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Chicken Race Game
Submitted by tatopeba (@tatopeba) — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#243.8573.857

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Theme interpretation
Chicken Downhill is a racing game which uses hybrid controls. Both an X-Box-Like controller and a keyboard are necessary to play it.

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This game has the best interpretation of the theme I've seen. I love how it encourages the player to use her head to experience the pecking. Could fit well in GDC's AltCtrl. Just one complaint, sometimes the chicken starts screaming without having touched any obstacle. I don't know if it is because of the controller or something in the collision detection, but is frustrating not to know what's wrong.

I think the game should allow the player to remap the input. And maybe you guys should think of making the game more accessible. In my case, my wrists hurt a bit after playing a couple of times. This video could be helpful:

Regarding the aesthetics, I liked the music (it made me remember Earth Worm Jim 3D, I don't know why), and the visual style could be improved. The experience was great.

If you could comment and rate our game, we would appreciate it.


Wow, we didn't think about how hard it would be for someone with disability to enjoy our game. We wanted it to be challenging to clear, but we never thought it would be impossible for some players to reach the end. Accessibility will certainly be a concern for us when making our next game, thank you for the advice! :)


Very charming Game. I really like this cartoon pixelated art style and the unique concept. :)
Stressful and fun at the same time. :D


We are glad you enjoyed it! :)


Very cool racing game and concept of using chicken is really nice. I liked the different ways of challenges along the infinite run to face!! Great work!!

 Do check our game too if your haven't yet 😁, thanks for making the game!! Keep doing !!


We are glad you liked it! We did play your game, It was very fun! We spent a lot of time dodging those poles. :)


Really interesting idea and game! :D

Also, another fellow portuguese / br  dev ftw!


Glad you liked it! É nós, huehuehauhauha... :D


Wow, cool game! I think perhaps there should be a third mechanic that involves a wii remote, and maybe a fourth that requires guitar hero controller. Nah but really, my only note would be that the background that flashes really fast wears on the eyes after a little while. Great concept, very well executed!


Glad you liked it! We will fix this flashing background issue once the jam is over. :)


Jesus Christ this is such a well appplied concept, one of the most creative ones I've seen so far, it took some time to understand how it worked but the concept is SO good and fun. Shame it specifically works only with controllers, maybe using mouse + Q+A keys could do a similar job. I had so much fun! Spent more time than anticipated.


Thank you very much! We are glad you enjoyed it! :D


Ah snap, this looks like so much fun, but I don't have a controller. Would there be a way to make it work with a mouse instead of a controller?


We thought about using other means of input since not everyone owns a PC controller, but the idea was to keep both of the player hands busy and make him/her press a key on the keyboard to receive a power up. We wondered if it was possible to use two mice in the game controls, but then we decided it was going to be too much of a challenge for us to make it work in just a month. xD


God dammit, the idea is plain genius.

It took me a while to understand the controls though, and the "glitch effect" of the sprites when close to you are a bit too much.



We are very glad you liked it! You scored pretty nicely! :)

Right now we are trying to come up with a better way to explain the controls, since they are a little bit complicated. We will look into this glitch effect once the game jam is over, as well.

Thanks! :D