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An artificial creature creation simulation.
Submitted by travm (@travismaynard)

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Theme interpretation#84.2634.263

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Theme interpretation
I decided to go with a game that gave players the ability to create dynamic, hybrid creatures in a fully randomized physics-based environment. In Homunculus Simulator, you start with a very simple creature and then feed it various items that affect it's evolution. When fed, each food item is digested and determines how the creature will grow - often resulting in strange creatures that are made up of wildly different parts - forming a fully hybrid creature.

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Awesome visuals and a delightfully creepy atmosphere. Neat idea!

Interesting concept, I felt it lacked a bit progression but the idea is good and the results can be hilarious!


It's... Interesting.

In this game, you're creating a hybrid creatures... Well I'm rating the Theme Interpretation 5 stars for that fact alone, that's for sure... Anyways, you're creating a seemingly random beings, and mutate them by feeding them all kinds of different types of food, which apparently give a different results of mutations. I really liked the mechanics of creating those weird creatures, the results often are weird, creepy, odd, or sometimes just outright ridiculous! 

These spawns of devil, combined with astonishing pixel art, and climatic sound effects, create a unique atmosphere, and the entirety looks very appealing. Speaking of the artwork and audio, it's so polished and well done for a game jam entry! All of the body parts/background images/foods look very well, the ambience and sound effects are very climatic, and the humor in this game is on point. The developer must have putted a lot of effort into previously mentioned stuff and other details, and it pays off!

Well, maybe besides one important thing: The Gameplay. The only thing you can do in this game is: spawn a creature, drop some food, maybe toss it around a little bit, and dump it into the wild. There just isn't much variety, and thus it get's old real fast. Which is a shame, because with those mechanics, there's so much that could've been implemented, like: fighting, or actually seeing those creatures in the wild, or different results on mutations being more visible, or having impact on the news!

It's a real shame that gameplay isn't as good as the graphics or the audio. But if the developer were to continue the development, and would improve the gameplay with having more features, this could become a hit indie game! Let's hope that this game will still be worked on, because it has a lot of potential!

For the idea, and the audiovisual effects, I rate this game 4 stars!

So polished! I got myself playing for more time that I expected! it was funny, I was looking for some variations on monsters depending on the food they eat, but I'm not sure if that happened.

I like it! good job.

We also made an entry in godot :D if you want to test it


I played your game. It is creeping, funny and beautiful. Most of all the look of the game.

I like it.
It is the first one, that I rated.

Would be honored, if you will play my game


Nice concept! I like the aesthetics too, good work! The only bad part is that I felt really lost the first time, some tutorials would be appreciated!

Check our game if you have time :)


Really well done! With some kind of goal or something to work towards, I could see this taking off.


Haha, great idea! I created some ugly ass beings, that's for sure. Just look at these uglies 🤣

I just wish there was some more information on what happens when you pass different foods. What exactly should be expected when it eats toilet paper and so on. So that I can steer the evolution in a given direction. It'd be also cool (maybe it is there already?) if they can fight after several iterations of evolutions using their new limbs.

In any case, very well done. Congrats! 👍


Those creatures are so cute! Discusting and cute :-D


Creating hybrid creatures is really fun idea. The issue is when send a creature it lacks some kind of feedback - whether it was good or not - making whole process a little pointless. Other than that it's fun to watch creatures evolving.


Quite interesting and unique mechanic :o


Great concept and atmosphere. I really liked the graphics and UI. It was great seeing another Godot entry!


Love the art style and how polished this game feels