps extremely challenging due to the placement of the unbreakable bricks, but this didn't happen super often.

Kudos to a great game, and if you get a chance please check my game out too - it also incorporates Pong.

I really enjoyed the visuals and the animations. Solid game!

Check out my game if you get a chance!

Love the idea - I see some fun potential for this game. I also dig the art style.

Check out my game if you get a chance!

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I got to Wave 11, highscore of 96 - sweet game!

It controls well although I sometimes found myself wanting to click the mouse to shoot/ram rather than pressing the spacebar. Adding more attack types would be a really fun addition. Also having control over switching your attack type would be neat, but that would take a little bit away from the the simplicity of the game which is something I really liked about it. Great job.

Check out my game if you get a chance!

This is a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it. I found some of the randomly generated levels super difficult but that's what also kept it interesting. The card shuffling/discarding system added a nice quick-thinking aspect to the game.

The ability to remap the keys helps with the somewhat tricky controls but overall it's a fun game. The power-ups are a nice touch.

Appreciate the feedback! I'm looking forward to expanding the game into different modes like you suggested.

Hi Lee, I've  sent an email your way. I recognize that it's fairly late at this point but I would really appreciate not to miss the opportunity to submit my game!