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Very fun game! I really like the visuals, and the gameplay is very solid, well done!

Check our game if you have time :)

Nice concept and visuals! Died a couple of times before understanding what I needed to do hahaha. God job!

Check our game if you have time :)

Very enjoyable game, well done! I really like the concept, simple but effective :)

Check our game if you have time! :D

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Very solid and fun game! Loved the visuals, great job! :)

Check our game if you have time too! :D

Very fun game! I love the graphics and VFX, great job! :)

Feedback-wise, I would suggest changing the aiming mechanic in order to use the mouse position instead of the direction where the player is facing.

Don't worry! It's just a minor thing :)

Thanks for playing and for your detailed feedback :)

We agree with you, when we started to develop this game we had lots of ideas for making the lifeless shell more interesting (ignore collisions, change the scene to another dimension, etc.), but as the deadline was getting closer we started to simplify things in order to be able to submit something playable and more or less polished.

Thanks again! :)

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked it :)

I'll play your game for sure!

Great visuals and very original idea! You did a great job guys, with lots of details :)

Check our game if you have time! :)

Love your theme interpretation! I enjoyed it a lot, really :) Good job designing those levels!

There's only one thing I would suggest you to change: the xbox controls are not well described in the pause menu (instead of shooting with B, you shoot using X). That's all! :)

Thanks! And sorry for not creating a build for Linux :P

I will check your game :)

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Very fun game! Simple to understand and really effective,  good job!

Feedback-wise, I would recommend to add more visual feedback when you hit or miss the buttons when dancing. Also, there's a typo in the main menu -> Chanllenge instead of Challenge, that's it! :)

Check our game if you want too :)


I have to say that the game is quite unpolished in technical terms (mechanics, UI, visuals), but I have read your development log and now I have the real context for this submission. Man, when I started creating games I made tons of mistakes, and even the first "non-ugly" game I made was a total piece of crap. Considering that this is your first game, and taking into account that you had only one month to develop it, you did a great job man.

You are totally right when you say "I have already started off with some pretty crappy game, it will be fairly easy to do better from now on", we all have been in the exact same position as you are now, and the only thing you have to do in order to achieve your goal is to create a routine and learn something new each week, even if it's something as easy as "how to import sprites into unity", so you keep yourself active and motivated.

Good luck and well done! :)

Great interpretation of the theme! It's a crazy game, and I love crazy games hahaha. Too bad that it requires 2 players, but I know that creating a relatively intelligent AI for this kind of game and having only one month is not feasible, so I completely understand!

Well done guys! :)

Great game! I can easily see that you have worked really hard on this, loved the visuals, smooth gameplay and it is also very fun to play (I've never been such a fan of this kind of games, but I really had fun playing this :D). Congrats!

Thanks for your feedback! We are aware of that big bug regarding the screen fade-out, but I asked in the forum if we were able to upload a new version in order to fix it and got no replies :S but once the jam finishes we will review it for sure!

Thanks for your kind words regarding the visuals, we worked really hard on that :)

Thanks for your feedback! I will try your game, of course :)

Thanks for playing! I agree that the character change mechanic needs more depth in order to be something relevant for the gameplay, we'll have that in mind!.

Regarding the character design...this is my first try as an "artist", and the character modelling was the hardest thing I did for this game, taking into account that I have zero experience and that the only good reference I had was the Inside character, it was pretty hard for me to do something else D: but you're right about it, it is very similar to the Inside's boy hahaha.

Thanks for your detailed feedback, it is really appreciated! :)

I will try your game, of course :D

Nice! :)

We love Inside, it is one of our inspirations! Thanks for noticing the similarities, that was our intention :)

Thanks for your feedback! We took Inside and Limbo, as well as Little Nightmares, as our main inspirations for creating this little game. Cheers! :)

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Calm down man, I didn't say anything bad about your game, I only pointed out that, to me, it looks similar to the brackeys one. Of course is not the same, that's why I said "similar" instead of "copy". Cheers :)

We stated in the game description that we took Inside, Little Nightmares and Limbo as our main inspirations :)

Why did you delete my last comment? I just pointed out that your game is, in my opinion, similar to that one from the brackeys tutorial:

That was one of the initial mechanics we thought of, but as we were getting closer to finish the jam, we started to simplify things in order to be able to submit the game :S

It needs more polishing in general, thanks for your feedback! :)

Thanks so much! I appreciate your feedback and also agree with you :)

We will try to update the game in our spare time after the jam finishes, and one of the first things to polish is the controller, as you said.

Amazing concept! Very original and enjoyable! Keep the hard work :)

Check our game if you have time! :D

Pretty cool concept! I like your theme interpretation :) Would be nice to have more UI elements in order to understand what cards do.

Check our game if you have time! :)

Nice concept! I like the aesthetics too, good work! The only bad part is that I felt really lost the first time, some tutorials would be appreciated!

Check our game if you have time :)

Very original concept! I also like the aesthetics! Your hard work is clearly visible here :) I only got a little bit confused when using the portal, I didn't understand how to use it until a few tries.

Check our game if you have time! :)

Although the hybrid concept is not visible (since it's interpreted in terms of development), your hard work is clearly visible. I have worked with HTML, CSS and JS a lot and I know how hard this can be! Nice job! It really feels very smooth and responsive :)

Check our game if you have time!

Very nice visuals! And the gameplay is very very original! Keep working on it, it's a great game that may work really well played with friends!

Check our game if you have time! :)

Pretty fun game! And nice visuals too! You deserve more votes for sure. The only thing I would do is to put a tutorial scene first, in order to know what the controls (besides the move controls) do and when to use them.

Check our game if you have time :)

The gamefeel is very good, but I feel it pretty hard (Don't know if it's intentional). Anyways, good work!

Check our game if you have time :)

Damn! Nice interpretation! The game also feels smooth and is quite easy to understand thanks to those tutorials, pretty nice work!

Check our game if you have time :)

I really enjoyed playing it! I think it's a really cool concept, although the AI should be more...intelligent? Anyways, you deserve more votes! This is a really good interpretation of the theme! :)

Check our game if you have time! :)

Great concept! I really like the UI and graphics overall. The bad thing is that I think it's pretty easy to not understand what's going at first sight (I felt a little bit lost :S).

Check our game if you have time! :)

Quite hard game, but I don't think that's something bad :) Nice work!

Check our submission if you have time :)

Wow! Great work done here! It's a very robust game, with lots of details involved :) The only thing I disliked was the long intro hahaha.

Check our game if you have time :)

Nice game! Simple but enjoyable, good work :) As a recommendation, I would suggest to add a little more feedback for player collisions.

Check our game if you have time :)